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  • amanda36c 1:57 pm on December 21, 2013 Permalink | Reply
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    The Camgirl Calendar 

    It truly is amusing to see the excuses fly in adult industry message board forums, as soon as someone posts a complaint about how slow such and such a site is (Streamate, for example). Having been in the industry for 16+ years now, I can say with absolute certainty, that there are no trends with respect to overall traffic. There are far too many obstacles to factor in where traffic is concerned . The one day of the year that I have ever found to be consistently slow is Super Bowl Sunday. Regardless, in those forums, someone always seems to have the answer, often posted in a strangely defensive yet convincing manner.

    Several years ago, I wrote up a list in a message board forum of a site I used to work on, filled with excuses for why cam sites can be slow, every month of the year. Logically, traffic should be slightly affected by these events but not to the extent we were seeing it. The same applies to today. Another thing I always kept in mind, knowing this industry as well as I do, is to  always consider the source. If that source has something to say that might require some credibility to be believed, then perhaps they should put a handle to it; one that people can easily find online. <– I believe my insinuation came across loud and clear.

    Here’s my newly revised list of excuses for slowness. 12 months worth. Enjoy!


    January – New Year’s drinking, paying off credit card bills from the holidays. Superbowl (I’ll give this one some credit).

    February – Valentine’s Day (diamonds aren’t cheap!).

    March – Spring Break (eatin’, boozin’, tattooin’).

    April – Taxes, planting flowers (and weeding can just plain poop anyone out!).

    May – Mother’s Day.

    June – Father’s Day. School’s out!

    July – National birthdays (1st and 4th of July celebrations for Canada & U.S.A.). Also, this thing the industry likes to refer to as “summer slowdown”.

    August – More of that “summer slowdown” bs, along with the fact that people are trying to enjoy their last weeks of summer.

    September – Back to school. Labour Day weekend, too.

    October -Canadian Thanksgiving. Halloween (the only month of the year when chocolate prices soar!). Actually, this is true <–

    November – The start of Christmas shopping. U.S. Thanksgiving.

    December – Christmas is coming ! Christmas is coming! Holiday travel, planning, parties.


    Leaves very little time for us, huh gals? Somehow, miraculously, the sites still seem to thrive, despite all this. I recant what I said about them being webpimps. They’re not. What they are; magicians! One trick I’d like to see is where they’ve hidden all our money. 😉


    Happy holidays everyone!

  • amanda36c 10:55 pm on October 3, 2013 Permalink | Reply
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    FREE Gold Show – STILL no Traffic? 

    Somewhere in the Streamate agreement, they claim to promote us for this 65% we give them.

    Here’s a little gif I created from screenshots of a FREE Gold Show I performed last night, just to show that some of us, no matter what we do or how hard we try to promote ourselves, are losing traffic due to members being bounced by the site itself.

    Here is proof that my members are being bounded. Remember, this was a FREE show (with a $1.00 goal).


  • amanda36c 2:30 pm on March 23, 2013 Permalink | Reply
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    Streamate Doubles 

    Bored and waiting for a member to enter my room, I started to look around at the site to see where my listing was appearing. What was once a gradual decline from first row to 6th had suddenly plummeted down another 3 rows, to show me at the very bottom of the page. In the span of one week, I went from 6th row to 9th, just like that. I use the encoder (with the proper settings), offer HD, Audio, Gold Shows, everything that the heavily-trafficked Streamate-owned studios offer, yet I continue on the downward decline.

    Looking around more at the site, I also noticed that ‘select’ girls, who are listed on the first page, top rows, are also given a spot on one of the last live listing of the site (ie: page 13 to 16 typically, or just before the guys’ listing). Have a look at the 1st screenshot then the other 2 and find the girls they selected to promote twice, once on the first page and then on one of the last pages. Looks like random places, too and only select girls get to have that extra spot, not all girls on that page and not even in the same order as they’re listed on the main page. Can’t be a ‘glitch’. Impossible. Make sure to promote those girls, Streamate. You do have them at a lower commission rate (in exchange for these ‘favors’), right? You know, ways to ensure they gain more traffic, as all your studios promise. Prove me wrong. So far, all I’m seeing is shady shit here.

    Note the address bar’s url which indicates the page. I, of course, was not ‘lucky’ enough to have my listing appear in two places, simultaneously, as some select girls did. Have a look and feel free to test this on your own, right now, on the site.




    • someone 4:59 pm on March 24, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      My understanding is that when a model starts a gold show or private show their profile gets moved from its normal location to one of pages at the end of the listing. Maybe that’s what you’re seeing here. Habs suck, BTW.


