Imagine If Facebook Allowed This?

I’m revisiting the topic of Tags to further demonstrate the ways in which the adult industry differs from mainstream, not only in the obvious ways but legally, as well. Would Facebook allow users to write tags about other users and have those tags immediately appearing on that user’s profile for everyone to see? No way in hell!

In our industry though, it is perfectly OK. This is how we’re treated and that is OK with everyone. If we don’t like it, we can either a) leave or b) block the tags. The person who has been tagged has the option to remove the tags and to do so, they must go into their settings, enter a page that lists all tags every written about them (even those they previously deleted), go through the entire list, locate and select each one they want to remove and then click ‘block tag’. This does not, however, stop that tag from appearing in a Google search. The tags may appear ‘hidden’ in one’s profile but they remain in Google, months after they’re removed. I’ll keep checking to see if they ever disappear but I highly doubt it. So far, 3 months later and they’re still in Google.

Indeed, one would have to know to perform a search for “amanda36c old cunt”, for example, to ever come across that tag, so perhaps it isn’t of the utmost importance to have the tags removed from Google. Unless you have any self-respect or if the site had any respect for those who earn them 65% (or more). It isn’t as though their programmers could implement some sort of highly-advanced technological breakthrough script that would  allow us to review the tag before it gets posted to our profile. That would be way too much to ask. We must also consider that any legitimate member wanting to leave us a ‘good’ tag, might leave the site if  his tag didn’t appear pronto in the girl’s profile. Right?

Let me stray from the sarcasm for a moment here to offer a brainfart.

With the least bit of consideration for us, they could have done this so many other ways, to make it appear that a milli-second’s thought went into us when they introduced this. Two ways they could have done it, off the top of my head:

  1. Have the tag in ‘pending’ mode, until approved by the model to accept or reject it. If rejected, it disappears entirely (from the site, as well as search results on Google).
  2. Have the member choose from a drop-down list, listing tags in alphabetical order. Why even give them the ability to use tags to insult us, as clearly is the case here and in many other girls’ tags? Whether or not those tags can be removed is irrelevant. Why should we have to constantly check to make sure we’re not being called a ‘cunt’ or worse, by our competition, competing sites, or some jackass that just happens to have woken up on the wrong side of the bed? What reflects badly on us, subsequently reflects badly on Streamate.

A member of mine actually asked me to go remove the nasty tags because he thought it was disgusting and represented me in a way that conflicts with who I really am. I’m not an “old cunt”, but why should I have to constantly run to that page, go through the entire list to find the rude tags, after every shift I work, when I know there are going to be rude ones. Streamate has allowed me to be harassed for 3 years on their site, despite my many reports, and I’m certain I am not the only one this has happened to. That in mind, why give them more ammunition to use against us? Why allow them to outright insult us and get away with it? It encourages those very same types of people to get away with being rude, in more of an indirect manner. Again, just because I have the ability to block those tags from appearing in my profile, doesn’t mean I don’t have to see them, every day, all the time. To completely ignore those rude tags is to not even look at my tags (but knowing they’re there is bad enough).

There is a reason they don’t allow us to screen those insults before they are posted to our profiles to represent us (and the site). Who is doing this and who is allowing it? Their very own TOS makes claims that they don’t allow harassment. Here’s a perfect example of breach of contract, at the very least.

This is just a sneak peek of what a model on Streamate has to deal with. I have removed enough of these tags already. I am not going to continue removing tags daily, as that list gets longer and harder to sift through to even find those tags. They shall remain on my profile, to allow everyone to see just how well we’re treated by the people we make rich. See the tags in the screenshots below, for an example of how well we’re treated.