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    What Is A Camgirl? 

    Let’s get some things straight here:

    A camgirl doesn’t sell her body for money. She sells video footage of her body for money.

    A camgirl doesn’t meet with customers in a ‘sex for money’ exchange. That is a prostitute’s job.

    Lumping ourselves into the category of ‘sex workers’ isn’t much of a stretch because we do perform acts of a sexual nature for money.

    A camgirl is someone who performs sexual acts in an online environment on herself or others in exchange for money. A camgirl may work solo or with one or more partners.

    To address some common questions about being a camgirl:

    What do camgirls earn?

    Our earnings vary. There is no standard, as there exist too many variables. Like any business venture, what one puts into it generally determines what they will get out of it.

    Does a camgirl’s family and significant other know what they do?

    For the most part, it’s hard to hide from our significant other or close family members when they ask. Relatives think I work on the internet doing webdesign.

    Do camgirls still enjoy sex in real life or does camming take up all their sexual energy?

    It can, at times, slow us down a tad but it’s nothing we can’t handle.

    Do camgirls ever meet their clients?

    Typically, no but it has been known to happen. Some people treat it like they would a chatroom or dating site, taking only minimal precautions. Personally, I would caution anyone considering it to take a good look at the dangers involved due to the stigma and general attitudes toward the sex trade, which have changed very little over the years.

    Why is the per minute rate so high?

    When I started camming, I was earning 50%. Then, over the next few years, I started to notice other sites were paying their girls only 35%. Shortly after, the site I was on decided to stop absorbing chargebacks and refunds. The performers then had a choice; a drop in commission to 35% with no chargebacks and refunds … or it remains at 50%, less chargebacks and refunds.

    But wait, there’s more!

    35% must have been too much to have to pay out to us, so the sites decided to hire a bunch of girls to ‘recruit’ performers. The girl would be paid a few thousand dollars a month to round up enough suckers who were willing to work for commissions far less than 35%. It proved a success. The sites managed to take a higher commission from the performers. See how the commission rate continues to decline? The girls that were earning 35% before, were bumped down in the listings and gaining less exposure (therefore, less traffic to their rooms) in favor of the girls giving the sites¬†that substantially larger¬†cut. Thankfully, the sites did still allow the 35%ers to get in on the big stiff, signing up through one of those hired recruiters,becoming a recruitee and earning a whopping 3 to 17 % percent less!

    It is the camgirl who chooses her own rate from a drop-down menu with choices such as $1.99, $2.99, $3.99, $4.99 and $5.99. The amount she chooses to charge is not always based on the size of her ego. Let’s first get that straight. It’s often based on paying herself for compensatory damages due to the site’s greed.

    Why is the per minute rate so high, you ask?

    A camgirl is one tough chick, with a tough job, in a tough industry, so the next time you visit your favorite camgirl, remember this and show her your appreciation. Please keep in mind: The sites take a huge chunk of her commission (even with tips), so tip her privately to her Payoneer account or with a gift card.




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    How Not To Proposition A Camgirl 

    Here is just one shining example of how the fine folks in my industry proposition us so that they can steal¬†our Skype show¬†content¬†(to record and later sell/trade with¬†other sites). This works especially well¬†¬†in conjunction with a ploy to get us into Skype trouble by having us perform nude shows with no prior proof of age from the ‘customer’. Keep in mind that websites in the industry have been seeing major declines in traffic as the result of girls having their own websites and¬†offering Skype shows¬†to their customers.


    Heads up, camgirls. These guys are not as innocent as they appear, nor are their motives. Remember the guys back in school that would say anything just to get some action? These are the same guys. They will say anything to get you to give them your content. With promises of traffic and promotion, “you will be making bank in no time, girls”! Heard that one before? Only to find out they were yanking your chain and all they wanted¬†was your¬†content. Content is King. Don’t give it to them. Do your own thing. Do Skype shows on your own. You don’t need them. Believe me. I spent the last 17 years building what I thought was my business on these sites and in the end, started to investigate what I should have years earlier, only to find I had been¬†stolen from the entire time, lied to, harassed, impersonated, my customers taken from my rooms, off my e-mail lists, never to receive my live notices again, etc. Unbelievable … but true.

    Anyway,¬†this¬†guy seemed nice, at first. He¬†sent me a few tweets and then decided to dm me, and here’s what ensued¬†…


    Image1 Image2 Image3 Image4 Image6 Image7 Image5 Image8 Image9 Image10 Image11 Image12


    Does this sound like someone with a genuine interest in promoting or just another game player? I can’t rule out that he could also just be some regular Joe out there seeking a way to obtain free Skype shows from girls but after putting my investigative skills to the test, I’m quite convinced he is in the industry.

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    Skype Vs Cam Sites 

    A few light notes to consider on the topic of Skype Versus Cam Sites:


    Skype doesn’t have glitches that never get fixed.

    Members on Skype don’t have connection issues nearly as much as on the sites.

    People can’t scroll your Skype chat.

