The Windshield or the Bug

I was both last night; the bug and the windshield. To my complete dismay, this made for some good chatroom comedy.


Icon04: The wild might make the playoffs maybe

They might maybe make the playoffs perhaps and quite possibly, potentially. They just very well could.


tony: I have never had tits like those only in magazines

I could have had a lot of fun with Tony but I held back. It was meant as a compliment, after all; a pretty awesome one, at that!. 😉


francis_berthiaume2: I love listening ZZ TOP while watching a beautiful girl!

I love when they share my great taste in music. Compliments are always good, too (but better served with Gold).


loganloud22: will u say something sexy and my name? it would make my naght and get you some money tomorrow

Oooh, an investment opportunity! I’ve always wanted to work today for the monetary gain it might bring me tomorrow. The operative words: monetary, gain, might.


chicagoharry: hi i dont have sound but a question are you into taboo role play

For some reason, I misread that and thought he wrote “tattoo roleplay”. My natural response to that was “what the hell is tattoo roleplay?”

chicagoharry: taboo role play sweety

BCHottie911: TABOO

chicagoharry: not tattoo

I went red as a beet, from both embarrassment and laughter, simultaneously. This doesn’t happen very often.

BCHottie911: u know ur blonde when

dont hide that red face

Yes, indeed I can be blonde at times. I think we all can. This was my moment to glow (like Rudolph).

BCHottie911: that was awesome can we do it again get ur face nice and red amanda

No, this was a rare occurrence. I hope you enjoyed it. It isn’t going to happen nightly, although I’m sure now, with that said, you will try your darndest! D-oh!