How Streamate Placement Works (or doesn’t)

An interesting article surfaced, which happened to be from the marketing director of Streamate himself, who also happens to be CatherineTayler’s husband. His Tumblr post explains the miracle of obtaining good placement on Streamate. Let’s break it apart, shall we? Below is a screenshot of the post. Below that are my comments. I have some ‘reservations’ with this. It just isn’t sitting right with me. Then again, nothing does when it comes to Streamate lately.


Allow me to comment on each highlighted line above.

The first, highlighted:

His comment: “…all depends on you”, is a falsity.

There are studios, recruiters and recruitees on Streamate, earning much less than the 35% you get if you’re signed up directly to the site. One look at the main page and who’s always ‘floating’ to the top should clarify any doubts about placement. If everything was fair, those new girls we’re seeing on the top rows, who happen to be listed under recruiters and studios owned by Streamate itself as well as the director of marketing (and his wife’s very own recruitment agencies),  would be on page 12 and working their way to the top, to support the idea that a system is in place to ensure everyone fair placement and opportunity, based on all the factors that the algorithm considers. I don’t believe there is an algorithm in place at all. It all looks fixed to me. Prove me wrong. The ‘recruiters’ will all say that they don’t earn money off the girls. If they don’t, then it only stands to reason that the site is controlling how much the girls under them earn.  Which also means that it’s the site that is taking that extra commission percentage from them. That said, if a girl is earning 18% and another is earning 35%, who do you think the site would be more apt to promote? Especially while traffic continues to decline.

The truth, in my own experience, is that it doesn’t matter what you do. It matters what percentage you’re willing to accept. If you’ve a proven track record, from being on the site for long enough, perhaps (and indeed, there are a select few) you may slip past their radar on that one. Every teacher has their ‘pets’. After all, they do have the secret stats that tells them who’s bringing in their own customers.

The second, highlighted:

His comment: “… a good computer, a good webcam and a great internet is your most valuable assets”. Again, wrong.

I have a very good computer, along with a great HD webcam and a super internet connection. Next?

He also wrote: “Widescreen will now impact placement as well”. Great, then I’m fine. Right? Should be, as I changed to their new, recommended webcam settings. Still, moving back in the listings.

He went on about Ratings. “Placement is mostly based on members so the better your ratings the better your placement.”. Bullshit! My member ratings are great. The real ones. This is another part of the system that can be falsified or manipulated. The sites are known to do that, from time to time, especially when it benefits them to direct traffic toward one direction or away from a 35%er. As I’ve stated, I’ve seen this before, so nothing would surprise me.

He claims “consistency” helps placement: “This one depends on you. If you are online once a week, of course other models might be every single day and so have more ratings, better ratings…so the more consistent you are the better it is for your placement.” Well, I’m consistent, too. Whadda ya know?

In summary,  I’ve dropped 2 pages. So, was this the direct result of my argument with the marketing director’s wife? (The timing coincided well with when this happened ), or … was there some other reason? If so, I’d love to know. There’s only one way to get an answer and it sure as hell isn’t asking him, her or the site itself.

In the ‘real world’, there would be an anti-trust lawsuit here, for the playing field being manipulated and monopolized. We are not employees, therefore it is unfair competition (anti-trust).

Food for thought – to anyone hungry enough to want to know.