Streamate, Implement This

Here are just a few things that I would really love to see implemented into the Streamate system:


Implement: A chat that doesn’t cut off. At the end of my shift, I often (if I forgot to copy it prior) lose a lot of the chat. It isn’t archived and it’s impossible to match up the members with their Gold. As a result, I am unable to verify that the Gold given actually adds up with the members in my room.

Implement: A clock in the chat, displaying the time each post was made. For my own records, I’d like to have the posts clocked. Also helps me to know exactly how long a member has been in private/exclusive.

Implement: A button, for the Party Chat duration, which kicks members after 1 minute if they haven’t either used the chat or given Gold. Just kick them the hell out of the room if they are doing nothing but wasting space. It’s a chatroom. It’s also a sex site. It can’t take long to figure this all out. Use the chat, give Gold or get the boot. Simple.

Implement: A way to contact our members, all at once, within one mouse-click, to announce live shows.

Implement: A place to upload videos on your platform (without charging the member extra) to send the url to them. This way, we could encourage them to give more Gold (or better “tips”). Give us something to work with.

Implement: A ‘block’ button right there in the chat, so that we don’t have to keep chasing moving names in the member list.

Do away with: Allowing members to change their display handles. This only facilitates trolling.

Do away with: Studios. No site of substantial size needs to rely on studios unless they are really, really desperate. Does MFC tote studios out front? Does Livejasmin? Does Imlive?.Short-term gain, long-term loss. That’s all it amounts to. I know. I’ve seen this  marketing technique fail before. It’s a sure fire way to lose members (and cam models). If I were a site, I wouldn’t trust studios (unless I owned them myself) because this is the easiest way for your competition to screw you over.  Advice from the peanut gallery, just in case anyone’s actually listening. 😉