PartyChat: How About That?

When they start to ask, upon entering my room: “are you doing a party chat?”, I take that as a sign that they’re enjoying the feature (or taking advantage of how it saves them money). My only worry last night, was the late start I got with it. By the time I got around to the first PartyChat session, I had just about given up, thinking there was no way I was going to accumulate enough members in my room to make this worthwhile. I stuck around though and waited. At first, my listing on the hosts display page showed me as not offering HD. What normally happens, in this situation, is I end up waiting for the system to correct itself and display my listing in HD, which then places me in a more prominent spot on the page. I waited a little longer than expected, this time, for that to happen, refreshing the page constantly, but finally it did. Then, my room began to fill up and I had a little more faith in trying for my necessary 10 members to give 10 gold each, and get this PartyChat show on the road. One guy seemed terribly disappointed that I might not be offering it. He wrote: “Sorry to hear that Amanda. Was hoping for a party chat?”.  I hate to disappoint but I’m not going to offer it unless I have x amount of members in my room. With a feature that relies so heavily on volume, it’s just not worth it to offer it when the volume clearly isn’t there. It’s too much of a gamble and the risk is higher than I’m willing to take. I did, eventually see enough of an increase to make it worth it to click the Gold button to start the timer for PartyChat and did surprisingly well in that first session, yet overall, the time it took to get to that point, my efforts would have been better in concentrating on getting members to go private or exclusive. My fear where volume was concerned had already begun to prove itself. I decided to stick around to host a few more PartyChat sessions and overall, my earnings exceeded that of what I would have, offering private or exclusive sessions. In fact, I just about doubled it. Great overall, but you have to look a little into the future of this and say: “when this hits the mainstream and all the other hosts are offering it, and the members all get disbursed among us, will I be able to maintain the same volume I have now, which is the only way that this can work, since its success relies on a good amount of volume?”. I like to hope so, but remain worried where its future is concerned, if the site doesn’t start getting some heavy traffic in, to support this feature.