Above the Law?

     Everyone has an opinion. That’s the glory of the internet; a place for people to share thoughts, opinions and freely express themselves. Unfortunately, there exist cowards who take this very basic liberty for granted by abusing it in the most uncivilized manner. The spewing of  insults from behind a shield of anonymity that only the internet can provide, sheds light on the true character of some, but does nothing for those caught up in the path of their self-destructive egoist sociopathic behavior. Fear not the threat; it’s just words on a computer screen. Or is it? In real life, those who behave this way in the workplace are dealt with by employers or by the law. No such luck in the virtual world. So, we must learn to cope with them as best we can. In the real world, you can walk over and bitch slap someone who calls you “bitch”, file a restraining order against someone who stalks you, slap a harrassment suit on someone who constantly disrupts you while you are trying to work, or press criminal charges against someone who threatens you. No such luck in the virtual world. Is there no badge of honor for these brave soldiers? Give them a cigar! They’ve found a way to bypass the law and get away with, online, what noone can in the real world. Or have they?