Poker Player Persona … or Peyras?

Interestingly enough, he deleted all of his rude posts to me, like they never existed. The screenshot below shows the screenshot I took prior to him deleting those tweets. He’s become so predictable, I actually foresaw that coming. It’s obvious this is you, Peyras. Has your stench all over it. Just like the role you played as ChrisRo3034 in this attack  a few months ago (and with several other aliases and member handles on Streamate).



I screenshot everything. Don’t think that after all these years of being harassed by you, Peyras, I would let you continue to get away with it. You are not getting away with this. Have your fun with it. Remember, what you do will always come back to you, especially when you fuck with someone’s livelihood. You are responsible, no matter where the orders originate because there is no fucking way you’re doing this on your own, without pay. Through your insults, jabs, overall behavior, I have a damn good idea where this is all coming from. The more I read, the more it becomes clear. Don’t forget, this is the internet and you’re a huge coward. I have only text to go on at the moment, but IPs can be traced (even spoofed ones) and so can cell phones, which is another part of your game. Think good and hard about what you’re doing because the more you continue, the deeper hole you are digging for yourself in the long run. You are going to get caught and you will pay for what you’ve done to me, so will Streamate, for allowing it.