Question Everything, But Trust Your Instincts

I couldn’t believe it was happening. My mind refused to absorb that these people, employers of mine, could be so cold and calculating. That they could steal from all of us, right under our noses and blatantly lie about it when confronted. If we spoke out, we were called “conspiracy theorists” and told, sarcastically “oh yes, everyone is out to get you. They are all in cahoots to steal your little paycheck. They don’t make enough money themselves, so they have to steal from you. Yeah, sure.”. That was a pretty good argument, if you were on the outside looking in, but not the other way around. When you know you’re being stolen from, lied to, threatened indirectly with revenue declines, descending listings and you see things happening that fall right in line with what you know is fraud, you, at some point, begin to grasp the reality you’re dealing with. They make you out to be crazy in public forums using anonymous made up people to act as peers, to gain support in their war against you for speaking out against them. They are relentless and it isn’t all for nothing. They have a plan and you’re ruining it, so you now have a target on your back. Not only do they want to silence you, but they also must discredit you. If they make it look like enough people are against you, they know they can rely on the rest of that herd to follow. I was a ticking time bomb they feared because I was popular on the website. They went to extraordinary lengths to turn people against me, and it worked. I did try to sue them for the fraud but I didn’t have a lot of money and even on a contingency, my lawyers were no match for theirs. I tried pressing criminal charges but the FBI had no interest in the case. They never even replied to the IC3 report I filed. Not so much as a phone call asking for details of my claim. They gave me the runaround, telling me I needed to sue them. I had exhausted every avenue possible, even dealing with the company that defrauded me and getting a somewhat substantial (but nowhere near what I was owed) settlement offer from them. Because it didn’t come close to what I was owed and the fact that they wanted me to sign a ‘confidentiality agreement’, I refused. I took a ton of girls from their platform to work on another one I had found and worked out a deal with the owner. The referral money was rather chinsy and I still was unable to recover my losses, It wasn’t long before I started to notice behaviours changing and realized the two companies had actually been working together. I started digging deep into what they owned, connecting the dots and seeing that a bunch of shell companies, llc’s lead to them, some even together in ownership, others just connected by other hidden gems. They were some piece of work.

Why am I writing this? Because I know what fraud looks like when I see it. That was just one small example and most recent experience. I’ve seen fraud enough times in my life to say … with what’s going on out there right now, we are all being played. Listen to that voice when it says something just isn’t right. Trust your instincts. And above all – follow the money (if you’re actually the investigative type).