A Hat-Trick Night

I’m officially naming this the “amanda36c hat trick”:

An “amanda36c hat trick” consists of the following 3 elements:

1) A useless abbreviation.

2) Rudeness.

3) Business talk.

A random member types: “she sucks cocks iin pvt”, to which I respond, first by pronouncing what he wrote, exactly as it sounds, meaning I did not say the word ‘private’ in full, rather I said “pvt” p-v-t (“pvt”), the 3-letter word. I started to realize that words without vowels are harder to pronounce than those with vowels, but who the heck am I to argue with today’s lazy society? Another member wrote: “U R IN PVT”.  after hearing me pronounce “pvt”, oblivious to my sarcastic tone, member #3 interrupted the lovely conversation with: “what are talking abou pvt is short privit. privet”.  It’s a good thing I wasn’t in a real snarky mood. I could have had oodles of fun with this crowd! I smiled and explained how I enjoy saying “pvt” and that I know what it really means. Just as everyone who types it does. I just feel like entertaining myself , and give a cheap thrill to anyone listening, that might get a kick out of my quick-wittedness. Just when I thought it was over and we could move on, the show goes on, with member #4 and his comment: “pvt= private  not poofed”. Heh, I guess I pronounced it worse than I thought I had. Poofed? It was more like pvvt! A short arguement ensued, proceeded by a PartyChat.


Guys, honestly, when you’re being sarcastic, drop a hint. At first, I thought he was being sarcastic. He wrote: “you not really nice with your fans”. When he failed to explain in the next line, that he was joking, I asked him to clarify, thinking this might be my rude stalker, again. I honestly couldn’t make heads or tails of this guy’s words. Then, he wrote: “that what i say ;p”. Still not coming through, big buddy. Care to elaborate just a little more, just a liiiiitle bit more big fella, so I can get a clue as to what you’re trying to say and determine whether this is meant as sarcasm or weirdness? Getting good vibrations from the rest of the guys in here. He then snapped: “you think i leave like a gay”. My non-English isn’t very good but that was definitely intended with a note of prejudice. I take exception to anyone displaying this type of behavior in my chatroom. I was not about to let him run my members away or spew his poison in my room. Blocked!

When someone asked about a PartyChat and if I was going to start the timer soon, I started to explain how this requires a good volume of members in the room first. My room wasn’t quite at that state yet. Another member, (albeit, a good-intentioned one) made a suggestion: “just starta  show with a long timer”. With a great deal of appreciation for his kind gesture, (hey, at least he isn’t trying to convince me that a flash of my boobs will solve all the world’s problems), I thanked him but went on to explain how it works, with the timer and the volume and how if I start the timer sooner, the risk of losing members is greater. Short timers are what works because the majority of members pitch in at the last minute, literally. The more familiar members become with PartyChat, the more they realize that the girls can cancel the PartyChat, so if the timer goes to 10 minutes and she doesn’t make her goal, cancelling the show, sure he isn’t charged, but he still waited 10 minutes for nothing. Will he wait again? Likely not, unless he really likes the girl. Too risky. Personally, I prefer to start it when I have a sufficient number of members in the room, rather than extend the timer to allow more time to get them in. It just makes better business sense overall.

Oh what a night!