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    The XXX Files 

    “Disgruntled porn star Amanda36c”? Some self-proclaimed ‘domainer’ slanders me in a response to a post made in TheDomains’ blog http://www.thedomains.com/2013/02/07/breaking-iffors-tax-return-only-208k-in-revenue-from-xxx-are-90-of-all-xxx-registration-defensive/#comment-119662 . Is this the same great defender of ICM Registry (folks who operate the .XXX gTLD) as seen in my own blog, defending them last year? https://amanda36c.wordpress.com/2011/12/12/no-straight-answers-from-icm-registry-dotxxx/#comment-140 Interestingly enough, this Dman guy happened to be ICM Registry themselves, as I didn’t hesitate to point out in a later blog, https://amanda36c.wordpress.com/2011/12/17/icm-registry-liars-dot-xxx/  It must be nice to have such a helpful, random savior (er, ‘domainer’) come to your defense, like an attorney in a courtroom! I suppose I should not jump to conclusions though.  

    For the record, I never supported dot XXX. Initially, I only wanted to have my own, for defensive purposes (like everyone else) unsure of the whole premise behind this borderline-legal scam in the first place, except the money-grab it appears to be. Noone in the aduly industry, with the exception of those paid to promote or given theirs for free, were in support of this XXX, period. The entire industry is against it. Why anyone outside of the industry doesn’t challenge these guys in court, as they lose their rights to a domain reserved for them, for ‘defensive’ purposes, is quite the mystery. Are people just that willing to throw their money away or just too lazy and weak to take these pigs to task? I guess we (as a society) have set the precedent. Let’s not cry when they walk all over us then. OK?

    Back to that post (screenshotted below). Why does ‘Paul’ feel the need to slander me, on someone’s blog, just because he happens to think I am connected to someone else who went at him a few posts up? I fail to see where he saw a connection between me and Michelle. Paranoia perhaps. Such an ugly little disability.

    For the record: I never (not once)  spammed someone’s chatroom. I know the rules and have always adided by them, on every site I worked. I can count on one hand how many times, since I’ve been on the internet (1997), I have even posted to someone else’s blog. What ‘Paul’ is suggesting is an outright lie. Why would someone feel the need to lie like this? I responded to his post on that blog (yes, one of the handful of times I ever do).

    The more I look around at the people controlling this industry and how they conduct themselves, the more disgusted I feel about even being a part of it. The games they play are outrageous. Not because they merely have the time to do it. Again, this only proves they are losing control, and have resorted to low levels of scumbagism (<– patent pending on that word) to maintain their ability to keep their investments (legal and otherwise) safe so that they can continue stealing our content and living large.


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    February 3rd – XXX-tortion Day? 

    As February 3rd 2012 quietly approaches, all dot XXX domains held in escrow accounts (ie: amanda36c.xxx) will go up for sale and according to the Whois records, http://whois.domaintools.com/amanda36c.xxx , there will be more than 2,400 performers affected. No word yet on what’s going to happen with these domains. I wonder. Will they all just be snagged up by Webpower Inc or will it be ICM Registry themselves to grab them? Will it be Webpower’s lawyers again or will it be their accountants this time? Will the domains go up for sale or auction? Will performers be given information at the very last second, with little to no time to respond? In much the same manner as they sprung upon us the performer’s program itself; a quick change of plans to protect against backlash in the budding stages of their massive XXX venture from several thousands of what they (arguably) call “supporters”? I guess the real surprise will come just as the auction takes place, no doubt in some quiet corner of the dot XXX world.

    ICM Registry has shown nothing but shadiness. Was it not evident when I provided, in a past blog entry (https://amanda36c.wordpress.com/icm-registrywebpower-inc) , proof that ICM’s very own lawyer squatted on domains? This is the same lawyer who was attached to both ICM Registry, as well as Webpower Inc, a company whose 400+ complaints (on this one website alone), Ripoffreport.com of various forms of fraudulent behavior have completely went overlooked by the people supposedly in charge of overseeing this whole dot XXX venture. The people on the board of the IFFOR (the organization that makes the policies for dot XXX) are also involved with the same companies. In fact, one of Webpower’s other lawyers sat on that board when dot XXX was first introduced. Let’s see – how many millions/billions do they expect to earn from this? What’s its true potential? Well, first let’s try and determine how many idiots exist in this world, willing to dish out money to ‘defend’ their name from the big bad porn pimps of the internet, who can so easily just come along and buy up any name available in dot XXX. What shocks me most is the only one willing to take them to task is Manwin, the adult industry giant, with their anti-trust and monopolization suit. Why has noone else taken them to task? The complacency and passivity in today’s society is sickening. They are making good and sure to control everything, knowing full well that noone will do anything to stop them.

    All I can say is february 3rd should be an interesting day, if you’re a performer in this industry. I have the distinct feeling that we will be hearing very little from ICM about what’s to happen, what course of action will be taken on these domains. How soon before (stolen) content is put up on those sites, after they are grabbed (by whoever the highest bidder happens to be)? I wouldn’t trust them with my site, nor would I trust them to my information.

    The expiry date on those domains is less than 2 months away. Watch how this plays out.

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      This is crazy, how can this be legal ?? Are you saying, your own domains are up for sale on February 3rd 2013 and you can’t do any thing about it? Someone suggested to you once or may be more than once, that you should become a Senate. That’s where the real power is … Consider it Amanda. From what I’ve read from your blogs and understood, it sound like a good idea.


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        It appears so, Nicholas. I’m wondering exactly when they’re going to announce what they plan to do with these domains or how we can purchase them. Perhaps it would be best to just watch someone else buy it and when my content appears on it, perform that DMCA takedown and sue their asses at the same time. I can’t fathom how anyone could want to deal with these people, knowing full well who they are, what they represent and the frauds they have been accused of by 400+ members of their website, in the Ripoffreports.com website alone. Senate? It’ll never happen in this industry. That would mean we’d need law enforcement to step in and from what I can see, they would rather keep their shoes clean and just let the inmates run the asylum. There is no way to bring in any sort of governance otherwise. Basically, we’re screwed. Even if I did have the power, not enough people would be willing to back me. They say they do, but only if they can remain anonymous and that just doesn’t work.


    • Joy. 12:56 pm on December 14, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Hey Amanda, once again I’m here to be your spirited debate opponent. =)

      As always, a very well written article.
      And as always, I’m not all that concerned because in life I go with the flow. Don’t sweat the small stuff …and it’s all small stuff. I’ve worked for big companies, and been self employed, and there’s always something or someone we can be upset with/about.

      There’s way too much other stuff I’m dealing with to move underhanded .xxx dealings off the bottom of my worry list. LOL Yet that said……….

