Webpower/ICM Registry Hides Their Lawyer, Sheri Falco

In my previous blog entry, titled “Domains for Squat by ICM Registry/Webpower’s lawyers?”,   https://amanda36c.wordpress.com/2012/01/30/domains-for-squat-by-icm-registrywebpowers-lawyers/ I posted a screenshot which showed Sheri Falco as the registrant, at 2:42pm (est) and they made changes at 4:37pm (est). See the screenshots. It’s all there; even the dates and times of changes made.  Remember, Falco is the lawyer for Webpower (iFriends) and also for ICM Registry. The cam2cam.xxx she was shown as registrant under, shows the dot com belonging to FCI a competing site. Competitor buying competing sites’ dot XXX. ICM Registry’s very own lawyer registering dot XXX sites that compete with the one that she represents as legal counsel? And this is OK with everyone???


Here’s a screenshot of the changes that were made, days after I posted the aforementioned blog entry, pointing this out.

A peek back into the archives of the Whois servers will confirm the authenticity of my screenshots.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that Webpower has chosen to manipulate the way things look, to their advantage. In fact, they did it to me when I worked on their platform, years back by changing how one of my fan club members’ renewals appeared after I complained I was not being paid for a membership fee.

This was uploaded on the 4th of march 2010. The info is much older. This was merely an example of how they cheat, lie, manipulate and steal.  


… taken from this page (my report against them I filed with Ripoffreport.com). Dates, info … is all there. That screenshot is on the very bottom of the page. http://www.ripoffreport.com/adult-web-site/1-800-ifriends-ifrie/1-800-ifriends-ifriends-webpo-c9a5f.htm

We know the lawyers are involved, connecting the two companies (ICM Registry, the dot XXX people, along with Webpower/iFriends). As if that isn’t biased enough, I challenge anyone to explain to me how is this not squatting! Why hide your lawyer now, Webpower/iFriends/ICM Registry?