      • amanda36c 7:19 pm on March 24, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        Nope, look again. There are a few girls, scattered on different pages and they were not all doing Gold Shows nor were they in private at the time. And even if that was the case and girls doing Gold shows or who happen to be in a private session get that added exposure, how does that make it OK? Sounds more like an anti-trust issue here, if you look at how this affects the other girls who don’t get the added exposure and who work for 35% commission without any push from the site. You signed up to my blog under a bullshit name at a bullshit email address. Would you like me to contact that person who that e-mail address really belongs to and perhaps we can add ‘impersonation’ to your list of games?

        P.S. – Your signoff, “Habs suck, BTW” shows your level of immaturity and lack of class. Though you won’t admit who you are (cowards never do), you leave me under the distinct impression I am not dealing with an intellectually superior individual. Let’s not turn this into something ugly. Anonymous coward.


        • karen 12:06 pm on April 5, 2013 Permalink

          great job amanda all about fav i love you realness i am like you. ohh got block by nasty ass stripper web for being honest lol. i know you cant stand them. great job.


        • amanda36c 2:43 pm on April 5, 2013 Permalink

          Thank you, whoever you are, for speaking out. Feel free to post here anytime. It’s hard to watch people so complacent/passive/fearful. Even if you have to do it anonymously (hell, every jackass on the internet gets to hide behind that shield), it’s so important to not only our livelihood but our sanity as well, to be able to air these concerns we have and let them know we’re not willing to roll over and die as they exert complete control over the rest of the ‘yes’ people in this industry.


    • WhiteMamba 9:23 pm on May 24, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Hi there, Amanda!

      Well, it happened that I found your article ’cause I was very concerned about the traffic in my room.
      Last Saturday was still pretty ok but the last three days, man! It was incredible how my traffic decreased!
      In the beginning I thought it could be my connection and I checked, then I thought that maybe it was even the computer, so Imagine me taking my Imac in my room! Big deal! Then, I started to ask myself: “Well, if it was my computer my video should fail” and why if I actually could see my own profile streaming perfectly?!
      Then I thought maybe it was Chrome, so I tried with Safari and Firefox and no changes. Then -yeah, finally!- I started to suspect it was something weird there:
      -There were the same kind of members visiting me (chatty no paying members)
      -I went to see if some another italian girls -I’m from Italy- were having the same problem or in general maybe it was a SM problem but the first page I looked some girls were quite normal, then I tried second, third and I noticed there were some girls in the same page no matter if it was 3 or 7.
      -Some of these girls had horrible def in their cams and a very few tags, like if they weren’t popular at all to be in the front page, you know?

      I innocently wrote to them asking them why and then I decided to look for some information in the web. I ws quite sure I wasn’t going to find something but when I found your article, even when you are thru a bad time with them as well, it was very supporting.

      What do you think is this all about? Do you think they are going to change? Do you suggest another page? Which one?

      Thanks so much for your articles and your time. They were quite helpful.

      Godd Luck


      • amanda36c 2:06 pm on May 27, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        Hi WhiteMamba,

        Traffic has really declined for me, as well. My only advice, if you want to know why, is to do your own research and not bother listening to the millions of cheap excuses fabricated and designed to make us think it’s us (something we’re suddenly doing wrong or not doing right, etc.) and not anything the sites could be doing (to maximize profits by directing traffic to the studios that accept less commission in exchange for a traffic boost).

        Streamate is looking more and more like iFriends every day with their refusal to fix ‘glitches’, in their treatment of us, the way they introduce features that only seem good for the site and its bottom line, not the girls (ie: tags, Streamate / Cam tv), right down to our placement on the main pages of the site. Seriously though, what company today gives a damn about anything besides their bottom line?

        Do I think they’re going to change? No and if they do, it’s only to fill their pockets more. Don’t count on a better shake for us girls. It really does seem like iFriends has taken over though. Whether that is or isn’t the case, I’m not the first to point this out but I worked on iFriends for a decade and have a pretty good idea of what they’re like.

        I don’t know the background of the person they put in charge of managing Streamate and I’m betting neither do they.

        I can’t suggest anything, except to say .. go with your gut. If something seems off, steer clear of it, or ask questions. It’s amazing how many people would rather turn a blind eye to what’s going on than have to confront it, report it or deal with it in any manner. Something is definitely wrong with this industry and the more we just sit and accept it blindly/complacently, the more we can expect to get screwed.