      To me it looks as though the huge financial boom they were expecting from .xxx domains is a bust. Or maybe I’m just not paying all that much attention (‘cuz I’m not =)

      Have any amazing .xxx sites shown up? Not that I’m aware of. Do people searching for specific porn care if the site name ends in .xxx or .net or .com or .org (my personal fave, for orgasm or organ, but no one else seems to thinks .org* is fun like I do =)

      The .xxx is a hefty $99 USD, so who is going to pay that in order to make a measly pittance on affiliate marketing of camgirls or even B-level (and below) pornstars? I think the entire thing is a bust for them.

      If I were in the business of building sites to promote affiliate links, or selling knock off vids or photos of a particularly hot camgirl or porn star, I’d simply buy her name using a GoDaddy $5 .biz or $7 .org-asm, etc. and set up shop directing traffic to one of those cheap and cheerful parody sites. I wouldn’t spend $100 on .xxx Hey, but that’s just me, I’m tight with a buck and very resourceful, so I’d never pay ridonkulous prices for something that can be done just as well for a tenth of the cost. LOL Heck, I am Joy Lovewell and I wouldn’t pay $100 for my own .xxx name! ha ha ha ha ha

      When the price for a .xxx domain name falls in par with what other domains are going for, I think we’ll possibly have something to be concerned about protecting our names. Until then, no so much. But that’s my opinion. =)

      Oh, and I do agree with the everything you’ve uncovered about the shady dealings of WebPower and their ilk. Nasty business, and I hope they’re getting what they deserve. Nothing ($$$).

      I’m with Nicholas. Amanda you’d make a wonderful Senator. You’ll just need 9 years as a US citizen before you can through your bra in the ring (and it is a 3 ring circus down here, ha ha ha). Canada has a huge porn issue with child porn and illegal sex slave trade, so maybe you can get yourself elected in Canada to begin combating those monsters. Bonus: You already reside in the capital! Easy-peasy!

      Thanks for another interesting blog post.

      All the best and happy holidays,

      I realize .org is meant for organizations/forums/communities, but it’s use doesn’t seem to be policed.


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        That’s where we differ, Joy. What you consider “sweating the small stuff”, I see as a major contributor to the decline in traffic we’re seeing and something we should be taking an active stand against, before it gets worse. There is a lot we could have done to prevent getting screwed over in the past but instead, we chose to brush it off. We didn’t think it was a big enough deal. Regret not doing anything now, after seeing how badly our revenues are declining, despite the fact that our content appears to be growing in popularity all over the internet? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what’s going on there.

        Contrary to your belief that this decline in traffic/revenue is something only I am seeing (you’ve made your position quite clear in past comments related to that topic), other (independent) girls I have spoken with are seeing the same drop. One round of visits to their rooms tells me it is a widespread concern. Go ahead and take a look at all the non-studio/agency girls and you’ll see for yourself. I don’t think it’s fair to mention names here but you know who they are. They won’t often be spotted in or above the first 4 rows on Streamate at any given time.

        All internet stats display a steady decline in traffic across the board, among the big sites. As if the growing rate of our competition, along with a very unstable economy, aren’t bad enough. These new smaller sites popping up all over the place (owned by the big ones under privacy protect services) with our stolen content on them, are putting an even larger dent in our revenue stream and our problem is, we’re too damn complacent to do anything about it. What we should be doing is looking at all that’s affecting our bottomline and acting on it, but we don’t. These sites know it all too well, and in their arrogance, there isn’t a hint of fear that one of us could be a loose cannon. They’ve gotten away with a lot, so far and will continue to get away with more, if we don’t act. I guess what it boils down to is … how do you like the way you’re being treated? Next step is .. what do you plan to do about it? I know when something is wrong. If it’s worth it to me to pursue, I need not seek approval from anyone. I’m a stubborn Leo, after all.

        You already are aware that ICM Registry, in possession of all our .XXX domains, and every underhanded game they’ve played in the past with us, is hardly the patron saints of the industry and you know that they can change their rules at the very last second, tossing performers into an ‘escrow account’ in order to maintain more control over us, rather than allowing us to purchase our own .XXX sites under our performer handles. I was, after all, blocked from buying it under the Sunrise A program and forced into this make-shift Performers Program, which was nothing more than a last-minute scramble to stop me dead in my tracks from trying to obtain amanda36c.xxx. I had absolutely no choice in the matter. They outright refused to allow me to purchase that domain! Lest we forget about their lawyer, who squatted on domains. https://amanda36c.wordpress.com/2012/01/30 You claim to know all this yet you trust this company to your information, by taking a deal with them for a one-year free service? I’m curious. Come february 3rd, are you going to purchase your .xxx from them? You have no concerns over them stealing your content? Their agreement, if challenged in court, would never hold up. They can’t sell your content without some sort of arrangement to pay you either a one-time sum or a royalty. Or perhaps you just don’t care. What about in 5 years time, when your revenues are down to 1/4 of what they are today? Still going to sit there in that complacent state of mind, while they continue to thrive off the revenues from all their collective fly-by-night websites earning revenue galore from the sale of our stolen content? It’s clear what they have done to this industry. I have seen this first-hand and the websites with our stolen content are in the millions. You can’t say this is trivial or has no effect on our revenues.

        Indeed, we do see things quite differently.

        Until you’re willing to investigate them yourself, to gain perspective or any sort of knowledge as to the magnitude of impact this will have on us, a few years down the road, why brush off what I have to say as irrelevant or insignificant? I fail to see how you think ICM/Webpower Inc is not a threat to our industry with their .XXX venture, based on the simple fact that hey haven’t had the kind of success they anticipated. That doesn’t mean their hands are tied where our content is concerned. To write them off would be a huge mistake. Remember, they have been trying to get this thing off the ground since 2000. Their applications kept getting rejected by ICANN, until early 2011. ICM Registry are not going anywhere. They have big money behind them and can sit on that as long as need be. I wish you had actually taken the time to investigate what I have to know what that connection between them and Webpower really means to the industry and the future of camming. You would be a lot more concerned about this. IFriends sunk like the Titanic yet there they are, still on life support, still somehow afloat. Surely, they’re trying to model themselves after the successful tube sites that Manwin has created, only in millions of little sites, rather than a few really large ones. This way, they can hide it all, move everything offshore, ‘spread the wealth’ so to speak.

        I don’t know how much or often you actually cam or if you’ve noticed, through any sort of consistent patterns that the more sites pop up with our content on them, the more declines in traffic we’re seeing, subsequently. I watch this like a hawk.

        At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist, I’m going to answer what I’m sure many people reading this, might be asking: “why, if they’re frauding all these people, do they continue to get away with it?” – Look at society for a minute. By and large, people don’t stand up for themselves. They would rather turn a blind eye to frauds, scams, than to be the one scrutinized and called a “conspiracy theorist” (especially attached to the filthy adult industry) with a target on their back, for taking this information public. The scammers know what they can and can’t get away with. This industry is the perfect playground for them because there is noone governing it and we allow this by doing nothing to stop it.