    Your Skype chat room can’t be flooded with hundreds of fake guests.

    Skype has a block feature that works.

    Skype¬†doesn’t offer a¬†voyeur view that you don’t get paid for.

    You can set your Skype status to online and people will find you.

    Skype doesn’t steal your video feed from private sessions¬†to sell on other sites behind your back.


    Rather than lose us and all the content that has made them rich, select cam site owners decided to lay low and quietly create Skype show platforms, complete with a conveniently integrated system which handles the billing of customers and payments to you  packaged perfectly to include chargebacks and refunds, for your benefit, of course. They are quick to answer questions about it with absolute professionalism but then fail to deliver what they tried to sell everyone on in their initial launch plan and the only thing the average camgirl cares about; paying traffic.

    In this industry, there is a saying: Content is King.¬†It is blatantly obvious that this has become the standard¬†¬†Their method¬†for¬†obtaining this content as cheaply as possible¬†can be accomplished¬†by¬†creating little dinky sites, a basic copy and paste job with slight modifications¬†to¬†the design/interface, hoping to lure girls in¬†under promises¬†of¬†ridiculously high commissions (of the traffic you drive to yourself, they fail to mention). Kinda makes that high commission¬†irrelevant. 70% of nothing is still nothing. It isn’t hard for a web designer to make those changes nor is it hard for a webmaster to buy a domain and hosting service. That’s pocket change in the form of operating costs, necessary in order to maintain fresh content for their buyers/traders.

    The sites can’t deliver any sort of decent traffic anymore. We all see the decline. Anyone with the slightest business sense or¬†logic would ask why the payout is so high. What’s the catch? There is no such thing as a gift horse in this industry, only scammers, liars and cheats.¬†Let’s face it. Look at where all the sites are located, where their servers are, where their contracts are out of. A quick glance at that will tell you the IRS isn’t getting their share. You think they’re not stealing from you, too? Reality check, please.

    So camgirls, if you’re looking to go truly independent and offer Skype shows, be wise and don’t sign up¬†with any site or recruiter (they use them to herd up the masses) if they gain access to your¬† video stream in any way. A sure sign of that is if the Skype program is embedded on their site and it isn’t you signing in directly to Skype. Generally, You may think you’re independent but if you’re not signed into Skype, you’re not doing Skype shows. Period. You can rest assured, there is a pimp in the shadows stealing from you, once again. It’s what they do best. Don’t be fooled!

    Be independent. What you need to do is this:

    Hire someone to create a website for you (or if you’re knowledgeable, do it yourself) with a Home page, Join page, Contact page, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Copyright Policy, Refund Policy.

    Register a company, to legitimately accept payments from customers with a good payment processor which age verifies them (an absolute must).

    Trademark your name. There are people in this industry slimy enough to try and take everything you have built over the years and with that trademark, they can. First usage is deemed common-law trademark, however, you would be forced to oppose, and this will cost you upwards of a few hundred dollars.


    Camgirls interested in being independent and willing to work at it, I will show you what it takes. Perform a search for me on Skype if you’re serious. We will talk there. For those that want someone to do all the work for them, you are enabling the webpimps to thrive. Laziness is costing us all – big time. I wish girls would realize that it takes hard work to be independent. It is no walk in the park. If you are not willing to put in the time and effort, then go back to the pimps and get ripped off. We, the camgirls produce the content that make the webpimps rich. So, what do the pimps do and why are they the ones making the lion’s share of the money in this industry? I’m ashamed to admit, on behalf of all women in this industry, we have not evolved whatsoever, from the dinosaur days of the oldest profession in the world. We are still under pimp rule. If the roles were reversed and there was as much of a demand for camguys, would this bring out women pimps, taking that lion’s share of the money earned?¬†I can’t even begin to imagine that scenario. Gender still dictates who controls the money in an industry built around women, by women. What is wrong with us? This is our industry. Is it not? Or is it laziness that prevents us from thriving? When you renounce control over what is rightfully yours, there is always someone willing to put in the work and snag the profits, as well. This seems to be the case. If you are lazy, you are prey. It’s as simple as that. It isn’t the industry that needs to change; it is our mindset about it.


    I am working on a tutorial which explains the necessary steps to becoming truly independent, in full detail. I will promote it when completed. In the meantime, start on the three things mentioned above in blue.




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    Be A CamGirl Clubs Silent Partner 

    Recent attacks on CamGirl Clubs (espcially in my thread, on Stripperweb forum https://www.stripperweb.com/forum/showthread.php?t=192445 ) have only confirmed the fact that one particular group of webpimps in this industry does not want performers using Skype independently. The simple reason is this group of scumbag thieves have no authority over us there nor direct access to our content (videos). They need our content to steal, sell and trade. Without it, they have nothing. Nowhere else is there as much truth to the phrase “Content Is king” as in the adult entertainment industry.

