Heads-Up, CamGirls

Camgirls, if you offer Skype shows, do NOT take payment from Paypal, Amazon (or other) gift cards, Western Union, etc. You MUST age verify. I’m sure you’re all aware by now that there are games being played with us in this industry by the sites. Who else stands to gain from us not being able to offer Skype shows? The following are some examples (and things to watch out for):

Accepting Amazon gift cards in exchange for sex shows on Skype. A gift card is no proof of age. This can get you into heaps of trouble, camgirls. DON’T do it.

Accepting PayPal in exchange for sex shows on Skype. PayPal will close your account if you’re found to be doing this. They do not work with our industry.

Accepting Western Union as payment. Again, no proof of age here.

Use a payment processor that has security measures in place to protect you and ensure your customers are all of legal age.

Happy Skyping!


Camgirls, thinking of offering Skype to your customers but not sure how to do it? I can help. Payment processing also available, with secure systems in place to ensure your customers are all of legal age and no games are played by the you-know-whos of this industry (they just can’t stand to see us all going independent, can they?)! http://camgirlclubsinfo.wordpress.com/cgc-skype/

Be vigilant, girls and play safe!