        I am starting a site (have been really busy with that over the last little while) but it’s only a site to promote girls’ live shows via links, profile pages. I’m hoping to turning it into a content club too, where we can sell our videos and all share in a collective effort to circulate traffic on one platform. You’re welcome to join. Just dm me on Twitter (http://twitter.com/amanda36c) or e-mail me (amanda36c@gmail.com) and I’ll add your name to the list. When I launch it, a bunch of girls will be already on the page and ready to start our collective efforts to work our members into joining us there. The site is http://camgirlclubs.com

        I wish I could offer a live cam site and be able to say “hey girls, climb aboard and finally get what you deserve”! Alas, I don’t have that kind of money, so I’m starting small, working hard and hoping for the best. 🙂


  • amanda36c 3:30 pm on February 26, 2013 Permalink | Reply
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    The Streamate-Owned Studios Win Again! 

    It’s hard not to win, when you own the casino … and all the tables within it.

    A member, in my chatroom wrote this:










    A member, that follows me on Twitter, wrote this:


    I knew there was something wrong when my traffic started to drop, in large numbers. Then, members started telling me there were ;’glitches’ and asking “where have you been?”, after finally seeing me online, after months. Then, they started telling me about how they keep getting booted from my room and how they get booted from private. After the tenth time, they stop believing it’s “their connection” or “the internet” or whatever the excuse of the day happens to be.

    It appears my members no longer have the luxury of  a session with the girl of their choice (if that happens to be me) because some convenient ‘glitch’ is constantly there, preventing  me from showing up in the listings or on his ‘favorites list’.

    What do Streamate members do, in this case? Go back to the main page to select another girl? Perhaps one in the first 4 rows, which all just happen to be studios and ‘agencies’ that pay the girls less than 35% (newbies that don’t know any better)?  You really think forcing members out of one girl’s room into another will work? I’ve even been told by a member that you sent him right out of my room into another girl’s room!

    This is your customer retention plan? Good luck keeping members at this rate. People prefer choice, not to be ‘advised’ where to spend their money. You may have been able to pull the wool over the girls’ eyes with your promises of “higher traffic for less commission” game, but when members catch on to the bullshit being played with them, they will not stick around. With all the freedoms Americans hold so dearly, good luck forcing them into your agency girls’ rooms.

    No member will be happy about being forced to choose a studio (or ‘agency’) girl just because he can no longer access the girl of his choice and when he gets the blood rushing to his big head again, he’s out of there like a shot out of a cannon. He will leave the site entirely. Just because some girls have opted to take the deal with the devil; to accept a lower commission rate in exchange for that higher volume of traffic, doesn’t mean members are as complacent or accepting of the bullshit handed down to them.”Manipulation/interference/anti trust” of traffic is nowhere to be seen in the contract I signed.


    Nothing else matters, huh Streamate?

    • AtinaAquitane 6:52 pm on April 6, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      I have noticed similar problems with my interface. On certain days I experience large drops in traffic and no one going private for hours. I know someone is controlling something. Either that or technical support is not repairing problems. I have requested that some problems be looked into many times, but keep getting the reply that everything seems normal or that those glitches are bugs that fix themselves. But I noticed so many other models have the same glitches at different times and they have reported them also.


      • anonymouscoward 5:01 am on July 26, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        I’m both relieved and upset to hear this. I recently started on SM and I thought it was me. Some days I will get tons of privates and people in my room, some days nothing but trolls trying to get me to break a rule and people logging in and out several times like they are having a problem, and my ranking seems to range from page 2 to page 9 to nowhere to be seen different times of the day (ie when other models are on!) I can’t cam when they apparently want me to due to lighting. I’m kind of relying on this to pay the rent and I was doing well, I’m getting a bit worried!


        • bob132 11:00 pm on November 16, 2019 Permalink

          things are increasingly getting worse on sm, they run frequent contests that are so apparently rigged . i was browsing twitter the other day and came across a foreign studio that was bragging about the amount of money their models make, they even post screenshots of model earnings regularly. during contest a few of their models make over 1k in less than 2 hours on contest days, but during regular days don’t make that kind of money. definitely fishy. i bet studios like that tip their models really big to get that bonus money and than split it amongst themselves, more and more models complaining of dead rooms. i mean its so sad and miserable now, i really believe sm is choosing to showcase foreign 3rd world country models due to the mega low % they give them, very bizarre how bad it’s become. i also see the main models who bank everyday bring their own traffic, why do models have to bring their own traffic for 35% to make any real money????


    • HonestThoughts 3:45 pm on March 7, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      And here we are in 2019 and sm is still up to their same bs tactics. I sniff another ifriends shutdown. I’d be shocked if sm was still in business 3 to 5 years


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