        Oh gosh, I can ramble sometimes. It is a topic I get get overly passionate (and upset) about. Just bump me like a record and I’ll stop. Heh!

        Happy Holidays to you, too, Joy.

        P.S. I’m not in the capital, that would be Ottawa. I’m in Montreal. Close though, it’s a good 2 hour drive from the city.


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    Response to ICM's Degrading Ad 

    Thought I’d have a little fun with ICM, since they seem to have such a great sense of humour when it comes to us performers. For those unfamiliar with it, this is the ad  ICM’s Ad Here’s my response:

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    ICM Registry forces performers to authorize sign-in with Twitter? 

    All excited, thrilled and gung-ho about this Performers Program ICM Registry, the @DotXXX folks have finally announced (though still completely elusive on the details), I went to sign up for my free year, which they claim is available to all performers.

     It appears that the only way to obtain my amanda36c.xxx is to authorize this application to sign in through my Twitter account. I fail to understand why, when a Twitter account (unless verified, with that pretty little blue tick you see on celebrities’ profiles) does not prove you are who you say you are. Performers are not likely to have that tick, unless they are big name celebrity porn stars. Why not just verify them through their handles and the sites they claim they work on by actually following up on that or with inside connections, get that information from the sites or site owners? I’m sure they wouldn’t have a problem verifying a performer’s handle with certain info shared by both you and the site, to verify they are who they say they are.

    In any case, I made an attempt to sign up.

    Here’s the problem:  ICM’s sign-up form implies you do not need to have a Twitter account. Their form states “if you have one”, as shown here (see screenshot below):

    I left that field blank and it returned a page, telling me that my Twitter account information and domain name requested do not match. See the top line on that screenshot (above). But wait!!! I left the Twitter field blank. Why is it forcing me to use Twitter, when I don’t want to? Since when did Twitter become the madatory go-between for users of ICM Registry’s dot XXX performers program sign-up process? Why are there no other options, like Facebook or any other social networking platform?

    I tried to enter “amanda36c”  in the “.XXX Domain you wish to register” but it wouldn’t even let me type it. I tried the other fields and was able to type into them. So, I left the page as it was and entered the code in the box, trying to advance but it gave me another error:

    First, it doesn’t allow me to input information into one of the fields, then it gives me an error for having omitted that information!

    It later automatically entered amanda36c.xxx in that field. Strange but I am still unable to advance because it wants my Twitter information (which I don’t want to give).

    If using Twitter to sign up under this Performers Program is merely an option, then why is it that I cannot advance without authorizing ICM Registry to sign me in using  Twitter?

    Could you make it any more impossible for me to obtain my amanda36c.xxx website, ICM Registry/Webpower Inc.?

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    ICM Registry – TheGrandIllusion.xxx? 

    As screenshotted before, they’re up to their same old games of hiding things. It seems their game is to see how quickly they can beat your readers to the punch. For example, let’s say your name is Amanda Hudson and you post a screenshot, showing proof that their lawyer did the unthinkable; squatted, well, immediately after reading your post, they run over to the Whois website and scramble to change the information. Latest case in point comes to us, compliments of Elliot Ness. What Mr. Ness isn’t aware of is that I actually captured a screenshot (a ‘before’, if you will) of what I had the feeling would lend credibility to my upcoming blog entry, once again, exposing ICM Registry for the liars that they are.

    Here’s a copy-and-paste job of his post, along with a before-and-after screenshot, proving this information was indeed changed.

    Wow, ICM changes the Whois information for Teaganpresley.xxx just hours after I post my comment to Michael Berkens’ Blog http://www.TheDomains.com but the time still shows that Monica Foster’s .XXX was changed before ICM registry’s example Teagan Presley of how generous they are to the adult performers, They continue to try to manipulate and control any information being put out to the public and when they are caught again and again with errors which are pointed out, they simply change the information to look all correct. I hope Manwin is being so diligent about watching everything that is being put out about ICM Registry and .XXX domains.

    Nice try ICM Registry to make others look bad or wrong, good quick cover it all up but the truth always comes out and you can’t keep it all hidden for much longer!

    If I had just an ounce of trust in me, where these companies (ICM Registry/Webpower Inc.) are concerned, I might have given them the benefit of the doubt, but I’ve seen what lies they are capable of. Lies and manipulation. Surprisingly, they are bold enough to change the information you see, right before your eyes, as though to say “well it isn’t there now, is it?”. They claim the member was not billed. Bullshit. This system doesn’t ever screw up like that sporadically or they would have been bankrupt a long time ago.  When someone gets caught with their hands in the cookie jar, do they ever admit to ill-intent? No. They try to cover it up, sugar-coat it, protect their own sorry rotten ass!

    This is how Webpower solves problems. This is the member info, below that, an e-mail from iFriends/Webpower stating that the problem was fixed. Below that, a screenshot showing a change in that information, so that I can rest assured that they are looking out for my best interest. 😉 Look at Fanclub Cancel Date (near the bottom of the form) and compare with the 2nd form. Any programmers out there care to enlighten me on how this is even possible that an ‘automated system’ can screw up this badly? No surprise that they refused to give me a report of my revenues, like I asked right before I left over that financial dispute back in 2009.


    This appears to be the same bold manner in which ICM also chooses to solve theirs. The one thing they didn’t anticipate with this (and numerous other examples I have saved from my days of being ripped off the 10 years I worked on their platform) was the fact that I have screenshots, page saves, copies and proof of everything in my dealings with these people. Similar behavior. Similar attitude towards adult industry performers, hell they even live and work stones throws away from each other, ICM and Webpower! Yet they continue to deny any connection. I’ve been waiting for the words “I never had internet relations with that company” to surface but sadly, they haven’t … yet.


    Another great example of how they like to change things (bear with me here; I’m trying hard not to veer too far from the topic), is in a previous blog entry where I pointed out their lawyer Falco squatting and then how they changed the information. You can make things appear any way you want them to look, ICM/Webpower, but when the lights go on, the show’s over!

    • ElliotNess29 8:12 pm on February 24, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      ICM Registry trying to confuse the Performers!

      Icm Registry claims to have reserved 3500+ Performers names under their Adult performer Program but Whois show under Amanda36c.xxx that only 127 domains posessing the email address for registrant: performerescrow@icmregistry.com Is it this supposed to be the Adult Performers Program’s account then how come so little under the domains? Are these only performers who own their own names domains already or those blocked from buying the under the Sunrise “A” to protect them from Cyber-squatters? Why is there a difference in the numbers? So now Icm Registry decides to get the Adult performers to rush in to get the names for free. How come only 3500 names were selected and how did ICM Registry who has no PORN TIES decide the names chosen? It’s a lot of questions but that seems to be the way with this TLD as no one ever seems to get a straight answer, do they ICM?

