A Short Skype Gripe

Who has the kind of time on their hands to create several Skype accounts only to be a pain in someone’s ass? I have blocked over 100 accounts on Skype over the years, who all have the same exact mentality, comments, grammar, spelling mistakes, jabs and general attitude. All of which are present in the conversation screenshots below. There are certain ‘tells’ that give away exactly who this person is. I prefer to keep those tidbits of information to myself. Much the same way a poker player would of his opponent when he notices theirs. So anyone thinking of posting a comment to this article, asking for proof, don’t waste your time. After what I have had to endure from this industry, I have no need to defend myself to anyone. Some read my blog,  yet continuously pester me about proof. If your interest in knowing how I know it is the same person doing this, runs that deep, then you will take the time to read my entire blog and see for yourself. The answer is there. All consistent. No lies. In fact, I back up my claims with proof (screenshots, embeds, URLs, etc.) when I can, except when it comes to their tells and pertinent information. Perhaps in the same way the FBI would ask witnesses to keep quiet about details of a case that they are working on. It just doesn’t make sense to leak what you know about your harasser to what could be them or worse – in a public blog for everyone to see, if they happen to be reading it (which, guaranteed, 100%, they are!).

Anyway, here are the screenshots of today’s conversation on Skype. Nothing quite like blocking someone’s ass to kick-start a Monday morning!