Hockey Night in Private

     An interesting start to the evening it was. When a member in private wrote: “do u really hate the bruins?”, well I just took that as my cue to offer my thoughts on the team and in doing so, I held back no punches. He asked: “would u do a bruins fan?”, to which I replied: “hell no, not if this were real life. You’re just lucky it isn’t.” adding a friendly wink. His next lines were: “BRUINS r the best. dam straight.
i think i would hate f*** u” … and so went the session. I threw in some jabs, as did he. An example was this one. He wrote: “my team is obviously better than the habs aka golfing”. I smiled and said “Tee up baby because your team is going to be joining them real soon. Oh and by the way, when was the last time your team won the Cup? Was I even born? Oh wait, yes, I was but I was a real little tot then”. As the session (and banter) progressed, so did the intensity level on his (lower) end. Finally, the words every performer wants to see appear in the chat: “best money i spent on here ahahah”. I could tell he was serious though, despite his chuckle at the end. I wasn’t quite done and added that the Habs have won 24 Stanley Cups, asking him how many the Bruins had. His response: “hey this is my money. im done. im f***ing with u now. ahahahah. make sure u tell ur buds on here BRUINS RULE. i’m sending u a bruins jersey. peace out. HABS SUCKKKK” – and just like that, before I even had time for a retort, *poof* he was gone! He didn’t win. He just walked away first. I have to admit, that hate-on for the rival team sure helps to fuel a good fire. That was fun!

     It was hockey night, all-around. Guest chatters had me talking hockey for a good portion of my shift, as well. I didn’t think it was possible but after all that, I was a little hockeyed out. Had to catch a breather and put on Family Guy for a bit afterward, just to wind down.