It’s All About Passion

Passion is a desire that comes from within. It’s that driving force at the root of our ambitions. My encounters with people, over the last decade, in this industry have taught me that there is a standard here and a common complacency within the community. There’s a price to pay for speaking your mind, so be sure to keep your opinions in check. Where I felt so many lacked passion, I later discovered, was a complicated scenario. In few words, the general consensus I got from them was fear. Still,  why no fight? Did they simply have no desire to create change? Is their silence out of fear that something would happen to their livelihood? Did they just not care enough? All of the above, perhaps. 

I was often the one to break away from the crowd,  to stand up when everyone else was sitting down. I spoke up, when everyone else was silent. When I care enough to pursue something, whether it be out of  spontaneity, impulse or pure aggression, there is passion behind my actions. When I fail, but get back up to try again, that’s passion. When I see people walking around in the street with blank faces on a beautiful day, that’s a lack of passion. When I see people glued to their hand-held devices, rather than watching the cars coming at them, as they cross the street, I see a lack of passion (and I secretly wish they’d get hit by the car, just enough to wake them the hell up).

What on earth has happened to society? Are we so glued in that we’re clued out? Putting life into perspective; where is our passion?