No Straight Answers From ICM Registry (DotXXX)


I went to the ICMRegistry website to view their policies and terms. Below are screenshots of the steps I took which brought me to their TOS (Terms Of Service) page:


On their hompage (, I clicked on the link on the very bottom of the page (often where the legal links can be found) and clicked on Policies & Legal Agreements, as shown below:

It lead me to this page, categorizing all of their policies and below that, legal agreements.

I clicked on Website Terms Of Service:

It brought me to this page, which states their terms. I screenshotted the important part (which I also highlighted) and the paragraph following that one, to show which part has me most concerned.

As a performer, this is not something, if I’m understanding it correctly, that I would want to sign. Does this mean they have the legal right to sell our content, or am I completely reading this wrong? Their so-called “ICM owned sites” wouldn’t apply to my .XXX domain? Correct? Well, then why did they keep beating around the bush on that question I repeatedly asked?

Here’s the conversation I had with them on Twitter on december 8th, 2011  



Finally, an answer, but it came from Directnic (the domain sellers), not from ICMRegistry!

I have a major problem with this TOS if it grants them permission, as the wording so loosely implies, to copy and use my content. If this is just legal hogwash, standard ole mumbo jumbo, then what worries me is .. it sure as hell looks like something that would hold up  in court in a dispute over intellectual property rights if I were to attempt to sue for breach of contract, theft, etc. I’m no lawyer, so I can’t really dissect this and make absolute legal sense of it.


What’s your opinion/professional advice on this? What can they do with our content, legally and get away with, at absolute worst, according to this contract? Some legal advice would be great. The TOS I’m referring to can be found right here