Hour and a Half From Hell

My night was going just fine and dandy until I decided to sign into work. Hoping to get some PartyChats in, I got myself and my room all prepared by fixing the lighting, adjusting all of the camera settings accordingly, setting up my cam to point to the chair and bed together so that I could easily move from one to the other when the occasion called for it.

My shift started off quite slowly with a few failed attempts at a PartyChat. One moment, I’d notice a bunch of members in my ro0m, so I’d flick on the PartyChat switch. Suddenly, more than half the members would drop off the list, leaving me begging the remaining ones to join in. No matter how you look at it, from a sales perspective, there’s no way you’re going to get 10 people to participate if all you have are 10 people in the room. I’ve always maintained that I would need at least 40 members in the room, or a minimum of  4x the members it takes to reach that goal. At 10 gold with a goal of $100.00, I’m looking at 25% of the members in the room participating. That’s realistic. Anything less is almost sure to fail. I continued to try PartyChats every time I felt I had sufficient traffic in the room, but kept failing to reach my goal,  despite having a good amount of members in the room. I consequently had to cancel more PartyChats. Not one attempt was successful.

Nearing the end of my shift (a little over an hour), I decided to screen capture some shots at random times, of the member list to show how many members were in the room. When I checked my listing, I was top of the page, 1st row and amongst very few others offering PartyChat at that time. Here is what last night looked like, to me (mind you, I did have some privates and exclusives from regulars returning but PartyChat was a huge flop, so was traffic):