A Camgirl’s View of the World

This article has nothing to do with camming, being a camgirl, the frauds in the industry or how I got screwed over. This article covers my views on the world in a nutshell. There is a little of my dark side in here but it isn’t morbid, just realistic.

The more I look around at the  world today, the more I realize we are all living a big lie. In what way are we thriving as a society? I see a world that has crumbled. Not only have we lost our sense of morality, humanity, pride, justice, but we’ve lost our passion and any grip on reality we ever had. We have evolved, but only in the literal sense of the word, not progressively.

We now live in a world where, to fit in, we must learn to walk away from negativity, criticism, even if it’s the truth. I fail to understand how refusing to accept criticism will ever allow us to improve ourselves.

We choose to let everything go rather than stand up for ourselves and for others. Where’s the fight in us? Many forms of mental illness can occur as the result of bottling too much anger/hatred/fear/sadness up inside. But not to worry, there’s a pill for that. Right?

The only action we take anymore to help others is hitting the record button on our Smart Phones, with the typical selfish motive, hoping the video goes viral on Youtube. Who is that helping?

We search for quality products but continue to accept the only thing available; made-to-break, overpriced items.

We claim to be environmentally conscious yet produce things in plastic that are bound for the recycle bins, crushed and used in a process actually that harms the environment. Things that used to be made of glass are now plastic and we’re ‘recycling’ more because they break all the time. If they really wanted to ‘help the environment’, the food industry would use glass containers that consumers would keep for mason jars, drinking glasses, etc. But, that would cost a lot of money to ship because of the weight. So? Charge a little bit more to cover that cost and advertise it as (peanut butter/drinking glass). Nutella used to do that. I have a small glass I still use to fill my lemonade every morning with that used to be a Nutella glass. It’s perfect. I’d buy it again because the small ones are still sold in glass containers, except now they’re too rounded on the bottom. Weird design.

We say Hollywood only puts out re-makes and then we rush to go see them. We complain that there’s no good entertainment out there anymore yet we watch whatever is on instead of tuning out. There’s always more focus on the red carpet event than the awards ceremony itself.

We, as consumers, we as viewers, we as the voices of our nations are to blame, not the media or the companies taking advantage of what we’re so easily willing to accept as the norm in society. As long as we sit there and do nothing:

Product manufacturers will keep raising those prices and driving down quality.

Hollywood will keep making those remakes. When was the last superhero invented?

Pharmaceutical companies will keep popping out those pills that are designed to create customers, not cures.

The FBI will keep chasing those bank robbers and ignoring reports of porn industry fraudsters stealing from millions of American citizens, even though all the proof is there and investigative work already done for them .

Look at what society has become. Fearful of our own shadows. Afraid to rock the boat so we just accept everything thrown at us.

There was a time (and I’m a product of the tail end of that generation) where people were educated to think outside the box. Creativity was key. As youngsters, we played with toys that forced us to use our brains and we spent a considerable amount of time playing sports outdoors. There was a lot of that face to face communication. We weren’t programmed, brainwashed by society. Well, not nearly as much as what I’m seeing today. We weren’t afraid of everything. We fought the good fight, rocked the boat and weren’t apologetic for it. We exercised our rights and used our passion to create change. There were generations of people with goals, passion and a desire to leave their mark in the world. Now, it’s just about chasing money because that is the only thing that allows for a truly better quality of life.

Small businesses competed right alongside the giants and the franchises. You might even say they co-existed. In a consumer-controlled market, big companies had little control. Today, they have all the control. I’ll muster a guess that where we went wrong is in allowing it and golly just look how well they treat us. 😉

In closing, I’ll leave you with some quotes I love. Einstein said “education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think”, “the person who reads too much and uses his brain too little will fall into lazy habits of thinking” and “imagination is more important than knowledge”. So true. He also once said, “I fear the day that technology will surpass human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.”. He was not wrong.

This is what we allowed, so this is what we’re going to have to live with. Let’s just sit back and do what we do best – nothing.