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  • amanda36c 10:55 am on September 13, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Camgirl Advice In A Nutshell 

    I’ve received a lot of emails in recent years asking where I have been, what sites I work on now. Surprisingly, it appears my absence from the big sites has not gone unnoticed. I’m flattered that people still remember me. It’s been quite a long time that I have been in this industry and there are probably a bazillion more camgirls following in my very footsteps. Oh, how I wish someone would have given me pointers back then of what was to come. Things would be quite different today. Anyway, I guess I could pass my knowledge along to others, perhaps save a few from harassment, destruction of self-esteem or having too high hopes, just plain believing everything they hear from the industry pimps with their brainwashing, bullying, thefts, lies. I’m being 100% honest when I say … this is as kind as I can be on them.

    For those curious, I do occasionally sign into select sites (none of which I feel deserve a glowing recommendation though). I only cam for a couple of hours on them. My philosophy is that time is money and wasted time is wasted money. So, what’s worked for me? Complete independence and signing in directly on Skype has given me the best success, so my advice to any camgirl would be to stick with what pays and not be fooled by what ‘appears’ to have the most traffic, gets the glowingest reviews or is considered amongst the ‘top sites’. It’s all about the money and if there’s none today, there will be none tomorrow. You have nothing to prove to the sites, it’s them that has something to prove to you because you are their bread and butter, not the other way around, Please don’t ever forget that.

    Happy camming!

    • John 5:04 pm on September 22, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Are you aware of the vast numbers of recorded cam girls being passed off as live girls on stremate? Most even promote C2C, who knows who is watching on the other side!

      The site specifically states all models are live unless noted, none are noted as being prerecorded


      • amanda36c 5:28 pm on September 24, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        Very aware. This is an example of the programs they use to do it. https://amanda36c.wordpress.com/2014/01/29/cam-decoy-where-have-all-the-camgirls-gone/


        • John 2:47 pm on September 26, 2016 Permalink

          I think the ones I’m talking about are run by the site. Same models are there every day, many have the same bedding. When I ask if they are live, I get permanently blocked. Have even been blocked instantly when visiting another recorded model right after. This tells me the person remembered me.


        • Jerome 9:22 pm on January 14, 2017 Permalink

          Streamate is practically overrun by these programs, and they always seem to take up a block of options in a bunch in the middle of the model list. They’re easy enough to spot for now – low-res video, music track instead of real audio, usually a lot are in private or go to private shortly after someone opens them. It’s obvious that whoever runs them is an outright liar and cheat, but so long as they make money for SM… On a funny note, the music seems to get piped into a microphone – whoever monitors these, and does some of the typing, was eating lunch and you could hear the sound of them eating…lol


  • amanda36c 7:13 pm on March 15, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Who Wants A Website? 

    A little history, for anyone curious …

    My camming career began in 1997. My debut was with a professional site in the earliest stage of internet porn.
    I spent the first two years riding out a measly ten dollar an hour job, hopeful an opportunity would arise that would allow me to work independently. In 1999 came my chance. I seized it and worked hard over the years, building what I thought was my own business. I even taught myself HTML, javascript, utilizing every graphics program I could get my hands on to design things just the way I wanted them. Coupled with marketing knowledge, my newfound webdesign skills allowed me to build groups and populate them with participating camgirls wanting promotion. Every step forward was another step back once the sites began introducing studios and agencies to maximize profits. There were countless ways for them to fill their pockets more, at our expense; some only borderline legal. Everything from content theft to faking live shows with replays, claiming refunds and chargebacks on the girls’ hard earned money, skimming from them and the outright overbilling of customers. I grew tired of this. Tired of the games, the way when you speak out, you’re punished. I was tired of being harassed, insulted, attacked everywhere I turned, by the same group of pimps who slyly disguise themselves as camgirls in their pathetic efforts to control the industry and everyone in it. The years of attacks and harassment I endured were not from real camgirls. I was only trying to warn camgirls, to help them avoid the paths that would lead to them having to endure what I did, after discovering how the sites stole from us, lied to us, and how they continually manipulate and abuse us. Having grown so tired of this behaviour, I decided to do something about it, so I created CamGirlClubs, a site for camgirls who want to learn how to be truly independent. While a whole slew of other sites in recent years claim to do this same thing, they cannot prove the camgirl actually exists. How do you know a pimp is not behind this? They are, after all, behind every aspect of our industry and have their money-grubbing hands all over our content.

    I have a blog filled with years worth of articles about my experiences with the sites I performed on. I have social media accounts where I talk about the industry in the same light I am right now (not necessarily a good one). That is what a real camgirl does. That is how a real camgirl behaves. She doesn’t ever attack another camgirl for stating her honest views regarding the sites and their antics. That’s someone who feels threatened, acting out in a defensive manner.

    I created CamGirlClubs with the intention of giving camgirls an option to move away from the webpimps and become truly independent. Many camgirls are working on platforms that allow them to offer Skype shows, thinking they are truly independent. Well, hate to be the bearer of bad news but you could be under the tent of yet another slimy webpimp, controlling your traffic and selling your videos. Many of the cam programs you see in our industry are designed and created specifically for them. They even own some payment processors and all-in-one solutions which offer suspiciously high commission rates to the girls. These rates are so high because they’re making money by recording your shows and stealing your customers. Rest assured with these pricks, you will lose business and not even know what hit you. Yes, they are that good. This is why they hide their ownership behind fake names of people who don’t actually exist and companies without a physical traceable location. It’s also why you sign contracts with one company yet that name differs from the name of the site you’re working on. Many of you are familiar with what I’m saying.
    Getting to my point; I’ve had CamGirlClubs up and running for a couple of years but haven’t done much with it until recently, when I decided to implement a Silent Partner Program which allows girls to come on board anonymously, with no one knowing they are involved with us. I created websites for several of them and hooked up others with the ability to offer Skype shows to their customers. I’ve had more than a few requests to build websites for them and thought about it long and hard but didn’t want to take on the commitment. I had other things going on in my life and simply didn’t have the time. With those projects out of the way, I now have the time so I’ve decided to expand on the services offered by CamGirlClubs to include a simple solution for those wanting a password-protected members area to sell videos and have the ability to process Skype show purchases safely and legally.

