Chatroom Fun

Typo Time!

Firefighter5622: Hey bb How are u God must be missing a angle bc u are so sweet bb

I wonder if he meant an acute, right, straight, obtuse, reflex angle.

chris: j’tieme

Points for effort but a poor use of (or lack of use of) the Google translator.


Remedy: Sarcasm

drdre: hey baby
hows montreal?
oh i thought you lived there,
you ever go to sex parties or do any escorting?

Hello DrDre.

I’m not sure how the city is but I’m good.

I do live there but I don’t like to speak for others, you know?

I’m not a porn star. No to both. Sorry. So sorry.

chris: its like 500 below there, right?

You’re not too far off, Chris.

chris: so… if we lose… do we have to give you a link to our nude videos?

Oh hell no, I mean .. no. Please no. No, I mean, not at all. Fuck no! I will just say no and shut up now.


Get Serious!

stonemase: what do you think of the way Therrien’s handling of Subban? Think he’ll still be on the team in a year?

Oh lordy, heeeere we go. lol Habs are handling Subban just fine. He’s a great kid with a lot to bring to the team. We got him at a steal and are not getting rid of him. He loves it here, the fans and Habs organization love him. He’s a great two-way player. He’s not without his mistakes though, like every other player in every sport known to man. In fact, all of humanity makes mistakes. That said, some erroneous giveaways are bound to happen from time to time. He’s learning, growing and belongs here. He’s not going anywhere. He has passion, is tough, plays like a superstar. One day, he could become one. Yes, they will both (Therrien and Subban) be here next year.

Guitarplayer: can I jerk off 4 u in pvt ?

Um, what do you think this is, a sex site?

wildcard74: Next year is when I turn 40
I’m currently 10 years older than you. 😦

He thinks I’m 29! Yeah! Woooo hoooo! Ohhh baby! I savored this for a while. 🙂

This is just a sample of what I love about camming. There are dark sides, but that will be another blog entry, another day. 😉