Dear Stalker

Dear Stalker,

     You come into my chatroom every shift I work, to insult, threaten and harrass me. I blocked you numerous times, yet you always find your way back in. It’s obvious that you have created hundreds of accounts on the system over the last year, or as long as you have been harrassing me. I don’t know of very many people who own, or have access to, perhaps thousands of member profiles, including credit card numbers and expiry dates along with a program that changes ip’s, allowing them to so freely create new accounts on a whim. All of it looking legit, as appearances are of the utmost significance in these sort of games. Every day, it’s the same. Every shift I work, there you are with the same attitude, the same insults, the same persona. Are you not even intelligent enough to pretend to be a different person each time you choose to come in and be rude to me? Have you that much time on your hands to do this to me every shift I work, or are you just protecting your investment? Your approach is counterproductive and is a huge waste of time. It intrigues me how bold you are though and how stupid you assume others to be.  I know exactly who you are (you’ve made that very clear), why you’re doing this and what you hope to accomplish by driving me into hiding, which, by the way, is not going to happen. Haven’t you gotten enough from me over the years? Give it up.