Bullying & What It’s Taught Me

For the last  11 years or so, I have endured enormous harassment and bullying online, which started around 2002, a few years after I started working on  iFriends and shortly after discovering and reporting some oddities, tampering in my account settings. The harassment appeared to come from someone claiming to be a chathost (fellow camgirl in the industry) but I’m not convinced that was truly the case. People who choose to be anonymous, do so for a reason. It was with malicious intent they chose to hide behind proxy settings, with false names or names that one can’t verify actually exist . There are plenty of cowards in this industry that pounce on the chance to try and discredit anyone who dares speak their mind, anyone with the balls to call out bullshit when they see it.  I had credibility. I spoke my mind about being frauded. I got harassed. The harassment continued, long after. In fact, it never stopped. Through this whole ordeal, I’ve learned a few things:

Ignoring it didn’t work.

Reporting it didn’t change anything.

Their threat for me to; “stay offline” made it very clear who was behind the harassment. Their constant bullying and insults are a tactic to degrade, belittle, make me feel completely insecure. It hasn’t worked, yet they continue, year after year, every website I perform on, every social networking platform I promote myself on, everywhere I interact. 11 years is a long time for someone to be chasing someone else down to try to get them to disappear from the face of the internet. Is the internet not big enough for me and them? One has to ask “why”, after all these years, does it continue, if this were, in fact, just another camgirl. But it’s not.

Rather than succumb to their demands and allow myself to be forced into the role of the victim, I chose to fight back. I’m currently in the process of creating something that will change this industry and the way camgirls are treated.


This is my answer to what I have had to endure for the last 11 years.


A change is coming.