      When are authorities going to investigate ICM Registry and Webpower INC./Ifriends? Don’t be fooled by these people and their supposed generosity to give away free domains for a year. Nothing in life is free and if it is the question has to be, what’s in it for them?


    • ElliotNess29 12:57 pm on February 27, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Here’s a response to my comments made on Michael Berkens blog http://www.thedomains.com about ICM Registry’s Adult Performers Program which are the same comments posted here on Amanda’s blog but Alien Among Us chooses not to reply on here, WHY? I guess they’re too chicken to make comment on here, afraid to be found out again as D-man was exposed on here.

      Alien Among Us

      I’ve just received confirmed evidence that ICM Registry is actually owned and controlled by — ALIENS! It’s true… West Palm Beach has long been known as the hub of alien activity and the source for unraveling some of the greatest conspiracies in the history of the world! Look at the evidence I’ve uncovered:

      Stuart Lawley is from England; England is the home of Stonehenge!

      Teagan Presley / Elvis Presley; need I say more?
      Houdini.XXX is NOT on the Performers List; are they saying he never existed?
      The ICM logo is blue; a reference to “Project Blue Book”?
      Area51.XXX was registered on December 7, 2011

      These are all facts people; I’ve taken screen shots in case they try and change the information. Just too many many indicators to ignore…

      We know you’re an alien Stuart and that ICM has a space ship in orbit ready to take over the planet one porn site at a time.

      It doesn’t escape me either that ICM is only a mere letter short of ICBM!

      Thank almighty god that people like Adult, ElliotNess29 and Amanda36c are looking out for humanity or we would have never noticed these obvious signs of an alien invasion. I sincerely hope that the “FSC Army” is readying it’s tanks and anti-alien weapons to battle this threat head on!


    • ElliotNess29 1:01 pm on February 27, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      @Alien Among Us

      What a great story! I would have gone with the Disney version of how Poor little Stuart Lawley has nowhere to put his fresh $200 million made off the dot.com craze. So he takes up golfing where his hazardess travels bring him to the land of sunshine and golf courses. Lawley meets up with his new golfing buddies, an ex-wall street analyst, a CPA, Internet marketing professional and a well-known Civil Rights lawyer. They tell poor little naive Stuart that there is a fortune to be made off the unsuspecting people of the dirty Porn industry which he could rule over by appearing to clean up their mess. He decides he will take over the failed ICM Registry idea for a special .XXX TLD to get the bad, dirty porn industry to volunteer themselves into their own little corner of the giant internet. Lawley, his buddies and his little band of hand-picked experts would save humanity and their children from unwanted porn sites and the domain owners would follow all the rules in his beautiful kingdom. So what’s next? Lawley being summoned to London for Knighthood by the Queen for all his good deeds and then on to the Vatican so the Pope can bestow him with Sainthood for saving the Roman Catholic Church’s .XXX domain from the hands of the ruthless cyber-squatters. All the owners of the .XXX domains can now live happily ever after in the kingdom of Sir Saint Stuart Lawley!

      See Alien anyone can make up a funny story to avoid looking at the really facts. Get off whatever drugs you’re taking and stop looking in the sky for aliens. The facts are all out there if people look hard enough. I have learned a long time ago when someone tries to call people paranoid or a conspiracy theorist but don’t answer questions with any facts or proof while pushing everyone to look at other things less important then something is really wrong. There’s no pea under the shells in this carnival game just losses of peoples’ money.

      You might want to get your head out of the sand and take a good look at what’s not being answered by ICM Registry. Here is the biggest fact for me and should be for any .XXX domain owner who is thinking of developing a website on .XXX under the rules set forth by the IFFOR and the ICM Registry Agreement, is that under their “SOLE DISCRETION”, the rules and agreement which the domain owners must operate under and agreed to when purchasing their.XXX can be CHANGED AT ANY MOMENT. WHAT A SCARY THOUGHT! The .XXX domain owners are going to trust a company who has no apparent support in the Adult Industry, never answers question straight up just goes on to something else, hides under “It’s confidential” and who is now trying to buy the Adult performers support because their fear and extortion campaign to sell companies on the protection of their Trademarks fail to yield the results that ICM Registry expected. It just wasn’t the winfall they had hoped for because according to Lawley’s court declaration, the lawsuit with Manwin has changed peoples minds against the .XXX domains. It’s more likely because people are seeing ICM Registry for what they really are.

      So Alien or D-man or whatever ALT name that the folks at Webpower Inc/Ifriends and ICM Registry want to use for their Troll attacks against any facts put out against them, why don’t you at least attempt to argue back with some kind of factual argument or is it simply that what is being put out against you is the truth? It is after all very hard to argue the truth. I guess Lawley or his used car salesman, Liley won’t be answering any of my questions posted on this blog or any others.

      P.S It didn’t go unnoticed that you, Alien choose not to even try to answer me or others on Amanda36c’s blog. Why, you didn’t want to get caught again?


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    What's Taking ICM Registry so Long to Finalize This "Performers Program"? 

      I wanted my dot XXX long before they even announced a Performers Program. It was “reserved by ICM” when I went to check its status on Whois website. I hadn’t even inquired about it yet. Someone had reserved it prior to me. I asked about who and that’s when  they refused to tell me. They also refused to let me buy it, though I wanted to, I inquired about it, I even went through the steps to do so under their Sunrise A program but they blocked me. When I asked who tried to purchase it prior to me, they said “that information is confidential”. That’s why they couldn’t let me buy it under Sunrise A; they would have had to tell me who tried to buy it. So, they scrambled to create a Performers Program, a ‘special’ program which denies us access to the records that other customers of dot xxx are entitled to!  They just would not let me buy it! I own the dot com and have grandfathered it. Owned the dot com longer than iFriends/Webpower has owned the dot net of my name. What did ICM do? Rather than let me buy it, they just shoved me into this Performers Program (currently held in an ‘escrow’ account), which the details are still not ready. I’ve been waiting since october to hear something about this program. Nothing. Not a word. Still waiting. I’ve tweeted to them several times, and always the same response “soon”. This is really taking long. Are ICM Registry (and the lawyers they share with Webpower/iFriends) just too busy counting all their ‘chickens’ before they hatch? Perhaps they’re just counting their money, as we perfomers, who are “so important” to ICM Registry, count the days until they finally decide to let us in on the little secret that is their agreement and all the juicy terms and fancy lawyer wording, whose sole intention is to confuse, insult and baffle our minds to the point where we pass out, in a form resembling the mannequins that so cheaply portrayed us in their pathetic ads, trying to convince the world that porn was all moving to .XXX. Like hell it is! Hey ICM, lawyer up all you want, but you’re not dealing with a dummy here, as your ads suggest how low you really think of us performers. Take your cheap degrading, classless, corny, bubble-brained ads and shove them up your ass, where they belong.


