Chatroom Chatter – What’s – A – Matter?


Sometimes it feels like I’m on the outside, looking in at my own chatroom. Observing but not always understanding. Traffic has been terribly slow to my room lately. It seems the only time I gain any sort of worthwhile numbers is saturday after midnight, but then the rest of the week, quieter than a library. Rather than nod off and risk members going private to find me performing a ‘sleepy cam’ show, I try to occupy myself by finding things to do while I work, to keep myself from going completely insane. Every now and then, a member will enter the room and actually use the chat. Below are some examples:


Preston asked about my night, to which I responded I wish I had more traffic. We discussed that a little, as there really wasn’t much else going on.

PrestonBigs: frustrating night, love?
I’m OK.  Thanks.
Odd.  Really.
I would think that YOU’D have good traffic.
Bright, beutiful, yummy … I’d say YES!


This one was completely full of it. He never wanted or intended to go private despite my giving him ample opportunity to do so.
Jakeyy: mmm hello amandaaa 😉
wannna go private?

Jakeyy: i want you all to myselfff..

Jakeyy: hahaa is that right? no i havent but ill be back now 😉


This one claimed to be a lawyer. Entered with the standard greeting, then, onto a topic he knows I like to discuss (hockey) but one he couldn’t keep up with. I asked him about something I knew the answer to and of course, confirmed he too, like Jakeyy above, was full of it. I alluded to the fact that lawyers make money, so he shouldn’t have any problem going in for the show. He said I made a good poing and then, a strange silence took over. 😉

vannilegal: Hey, how are you tonight?

vannilegal: I see that the Kings at last  won the Stanley Cup after a couple of bumps in the road.

vannilegal: Yes, it was awhile ago.  I guess I have trouble keepin g up with things, lol.

vannilegal: My second ex-wife is from Alberta, and I visited her in Edmnton when we first met.  So I got to ride on Wayne gretsky Blvd.!

vannilegal: Well, I did!
You have awesome boobs!

vannilegal: I’m at least trying to use the chat!
Well, vanni is the last name, pronounced as “van” as in a van, motor vehicle, and then “e.”
And legal refers to the fact that I’m an attorney.

vannilegal: I do primarily criminal defense work.

vannilegal: And sad to say I’m not licensed to practice up in Canada.  Only in two U.S.states, and in a couple of Federal courts.

vannilegal: I figureed they probably were U.S. based web sites.

vannilegal: Those guys are really no good!!!

vannilegal: I do have a gift for understatement!  And yes, you’d have to subpoena the sites to find out who the owners are.

vannilegal: Oh, oh, I better not say anything more about the legal stuff!!

vannilegal: that’s a good point!  But I am really a lawyer!!!

vannilegal: And I want to tell you that are quite lovely!!!!


Mister Rocket Scientist here asked a question that went way over my bubbly blonde little head. I just couldn’t, for the life of me, understand the question. Apparently, it was a question. Silly me thought it was a statement. A terribly spelt short sentence consisting of two three-letter words and the absence of punctuation. With his next sentence came clarity; nothing this guy types from here forward is going to make sense. 

greek420: yo u old

greek420: im j asking


This statement came at a time when I really needed a good, hearty laugh. Thank you, Scott! You’re a godsend!

Scott12: Don’t cockblock the rest of us who have paid, pitch in guys!


This guy asks if I like Justin Bieber. He thought all Canadians did. I said he was too young for most and assured him that we like older guys, like Sidney Crosby (yeah, that old guy!). His next comment I found to be a tad rude but let it slip anyway. I could have gone deep into this with him and asked how he would like to be hit in the head a few too many times, coming damn close to ending his career before he even reached the pinnacle of it. I could have plainly asked how he’d feel having constant headaches after suffering a few consecutive concussions. There was no point. If you don’t have compassion, you can’t possibly know what it feels like. Just leave it to someone else to hope it never happens to you.

Poseidon: Do u like Justin Bieber?

Poseidon: Don’t all Canadians like him?

Poseidon: Sidney Corosby? u mean the dude with the permanent headache?

Gold Show finally ensued and then I closed shop. – The end. –