Got Bots?

Poll results and some interesting facts.



According to this recent poll of members, a vast majority type a greeting or use the chat interface to type “hello”. That’s funny, not at all what I’m seeing. In fact, the majority that enter my room are the silent type. The chat can be dead for hours and only silent lurkers would manage to stay. They could stay for extended periods of time, too. I’m talking record lengths of time.

I used to think it was crazy to even entertain the notion that the sites could be using bots to make our rooms appear fuller. Why would they do that? They had traffic. They still do. Traffic that no longer pays .. or chats. Hmmm. Perhaps the real question then is why wouldn’t they use bots? It serves two purposes; to keep the performers attentive to the room should a real member enter and want to go private (the sites do still need our content), as well as giving the illusion, to what little members are left floating around in the tumbleweeds, that the site actually has traffic. The same type of thinking that goes into why a restaurant seats its first customers by the window. If the place looks busy, more people will want to eat there. The only difference is that a restaurant can’t fake its customers. A site can and it’s easy as pie to set up.

Why would they fake customers instead of just buying traffic?
Simple answer: It’s us camgirls that drive traffic to the sites. All of us, collectively, from our social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.. The sites can keep those advertising dollars snug in their pockets. Besides, the sites don’t survive on what little traffic comes and spends on us. It’s our content the sites want. They couldn’t care less whether we make money or not. It makes no difference to them or their off-shore bank accounts.

So, would they or wouldn’t they? I already know the answer. This is just food for thought for anyone with lingering doubts about how shady the sites can be.

Have you experienced the same behaviour in your chatroom? Are the stats shown in this poll reflecting the opposite of what you’re seeing? Post a reply.

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