    Anyway, here’s a little humour, from one of the  little ‘mannequin’ people. You might like this, ICM! It should provoke you to want to respond, but please, leave D-Man out of this. He was rather rude and quite transparent. Wouldn’t want to embarrass yourselves further, would you? Let’s not go down that road again. 😉


    • Bee 7:05 pm on February 15, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      The Manwin lawsuit has probably pushed things back?


      • amanda36c 10:56 pm on February 15, 2012 Permalink | Reply

        Convenient excuse, surely, but that lawsuit has been going on since november. It’s not stopping ICM from conducting regular business in the meantime. I don’t see how this is stopping them from going forward with the Performers Program. I do know one thing for sure and that is … the Performers Program was merely an afterthought. It was never there in the beginning. When I inquired about buying my dot XXX (amanda36c.xxx), they refused to let me. They immediately tossed me into this Performers Program. Never heard of this before. Something new? Why? Could that be because under Sunrise A, they would have had to tell me who it was that tried to purchase amanda36c.xxx in the first place? So, they decided that by putting me in this ‘special’ program, they could justify not telling me who tried to buy my dot xxx. Hmmm,… let’s see … I own the dot com. Webpower/iFriends owns the dot net. Wait .. I grandfathered the dot com (owned it longer than iFriends owned my dot net). ICM’s lawyer, Sheri Falco is also Webpower’s lawyer. Sticky. N’est pas? There was no mention of any Performers Program back then, but as soon as I came along and tried to find out who tried to buy my dot xxx, up popped this ‘special’ Performer Program! How convenient! No details on it though. This was back in september. Now, it’s february. Still no details. Was there ever really a Performers Program in thought (at this point, not even existance) or was this a fabrication just to cover their asses?

        They’re protecting us from cybersquatters huh? Their own lawyers are cybersquatting! The lawyers for ICM are so busy buying up domains for Webpower and their buddies, they have no time to scramble to create this last-minute Performers Program. I guess it’ll just have to wait. Lucky me! In the meantime, my dot xxx sits in an ‘escrow account’ safely and securely in ICM’s hands and not mine. They refuse to let me buy it. They are hiding something. Actually, it’s obvious that they are hiding a lot of things. When questioned, their standard answer, no matter what the question is, seems to be “that is confidential”.

        Re: The Manwin lawsuit – Are you following the case? 🙂 So far, judging from Lawley’s statements in his affidavit, he’s lying through his teeth to save himself! If Manwin settles, I will be very disappointed. I’m surprised that more companies haven’t jumped on board with this one, but why would this surprise anyone? Complacency is overwhelming in today’s society. That is precisely why these companies continue to get away with what they’re getting away with and why frauds run so rampant in our great free countries.


    • Bee 7:15 pm on February 17, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Re: amanda36c.xxx

      I just checked and it is showing as available to register?


    • Bee 7:21 am on February 18, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      It’s showing as, “Reserved for Adult Performer Program by ICM Registry.” now.

      But yesterday it was available!


      • amanda36c 5:51 pm on February 18, 2012 Permalink | Reply


        Is it possible that you entered “amanda36” (without the “c”) yesterday? If there were any changes, Whois would have updated the date of the change and I see none were made recently.


    • Bee 7:50 pm on February 18, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Nope, I double checked! I copy/pasted it above: “Re: amanda36c.xxx”

      I swear it was available for a short while at least.


    • ElliotNess29 6:35 pm on February 22, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Icm Registry finally after four months of it’s coming soon, decides to announce in a press release the details to the Adult performers programs for .XXX just hours after Manwin releases that they have amend the Lawsuit and dropped settlement talks. How convient again for ICM Registry that their adult performers program is now ready. ICM Registry also announces that the performers will get their .XXX for one year with name.com for free! This is going to show the courts what great support that ICM registry has in the Adult community, right.

      With in hours of the ICM registry press release, their system still doesn’t show anything different and a Name.com representative on twitter tells Amanda36c that they will connact her with more information and find out what name.com’s role is in this program. What? What kind of business announces a joint program with another company and all the representatives of the other company has no clue what’s going on? Simple, it was rushed out to do more damage control against the Manwin announcement. Is name.com really paying for this or is it ICM Registry who is really footing the bill to buy the performers support?

      The next day whois shows that TeaganPresley.xxx which was supposedly awarded to her the day before by ICM Registry, still shows as owned by ICM Registry LLC under the performers program: http://whois.domaintools.com/teaganpresley.xxx On twitter today, ICM Registry retweeted Monica Foster thanking them for her DOTXXX domain but look what her whois record says: http://whois.domaintools.com/monicafoster.xxx Why the difference and which one is the lie here because something isn’t adding up? Don’t tell me it must be whois just reacting to slow to all the demand for their domains by Adult performer. Late again today on twitter, Amanda36c reports that the access button isn’t functioning properly for her and that she isn’t going to give ICM Registry/Webpower any access to her twitter account. What a smart move by her! They share the same lawyers and now all the adult performer are going to rush for their free domain name at ICM registry while giving access to their twitter accounts.

      All the Adult performers better look at lawyering up if they really want to protect themselves from the all-giving ICM Registry who are being sued for lies about support from the Adult community among other things when they obtained the contract .XXX from ICANN.

      Take the advice of Amanda36c who had over ten years of experience dealing with the dictatorship and crookedness of Webpower/Ifriends before finally seeing them for what they really are. All you performers might want to listen carefully to what she’s says!


    • ElliotNess29 4:25 pm on February 23, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Wow, ICM changes the Whois information for Teaganpresley.xxx just hours after I post my comment to Michael Berkens’ Blog http://www.TheDomains.com but the time still shows that Monica Foster’s .XXX was changed before ICM registry’s example Teagan Presley of how generous they are to the adult performers, They continue to try to manipulate and control any information being put out to the public and when they are caught again and again with errors which are pointed out, they simply change the information to look all correct. I hope Manwin is being so diligent about watching everything that is being put out about ICM Registry and .XXX domains.

      Nice try ICM Registry to make others look bad or wrong, good quick cover it all up but the truth always comes out and you can’t keep it all hidden for much longer!


  • amanda36c 3:12 pm on February 2, 2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Webpower/ICM Registry Hides Their Lawyer, Sheri Falco 

    In my previous blog entry, titled “Domains for Squat by ICM Registry/Webpower’s lawyers?”,   https://amanda36c.wordpress.com/2012/01/30/domains-for-squat-by-icm-registrywebpowers-lawyers/ I posted a screenshot which showed Sheri Falco as the registrant, at 2:42pm (est) and they made changes at 4:37pm (est). See the screenshots. It’s all there; even the dates and times of changes made.  Remember, Falco is the lawyer for Webpower (iFriends) and also for ICM Registry. The cam2cam.xxx she was shown as registrant under, shows the dot com belonging to FCI a competing site. Competitor buying competing sites’ dot XXX. ICM Registry’s very own lawyer registering dot XXX sites that compete with the one that she represents as legal counsel? And this is OK with everyone???


