Warning: This Post Contains Language Not Suitable for …

The general theme of last night’s session included some pretty foul language, coming from suppposed members. The first came just seconds into my shift. They wrote: “fuckin great hru”, in response to my question about how everyone was doing. A different type of nice guy entered and wanted to send me a pic. Not just any old pic but the kind of pic that we camgirls dream of – oh yes, it tops our wishlist! The almighty ‘dick pic’! He wrote: “mmmm, you have amazing tits sweetie
can i send you a pic of my nice hard cock sweetie?”. Now, I’m not normally one to look a gifthorse in the mouth, so I decided to enlighten him by playing right along. I guess my performance was good because it took a good few minutes of sarcastic remarks until he finally caught on and typed: “you dont want to see my cock bb?”.  I couldn’t keep it up for long. Boredom overcame me as I was still waiting for the big rush of members to enter my room.  This guy cracked me up with his question: “are u only on line during hockey season?”. HA! I wish I could afford that lifestyle! No dude, I’m just a working shmuck like the majority, toiling away to make someone else rich and as for me, well, I just survive. I’m a nobody with nothing to offer. Ya know how it goes. 😉 He then wrote: “your fucking sexy”. I thanked him and stood up to show him my boobs after receiving Gold from him. Little did he know, and it’s tough to admit this even now, I was yawning while my boobs neared the cam and my face exited the cam view. I think it’s a pretty bad sign when they see you yawn, whether or not it’s truly indicative of a tired host, or if you’re bored. For me, it was a bit of both but probably more out of boredom. It wasn’t until more guys joined in on the conversation about hockey that I started to finally wake up. It was too slow again though. Had to sign off early for fear that I’d fall asleep on the poor guys.

I honestly don’t know what’s going on with Streamate lately but I hope, in all sincerity, that they get it worked out. It’d be such a shame to see a site like that, seemingly so successful at one time, to tank. Sometimes I feel like if I were running things, I’d know exactly what to do. It’s quite different when you have a limited budget though and/or partners that don’t see eye to eye with you, especially where finances are concerned. Again, I’m nto going to assume but hell, I don;t have any solid answers either. According to them, nothing is wrong. Me, along with a bunch of other Streamate models, are seeing a decline in traffic but … nothing’s wrong. Tech issues, according to members, are occurring more frequently, but again, nothing’s wrong. Traffic trends, according to Google, Alexa, Internet Stats and several others, all indicate traffic on the decline. Again, “nothing’s wrong”. Right? *shrug*.