Skype With Me; Two Simple Steps


The perfect way to support camgirls is by purchasing Skype shows. Why?


1) We have eliminated the middleman; no webpimp taking the lion’s share of our earnings and feeding us scraps.  This means a better price for you.

2) Enjoy a true, private 1-on1 session; no interruptions.

3) Display your cam as well, with 2-way audio. Hands-free fun!

4) A more flexible schedule, for your convenience.

5) Skype memberships are free. No additional charges tacked on.

6) Your minutes never expire. Unused minutes remain in your account as credits for future shows.

Ready to Skype with me? Here’s what to do:

1) Choose your plan

2) Use the link below the price grid on that same page and contact me on Skype to schedule the show.

Under great, affordable rates, I offer to you: role-play shows (agreed upon in advance and must be legal), fetish shows (feet, calf flexing, pantyhose, etc.) and of course, full nudity, with or without dildos.

If you have questions, comments, or compliments, reach me by replying to this post. All replies to this particular post will remain private. I will not approve and post them as comments here.