    What I was hoping to accomplish by posting that thread promoting Cam Girl Clubs, was to help the real camgirls of the industry achieve true independence from the sites that steal content and the recruiters that help them to do so. I know that Stripperweb forum is infested with webpimps posing as camgirls, thinking they’re fooling the real camgirls and then using those fakes to brainwash everyone (in a p/r sort of way). I am also aware that real camgirls read those forums, from a safe distance. I have had a tremendous amount of hits to my site from that one post alone, and camgirls signing up under my new Silent Partner Program.

    How the attacks transpired was very interesting. They started with numerous questions in response to my post. I answered thoroughly, addressing every single question posed, yet rather than satisfy them, this appeared to have enraged them to scrutinize and twist every word I wrote, in the most negative manner possible. When that didn’t work, they resorted to posting desperate slanderous attacks and outright lies.

    In all fairness to the performers hesitant to join us for fear that their involvement will make them susseptible to attacks, harassment, mainpulation of traffic, etc. I have decided to include a ‘silent partner’ program to protect the performers while still allowing them to benefit from being independent. Those attacks were entirely unwarranted. Looking at my blog, or tweets or posts on Facebook, I never attack camgirls. Only one because she attacked me and was involved in harassing me. She also, through her ex boyfriend, tried to attain my trademark (Amanda36c). Yes, I do have a problem with people behave this way towards me and I will definitely plaster your name all over the internet if you try to sabotage my business like that. That is all proven and it is all out there for public consumption anyway. Should I have an axe to grind against someone trying to steal my trademark after I have been doing business under that name for 17 years? Fucking right I do. Besides that one person, who have I always stood up for and who have I always stood up against? That’s the important question I think camgirls should be asking themselves.

    To join CamGirl Clubs as a ‘silent partner’, simply leave me a message here or in a dm on Twitter, or by e-mail to amanda36c@gmail.com Please note that this means no promotion on the site, no advertising, no way for any of the sites, recruiters or otherwise ‘paid p/r people’ to find you. No CamGirl Clubs members will find you either though. You would send customers directly to your signup page when they ask for a Skype show but the likelihood of external traffic would be slim to none. Contact me if you are interested in this option. Once you set up your own Skype account (if you don’t already have one), we will attach your pricing links to a hidden page for only you and your members to access.

    The sites/pimps never have to know and that way, they can’t play games with you or your traffic. If, at any point, you should decide that CamGirl Clubs is generating a good enough revenue stream, you may change your mind about being promoted, and I would be more than happy to oblige.

    At CamGirl Clubs, we are working diligently to find solutions for camgirls to become truly independent and build a solid business foundation for themselves, complete with their own customer base and   100% control of their content.

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    Skype With Me; Two Simple Steps 


    The perfect way to support camgirls is by purchasing Skype shows. Why?


    1)¬†We have eliminated the¬†middleman; no webpimp taking the lion’s share of¬†our earnings and feeding¬†us scraps.¬† This¬†means a better price for you.

    2) Enjoy a true, private 1-on1 session; no interruptions.

    3) Display your cam as well, with 2-way audio. Hands-free fun!

    4) A more flexible schedule, for your convenience.

    5) Skype memberships are free. No additional charges tacked on.

    6) Your minutes never expire. Unused minutes remain in your account as credits for future shows.

    Ready to Skype with me? Here’s what to do:

    1) Choose your plan http://amanda36c.com/liveshows.html

    2) Use the link below the price grid on that same page and contact me on Skype to schedule the show.

    Under great, affordable rates, I offer to you: role-play shows (agreed upon in advance and must be legal), fetish shows (feet, calf flexing, pantyhose, etc.) and of course, full nudity, with or without dildos.

    If you have questions, comments, or compliments, reach me by replying to this post. All replies to this particular post will remain private. I will not approve and post them as comments here.

    • Scaredcammodel 3:35 pm on March 22, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Hi! Someone posted a link to your blog on Stripperweb and I am glad I have read it. I didn’t know how else to get in touch with you. Unreal that they are trademarking your name. That’s just down dirty and low. Then they kicked you off the site. They might as well kick me off too for all they are allowing me to make now. I’m not sure if they have target me or not, but it sure feels like it. If I subscribe to your blog can they see that I am subscribed? I am still trying to hang in there until I can make some changes. I wish you could sue the fucking pants off of them. They don’t deserve what they have.


      • amanda36c 2:39 pm on March 23, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        What was the name of the thread in Stripperweb? I’d hope that a simple Google search would bring you to my Twitter or e-mail. Yes, what they did was dirty and low but do we really expect any less from them? The levels of low these people will sink to are astonishing. Suing is not the answer. Their pockets are too deep. There are some highly illegal things going on, however but the law doesn’t like to step into the adult industry, unless of course they have no other choice. I don’t think subscribers can see who the other subscribers are. I tried poking around, in another system and not signed in and couldn’t find any list of subscribers, so I believe it’s private or only I can see it, through my dashboard when logged in. I will never give information as to who you are (or anyone). The only people I expose are trademark thieves and hired harassers. It’s all public information anyway. Just pointing out who’s behind the dirt.


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