    What does being truly independent mean?

    We don’t have access to your live video feed. It’s direct, on Skype from you to your customer.
    We don’t have access to the content secured in your members area.
    We don’t have access to your site (only temporary, in the initial set-up stages).
    We don’t have access to your customers’ information. Only you do, through your very own account.
    Choose from a gorgeous variety of stylish templates. We will do all the work for you.
    Low prices. Quality work. Excellent customer service. Repeat and referral business is important to us, so you can expect our after-sales service to be top notch.

    Defammatory comments, libelous statements, slander or any other form of attacks will be ignored. I am not a target practice for webpimps feeling threatened by my presence in their sandbox. I am offering a service. Don’t like it? Don’t respond. I like to keep things simple. Serious inquiries can be addressed to me directly.
    For samples, pricing or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly on Twitter or Facebook.

    Thanks for your time girls and happy camming!


    • Dave Lavers 7:33 pm on March 15, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Well done young lady!

      Long overdue.


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    • Artlessly Creative 1:40 pm on October 11, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      You didn’t start camming until 1999. I was there when you did your first show. Do you think the extra 2 years gives you more credence?

      FYI – whatever it is you are suffering from, you need medications. Be it schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or schizoid personality. Get fucking help before you end up committing suicide.


      • amanda36c 6:55 pm on October 11, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        I started in 1997 for a professional site and then in 1998 on iFriends under a studio, then independent on iFriends in April 1999. I know my history, thank you. Adding 2 years doesn’t make a difference, so why would I bother? As for you, well, don’t worry, you couldn’t be any more ‘transparent’. 😉 “Schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or schizoid personality”? You have the wrong girl. Might want to reevaluate your defensive strategies. Insults are the trademark of a person who doesn’t have any intellectual ammunition. Suicide? Not for me. I’m having too much fun exposing your bullshit to the world.


        • Artlessly Creative 10:32 pm on October 12, 2015 Permalink

          It’s not being said as an insult. Ignorant people use mental illness as a term of insult. I am the survivor of a schizophrenic family member who committed suicide. I think this qualifies me as an expert. Maybe you should prove me wrong and see a doctor, or are you to afraid someone might prove you wrong? Prove me RIGHT. Go to a doctor and prove me wrong. For you, not me.


        • amanda36c 9:33 am on October 13, 2015 Permalink

          I’m calling bullshit and once again, proving it. Didn’t you claim to be a nurse with the same problem in this private message to me back in 2012, when I was advertising a site to compete with you in the Stripperweb forums? Get your story straight If you need help, get it. Projecting your troubles onto someone else will never heal you. I am absolutely fine. Shall we reflect on what happened? I wrote a blog article showing how iFriends defrauded their hosts and then another showing how they defrauded members. You replied hastily with anger. Somewhere in all of that, I became mentally unstable? Perhaps you should read my article. Obviously you have not read it. I provided mountains of proof backing up my claims. All you seem to have is an axe to grind. I do believe this settles the part about who’s the one that needs help, doesn’t it?


    • JB 11:31 am on November 7, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Hey Artlessly Creative,

      Your statement “Get fucking help before you end up committing suicide.” , makes your comment an insult so don’t pretend otherwise. As for you, supposedly being qualified as an expert because a schizophrenic family member committed suicide, I have an uncle that has run a cattle farm for over 45 years so that makes me a qualified expert to know BULLSHIt when I see it! You are a moron!

      Amanda is way too strong mentally and physically to let scumbags get the best of her. She has already proven you and the others wrong on so many occasions, it has become a real joke! Tell Allan E. Hadhazy et Al and Shawn Boday to stop sending such complete idiots to make ridiculous insults and comments on her blog posts. What’s wrong – they can’t get someone to ban Amanda from her own blog, like they did in the industry forums?


  • amanda36c 2:01 pm on March 5, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Heads-Up, CamGirls 

    Camgirls, if you offer Skype shows, do NOT take payment from Paypal, Amazon (or other) gift cards, Western Union, etc. You MUST age verify. I’m sure you’re all aware by now that there are games being played with us in this industry by the sites. Who else stands to gain from us not being able to offer Skype shows? The following are some examples (and things to watch out for):

    Accepting Amazon gift cards in exchange for sex shows on Skype. A gift card is no proof of age. This can get you into heaps of trouble, camgirls. DON’T do it.

    Accepting PayPal in exchange for sex shows on Skype. PayPal will close your account if you’re found to be doing this. They do not work with our industry.

    Accepting Western Union as payment. Again, no proof of age here.

    Use a payment processor that has security measures in place to protect you and ensure your customers are all of legal age.

    Happy Skyping!


    Camgirls, thinking of offering Skype to your customers but not sure how to do it? I can help. Payment processing also available, with secure systems in place to ensure your customers are all of legal age and no games are played by the you-know-whos of this industry (they just can’t stand to see us all going independent, can they?)! http://camgirlclubsinfo.wordpress.com/cgc-skype/

    Be vigilant, girls and play safe!

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