My evening started out with a member hitting the private button, only to request an anal show, which is one performance that I keep completely out of the equation. I politely declined. There was no response from this member, which confused me a little, but then the next line in my chat was “ho”. Having just been insulted, but with the slightest speck of doubt lingering, as he might have simply misplaced the two letters, actually meaning to spell “oh”, I waited for him to correct his error but came to realize it was no error. I uttered into the microphone “you called me a whore?”, and waited for a response, to see if he would revisit what he wrote, again giving him the chance to correct himself if indeed it was a mistake. Again, silence. Rather than continue to be insulted or wait until he has time to offer a rating on my performance, I blocked the cockroach and returned to guest chat. This wasn’t the ideal way to start a shift but you wipe yourself off and move along. There really is nothing you can do. This is the internet, after all, a haven for cowards and weasels. I can’t let myself be intimidated by one little insult. This is par for the course in my line of work.

Guest chat had some interesting characters, as well as a whole lot of Bruins fans coming in to say how bad my Habs suck and how great their team is. Yes, their 3rd place team which is currently tied with my 6th place team, heading into game 7 of their best of 7 series in the quarter finals of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  Every now and then, someone will enter my chat, spew out some grabage and then leave, before I’ve had the chance to read it and block them. For example, badfish884 entered my guest chat last night and posted this “GO B’so wish chara fucking paralized max pacioretty fuck the habs GO B’s”. I had caught it quickly enough to block the person, where I’m not usually this lucky. There is no way that this person was a member looking for a show. This is a familiar coward that has been trying to drive me off the site for nearly a year now. Unsuccessful as they have been, it hasn’t stifled their attempts.

A member, Pierreyves, wrote: “Salut. Je tenten croi tu qu’on pourrait se rencontrer dans la vrai vie? ses pas se que je dit”, meaning, in english, “I hope we can meet in real life?”. The first thing he wrote, in awful french, as though french is not even his first language. It is obvious that he is not truly french-speaking. He then proceeded, after I called him out, to tell me that this is not what he was saying. Of course it was. His word, directly translated, meant he “wishes” we could meet, but then he ended the sentence with a questionmark, meaning he expects a response. I told him (in french) politely that I do not meet with people from the internet. He rated me a 1 (out of 5) and left.

When will the site abolish this useless ratings system? The only people it truly benefits is our competition when they decided to come in and rate us down, to push themselves (or their girls, if they are a studio) up higher and more prominently in the site’s listings. What is the use in working hard to maintain traffic when this is all it takes to undo all that work?

Streamate, if a site filled with girls who just sign in and smile at the camera is what you want, then you’re on the right track. You provide us no tools to promote ourselves and no way to protect our efforts when it comes to our own ratings. I’d really like to see some changes here, starting with eliminating this joke you call a ratings system and allow only real members to rate us. Make sure they’re in video for 5 minutes or more. That might help to lend some credibility to their assessment of our performances.