    Here’s a screenshot of the changes that were made, days after I posted the aforementioned blog entry, pointing this out.

    A peek back into the archives of the Whois servers will confirm the authenticity of my screenshots.

    Unfortunately, this is not the first time that Webpower has chosen to manipulate the way things look, to their advantage. In fact, they did it to me when I worked on their platform, years back by changing how one of my fan club members’ renewals appeared after I complained I was not being paid for a membership fee.

    This was uploaded on the 4th of march 2010. The info is much older. This was merely an example of how they cheat, lie, manipulate and steal.  


    … taken from this page (my report against them I filed with Ripoffreport.com). Dates, info … is all there. That screenshot is on the very bottom of the page. http://www.ripoffreport.com/adult-web-site/1-800-ifriends-ifrie/1-800-ifriends-ifriends-webpo-c9a5f.htm

    We know the lawyers are involved, connecting the two companies (ICM Registry, the dot XXX people, along with Webpower/iFriends). As if that isn’t biased enough, I challenge anyone to explain to me how is this not squatting! Why hide your lawyer now, Webpower/iFriends/ICM Registry?

    • ElliotNess29 5:33 pm on February 21, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Here’s my response to Stuart Lawley’s comments to Amanda36c on Michael Berkens article in TheDomains.com http://goo.gl/LIK6Y when he was asked about Sheri Falco and Icm Registry’s connections to Webpower Inc./Ifriends.


      You make a lot of incorrect assumptions and sure like to spin the facts just right to misdirect any further questions into your connections with Webpower Inc/Ifriends. Let’s list your inaccuracies:

      In all my extensive research of Webpower Inc, Sheri Falco does not appear on any domain names for Webpower, WP, RMT, WPI, Inc,WP, WP Inc or any of the other hidden company names. Just the three clickcash.xxx, ifriends.xxx and cam2cam.xxx but these are simply the only ones found so far as .XXX domain names are difficult to find.

      -These three and probably more were purchased under the founder’s program between April and July with according to you, Sheri falco’s name because she was working for them at that time.

      -Falco according to you leaves Webpower Inc in July to work for Icm Registry.

      Icm Registry submits the .XXX domain names and information to whois on Dec 1. for ready of the Dec 6 launch but your people don’t check any of the information sent, for errors. Whoever sent and checked the information from your company didn’t know that Sheri Falco worked for ICM Registry as the General Council not Webpower Inc.?

      Webpower Inc. forgets to remove Falco’s name from their .xxx domains when she left their company in July but every domain they own has more info changes than the average person can change their underwear in a year.

      Webpower Inc. fails to check their new .XXX domains on whois from Dec. 1, 2011 to Jan 31,2012 for any errors to their records?

      Your company doesn’t bother to check that there are no errors made by Whois when entering the new .XXX information? Pretty poor verification process.

      The information on Whois finally gets changed by your company or Webpower Inc just hours(according to Whois records) after Amanda36c writes about it in her Blog. What efficiency after all these errors. Looks like some one is trying to hide something important, not a mistake. Oops you got caught.

      -Cam2Cam. com is owned by Webpower Inc’s competitor, streamate(FCI Inc) but Webpower Inc is given the right to buy it under the Founder’s program before FCI Inc. is even given the chance?

      -The actual Trademark for cam2cam is owned by Sky Holdings Group LTD, Toronto, ONT http://www.trademarkia.com/cam2cam-77938699.html but your company is supposed to check trademarks for .XXX or does that not count in the founder’s program? Does Sky Holdings Group Ltd belong to Webpower Inc.?

      So your statement that the facts are the facts isn’t very true is it. Why is it that you hide information about the .XXX domains sold and tend to hide behind confidentialities when it’s convient? Why are your supposed small group of investors, as stated in your declaration to the court in the Manwin suit, a guarded secret? Why don’t you give the real name of the well known On-line gaming media company that you were a supposed investor and Director or is that confidential as well? Have you checked with your Chief Technical Officer, Len Bayles about all his connections throughout the industry or do you already know them?

      For the CEO of the supposed protectors of Porn and the only .XXX registry, you sure are secretive and uninformative but expect the registrants of .XXX domains to follow all your rules and give all necessary, proper information about their sites. You keep trying to deliberately separate yourselves from Webpower Inc. and their shady dealings.

      Why don’t you just answer the questions asked, truthfully without spinning or hiding behind confidentialities? Won’t be surprised if you don’t answer all of my questions just the ones to keep your shell game going. Under a microscope this looks like organized crime!


      So far, no responses to any of my questions by Stuart Lawley but a person using an ALT tried to defend ICM Registry with some BS about not having to give away the company’s Business Strategy. I never once asked a question concerning their “Business Strategy” but the ALT was just trying to spin the focus away from the real questions with this big shell game.


  • amanda36c 2:42 pm on January 30, 2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Domains for squat by ICM Registry/Webpower's lawyers? 

     The owner of cam2cam.com, (info taken from this page http://whois.domaintools.com/cam2cam.com ) is FCI, Flying Croc, Inc., which also owns Streamate.com.


    But the owner of the dot xxx for this cam2cam site is the lawyer of ICM Registry, Sheri Falco (Info taken from this page  http://whois.domaintools.com/cam2cam.xxx ) who, as shown here, also represents Webpower, a competing site.

    Seems the very owners of the dot xxx domain extension sellers are buying up everything in sight, in the name of crushing their competition. If that’s OK with the competition, all the power to them.

    Oh, did I mention that Streamate (FCI) and iFriends (Webpower) are competing sites? So, the competitor bought the competing site’s dot xxx and put it in the company’s name but registrered it to the laywer’s name. So, the question is this; is iFriends/Webpower really behind ICM Registry or so tight in with them (through their lawyers) to get them to do things, buy things, manipulate things so that things happen … in their favor?

    They want you to hurry and get your dot xxx before someone swipes it from right under you (ummm, could that someone be themselves?) !!! No need to worry about squatters people, ICM Registry have that all covered!

    If I didn’t know any better, I’d say there’s a Wall Streeet Wizard of Oz behind this, pulling the puppet strings. Just go along with it, Lawley and you’ll be a very rich puppet!

  • amanda36c 4:59 pm on January 20, 2012 Permalink | Reply
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    When the character of a man is not clear to you, look at his friends 

    Over 424 complaints filed against them (and that’s just on this one site alone) for credit card fraud! I’m referring to the site that ICM Registry has chosen to promote them as their “first high profile .XXX site”! http://www.ripoffreport.com/Search/ifriends.aspx 

    Promoting a company accused of fraud by over 400 customers on one complaint site alone?

    If those complaints are real (how can that many members all be wrong?), then this company is making hundreds of millions of dollars a year simply by billing members in small increments. According to several of those reports, a fee of $6.95 monthly.  That’s not much money, to each individual. Hardly noticeable in the grand scope of today’s economy and a mere blip on their credit card statement’s list of charges. Easily overlooked by the millions of Americans who use their cards frequently, especially in a recession. But tally it up.

    The math is simple. $6.95/mo x 4 million members (an underestimate of the actual amount of customers whose credit card information they have on file). This company has been in business, collecting credit card info from its customers since january 14th, 1998. Easy to believe they’d have 8 million (at the least) credit cards on file.  It seemed crazy to me, while I was working there, that they kept using the word “free” in their wording, to gain signups to the site. If their intention all along was to  fraud people, an accusation popular amongst many of these customers, then I suppose a little white lie to kick-start this, can only help their cause. I always wondered why they were so bold in stating everything was free when it clearly wasn’t. If the intention was there to steal, then the objective can only be to gather credit card numbers. On their site, in 2009, they boasted having over 8 million members.

    Imagine a company with 4 million credit cards on file. A nice, low number.

    4,000,000 credit cards

    charged $6.95/mo

    = 27,800,000.00

    x 12 months

    = 333,600,000.00

    Three hundred and thirty-three million dollars a year, banking on 4,000,000 people overlooking a simple charge of $6.95/monthly!

     This same company creates a WebpowerFX card. With this license, they have access to the credit card information system. This allows them access to customers’ billing, as well as updated credit card information. They can get new expiry dates of cards they had on file that have expired, billing addresses changes, etc.

    Sounds familiar? A bank skimmed pennies from each customer. They got caught.  

    Here’s s short story about a hacker who did it. Why did he get away with it? Read it. You’ll see.

    The man was a hacker. He was a thief. He knew computers. He knew them inside out. He was like a pickpocket. He picked everyone’s pocket. He picked everyone’s bank account in America. Everyone with a bank account lost money. Millions of Americans have bank accounts. All of these Americans lost money. But they didn’t know it. Not a single victim noticed the theft. Not a single victim called the police. “We got lucky,” said a police detective. “He cheated on his fiancée. She called us. But we’re unlucky, too. We have no evidence. We only have her story. He might get away with his crime. He might get away with millions. He transferred all the money to another country. There’s no way we can trace the money. He is very smart. Why? He stole only one penny from every bank account in America. Who cares about a penny?”

    ICM and iFriends/WebpowerInc/WP Associates, WPI (and whatever they happen to be calling themselves this week) and their lawyers,  are in such close proximity, they must be golfing together! After all, as I’ve pointed out many times, their lawyers are all cozily connected. Such a tiny area of Florida and there they are! Why won’t they admit they’re in bed together?

    Thieves will always be thieves. It’s just a matter of time before they are caught. No matter how big they think they are, who their connections are and how many companies they can get to back them. They can’t go pushing people around, harrassing them and expect noone to step up and say “hey, fuck you”.

    • Silverstone 9:42 pm on January 24, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Yes, I am one of those that signed up for the “free” iFriends trial about 6 months ago, but never did use it. Only today did I discover that they have been taking money (small amounts) out of my credit card, every month. I emailed the customer service and asked for a refund, but they have not replied yet.

      I feel so violated over this. Anyway, keep up the good work here Amanda.


    • ElliotNess29 5:05 pm on January 26, 2012 Permalink | Reply


      You need to contact your credit card company and have your card cancelled immediately. Makes sure that your credit card company doesn’t transfer any charges to your new account as Webpower inc/Ifriends has many different names in which to use to continue billing you. Don’t worry, you just have to tell them that you are going to report them to authorities and Webpower Inc/Ifriends will give you back all your money, no questions asked. They don’t want to be flagged by law enforcement and they’re all about customer service, yeah right! These fraudsters have had your money and all the other peoples’ monies who have had the same scam pulled on them, for at least 6 months. Webpower/Ifriends has already invested it and probably made what they will refund you or more during that time. The owner of Webpower Inc/Ifriends, Allen E Hadhazy was a wall street senior analyst before he became a porn king and ICM’s new wizard of OZ (or is it Geppetto?). You need to report this fraud to the FBI immediately here: http://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx They will continue taking money from other people unless everybody who has discovered their game, starts to report it, even if they get all their money back. We need to all do our part as citzens to stop them, NOW!


      • amanda36c 6:45 pm on January 27, 2012 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks for putting this out in the open. Not enough people are brave enough, care enough or are considerate enough of others, to take a stand. If you look at the many reports against iFriends, filed on Ripoffreport, they all echo your claim. The only difference is in the various names they use to bill customers with, done on various platforms and even the dollar amounts vary, according to those reports. It doesn’t bother me that a company bills millions of customers a monthly fee of $6.95 (hey, all the power to them; that’s a lot of money!), but not with 424 reports against them. Let’s not be fooled into thinking there aren’t millions more in existance that chose to suck up the loss for fear of exposure, of being linked to the taboo adult industry.
        They ripped me off. I’m one of those who filed a report on RipoffReport.com, so indeed, I have a bone to pick with them, as someone who worked as a performer on their platforms (they had a few), for 10 years, but that doesn’t change the facts. Read some random reports againt them on that site and it will all become clear. You’re not alone and this is nothing new.
        Mr Ness is right – there’s only one way to stop this.

        BTW, Mr Ness, Hadhazy is also a computer engineer.


    • JohnnyWad 9:46 am on January 31, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Wow…. 8 million customers and only 424 complaints…. That’s what? a .000053 complaint rate?

      I’ve been an iFriends customer for about 5 years….. They have NEVER ripped me off. NOT ONCE!!! These 424 idiots apparently had their cock in their hand were so excited that they didn’t read what was in front of them. iFriends ALWAYS presents a price confirmation page. READ BEFORE YOU CLICK!!

      Amanda… I was even one of YOUR customers back in gthe day…. before you became the uber-psycho-bitch and they FIRED you!!!


      • amanda36c 3:43 pm on January 31, 2012 Permalink | Reply

        I’m going to answer this point by point, JohnnyWad. I have always kept records of customers’ handles and for some reason (I’m not quite sure why; must be the “uber-psycho-bitch” insult you made), JohnnyWad completely eludes me. You don’t sound like a customer at all. In fact, what customer would respond with such hatred?

        Those 424 complaints are just on that one site alone. You can find more if you search the internet for complaints using the search terms “iFriends complaints” or “iFriends fraud” etc. What you’re seeing here on this one example, are just the people who have decided to come forward, voicing their complaints on this one site.

        Why is it that competing sites have so fewer registered complaints against them?,Take Livejasmin, for example, (with all of 2 complaints filed against them) and Streamate (with one lonely complaint). Imlive has 3. If they had their ‘little friends’ in their hands, as you mentioned, and it took so much of their attention away from the blatantly obvious writing on the wall, stating that there is indeed a charge, wouldn’t they be too embarrassed to post a complaint on Ripoffreport’s site? Rather, you’d think they’d hide like a turtle in its shell and let the whole thing just blow over quietly. In fact, the complaints are about the monthly charges, and if you’ve actually read them, it’s about the way they bill members continuously and in small increments, sometimes changing the name on the credit card statement, so people will not recognize it as they perform a quick scan of their monthly charges. I’ll take the word of 424 customers who have all been ripped off over one defender of the corporation that is one FBI agent away from losing everything.

        Where did you get the idea that I was fired? For your information, I left over a financial dispute. One of many I had with this company, in fact. You can read about it on Ripoffreport; dates and all. Take a look (though I’m sure you have already). 😉 This is why I left and what transpired. It never got resolved. http://www.ripoffreport.com/adult-web-site/1-800-ifriends-ifrie/1-800-ifriends-ifriends-webpo-c9a5f.htm Naturally, there are 2 sides to every story and their chance to tell theirs was open, but they elected to plead the 5th. In my own defense, I posted screenshots and copies of e-mail correspondences, to prove what transpired between myself and Webpower/iFriends in that complaint.

        Webpower/iFriends’ clear involvement with ICM Registry has me concerned about the future of this industry and their approach to muscle out the competition with this Dot XXX venture has me concerned for all hosts who, like myself, have worked our asses off for years, just to have to succumb to the bullshit that these control freaks have put us through, while stealing from us all along. Before you posted that defensive response, the blog article points out the connection between Webpower/iFriends and ICM (the Dot XXX people). I’ve posted screenshots, links to where I found those screenshots. What are your thoughts on that, JohnnyWad? Or are you still in defense mode? I mean, since you’re not Webpower/iFriends or ICM Registry, … right?


      • amanda36c 12:09 am on February 1, 2012 Permalink | Reply

        I was so impressed with your defensive skills, Mr Wad, that I drew you an avatar for use on WordPress. Use it if you like. See … I do have a pretty good sense of humor, sir. 🙂 Defender Extraordinaire!


    • Sean TRPWL 7:17 pm on January 31, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Damn Mr Wad. how on earth did u find this blog..? Were you googling people who talk bad about Ifriends? Mr Wad, are you really someone we all know? Mr Wad, are you pro dotxxx? Mr Wad do you have a twitter account? lol your not fooling anyone


  • amanda36c 4:35 pm on January 13, 2012 Permalink | Reply
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    When Noone Calls "Bullshit"! 

    How can Mr. Lawley keep a straight face while making the claim that he has “no current or historic links to the adult industry in any form” as stated in this Wiki article,  http://icannwiki.com/index.php?title=Stuart_Lawley ?

    I call “bullshit”!  

     Two of the attorneys representing Lawley’s cashcow, ICM Registry, sit on the IFFOR; Sheri L Falco, legal councel for ICM, as well as Andrew H Kayton, legal counsel for Webpower Inc./iFriends (a company whose roots were established in 1995 and the doors for their adult entertainment pioneer model, amateur sector, went live in 1998).  Poor Mister Lawley had no idea he was in bed with one of the pioneers of the industry, when he chose to promote (at Times Square with a billboard of their very own) this company! No links to the adult industry though. I suppose he can also plead innocent when it comes to not knowing about all the reports against this company they’ve chosen to give the first .XXX to! http://www.ripoffreport.com/Search/ifriends.aspx Imagine 4 million members (a fraction of the actual members they have on file from their sex site over the last 16 years), charged $6.95/monthly? That’s $27,800,000.00 a month! Annually, that’s 333,600,000.00!!!!!!!!!!  Three hundred and thirty-three million dollars off of the monthly billing of 4m credit cards. That’s serious buck. It helps people to overlook when the billing is in small increments and the billing name is periodically changed. 😉 Makes me think there’s a mastermind behind this. Sounds crazy? You think? Look at it. I’m just pointing out what I see.

    Come on now! Just because ICM Registry happen to be lawyered up with the same dream team that somehow have managed to keep that Webpower Inc./iFriends company afloat, despite the 424 reports against them, doesn’t mean that ICM isn’t to be trusted. Just because those lawyers are on the board which makes the policies for ICM Registry and the XXX domains, doesn’t mean there will be any frauds/biases/untruths/ripoffs going on.  We can trust them. Just because Manwin (one of the largest, if not THE largest player in the industry) has decided to file a federal antitrust lawsuit against ICM, doesn’t make them guilty (after all, aren’t we innocent until proven guilty?). Part of the article reads:

    “The suit filed in the Central District of California, alleges monopolistic conduct, price gouging, and anti-competitive and unfair practices. Specifically, the plaintiffs allege that defendant ICM manipulated and intimidated ICANN into entering into an agreement which resulted in a monopoly by: naming ICM as the sole registrar for the .XXX TLD; agreeing to a prohibition on the creation of any competing TLDs for the adult industries; and, granting ICM control of pricing without any oversight by ICANN. As a result, the plaintiffs argue that ICM now maintains a monopoly over the sole adult-oriented TLD.

    The plaintiffs complaint also alleges that ICM has already engaged in monopolistic and anticompetitive acts by charging prices considerably higher than those charged in competitive markets for similar TLD services. In some instances, plaintiffs allege that ICM is charging ten times more for their .XXX registration services than comparable registration services relating to other TLDs”

    Has this whole world gone to hell? Out to lunch? Is the radiation from cell phones killing our brain cells so much that we can’t think for ourselves enough to want to take a stand against companies like this whose sole mission is to profit off the complacency of the general public with their borderline-legal business tactics? As long as people in power continue to turn a blind eye to these things, companies will thrive off the support they are getting from the silence which allows them to get away with it.

    Think about it!

    • Joy 2:33 am on January 15, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Amanda, you go girl!

      This is important stuff. OK, maybe not important in the scope of national or international issues, but it is important to call attention to crooks, cheats and charlatans, all of which seems to be going on with this shady deal.

      Bravo in your work shining light on this very shady .xxx deal.
      Is there a larger news source or media outlet you can funnel your findings and concerns too?
      This is just the type of ‘spicy’ porn related thing I’m sure some hungry reporter or news agency might pick up and run with.

      And yes, sadly, the whole world has in fact gone to hell. *sigh*


      • amanda36c 3:49 pm on January 15, 2012 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks, Joy. No media coverage, not yet. When it does go mainstream, there will be more than just lawsuits hitting the fan. There will be serious criminal charges. It’s bigger than a spicy piece of news. I wouldn’t even have wasted my time, if that were the case. Mr Ness (I wish he’d tell me his real name to lend some credibility here to himself, but anyhow), investigated this .XXX quite thoroughly and is showing us some unbelievable results. He has done all the legwork here. I’ve looked into all he’s brought forward and can vouch that his findings are accurate. It truly is amazing what you can find if you’d only look! It’s all there. People just are not looking into this. It’s incredible what’s right under their noses.


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