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  • amanda36c 3:27 pm on August 18, 2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Why Do Companies Fail? 

    There are a variety of reasons a company might fail. Perhaps the more pressing question woud be – what are successful companies doing right?

    When a company relies directly upon its workers to generate revenue, then the company’s first priority should be making those workers happy. Happy workers are productive workers and productive workers form the structure for a business to succeed.

    The adult entertainment industry, like most companies today, are so bottom-line focused, so driven toward the almighty buck that they are forgetting where that almighty buck is coming from; the hard work of all those little people that they look down upon. Bullying tactics in efforts to gain complete control, are all they seem to know.

    In shifting their mindset toward cam models being just as important to the industry as customers, this will, no doubt, start to have an impact on all aspects of the business from productivity, creativity right down to the mood and attitude of the very core of the operation, the workers and the revenue they generate. Working for a company whose focus is solely on the customer, feeling they’ve been placed on the backburner, the worker’s level of commitment remains low. The company does nothing for me. Why should I work my ass off for them? When the worker is an independent subcontractor, it’s even easier to lose interest or feel that you should be treated better. The option to quit and work somewhere else is as simple as a few mouse-clicks away.

    Some examples of  where websites in this industry, overall, are failing, are as follows:

    Facilitating our ability to earn money should not be an afterthought, it should be an initial plan.

    Most webcam sites have rules against mentioning social networking sites, for fear that the performer will attempt to take the members off the platform and use that medium to divert them to another one. Somewhat understandable, as advertising money can be lost this way. Perhaps then, there should be a way for them to easily contact members, especially those with whom they have retained as regulars over the years, without having to send out self-composed e-mails to less than ten members at one time because the system doesn’t allow for more than that. Hint, hint, Streamate. 😉

    There is a toll-free number for the members to call and 24/7 online support. For the performers, there is an e-mail address that we can use or an online form that we have no proof was sent to them. Members get immediate assistence. We have to wait. I had tech issues that kept me from earning revenue for about 3 days one time. I tried contacting support but it took 11 days for themn to get back to me, despite the urgency I noted in the subject line of the message. I had to work out the problem myself and it cost me money to do this. The issue was not even with my computer, rather their encoder. Would online support or a toll-free number to call have solved this faster so that I could get back online quickly, in order to give them 65% of  revenues generated through my work on the platform? Hell yes!

    A friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, prompt and professional response always rates high with customers. A response that looks like it was jumbled together in as quick a timeframe as possible, impresses noone.

    It’s very easy to lose momentum when you’re treated badly. Miserable workers are representative of the company’s priorities. If the company treats its employees like dirt, productivity will decrease. If workers feel they are being lied to, cheated, manipulated, made to feel stupid, they will not be at their best, they will not give 100%. In an industry so heavily reliant on customer service (let’s call it that), no camsite could survive on a constant turnover of performers. Customers will follow the girls. Studios (or agencies) are only good for short-term gain.

    Let’s revisit this thought in 6 months time.

    • Ron 4:05 pm on August 18, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Interesting article, Amanda. I can see your point-of-view completely.


      • amanda36c 8:27 pm on August 18, 2012 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks for the comments, Ron. I removed your links and advertisements (unfortunately, some comments as well). I like to be the only one who uses my blog to advertise. Regarding your comments, for 65%, Streamate should be the ones advertising us, not vice versa.


    • Nicholas 5:35 pm on September 7, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      I left a message on your cam girl site back in August, saying the answer could be with in yourself and the same goes for your most recent article. Set up your own cam girl site and turn around the commission in favour of the girls… The girls will follow as well as your customers . Happy days all round. Is that something you would be able to do?


      • amanda36c 8:08 pm on September 7, 2012 Permalink | Reply

        Hi Nicholas.
        Already thought of that, long ago. I just don’t have the means. I have been trying for some time now, to get a loan (legal, programming, etc.) but this industry is far too risky for most investors. I don’t plan to give up though. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of getting one foot in the door. Then, the sky’s the limit. To answer your question; of course that’s something I would be able to do. I know a lot of girls would follow me. Not as easy as it seems, unfortunately.


        • Nicholas 4:51 pm on September 9, 2012 Permalink

          Thank you for your reply, I understand the investment side and I didn’t doubt you had already thought of the idea. You know lots of girls would follow you, if there are enough of them, there is your answer. The girls could be your investors, even your customers. It’s a idea you will know best how to work out a deal to profit both parties.


        • amanda36c 8:42 pm on September 10, 2012 Permalink


          Thanks for your input and suggestions. Two problems with that.

          One – Getting a bunch of people together to form a company involves trust. The reality of who controls this industry is one best approached with open eyes and with extreme caution. If you don’t fear a type of ‘hostile takeover’ by industry bullies, posing as camgirls to gain control over the industry (or maintain their existing control), then you’re not being realistic. Their presence is everywhere from online discussion forums to trashing the competition on complaints boards to creating websites and Twitter accounts to gain followers, like a cult, to brainwash and control through all means possible, through social networking platforms. Infiltrating camgirl groups, brainwashing them, pushing things in a direction that none of us real camgirls want to go. A wolf in sheep’s clothing best describes them and their behavior.

          Two – Is that there needs to be a strong leadership presence for this type of business to stand a chance. There would be too many clashes within this group. I see it more like an assembly line or a kitchen, where the line of command needs to be clear, everyone must know their place and though ideas, improvements on ideas, feedback, etc. are necessary elements to the success of that company, there still needs to be a strong guidance and someone at the helm to steer the ship. That person has to be able to make rational decisions and be comfortable in that leadership role when changes are necessary or challenges arise. Without that organizational structure, it’s almost certain to fail.

          With the direction the cam industry has gone (consistent declining commission rates for performers), we’re getting fed up and I can easily see us all opening up camsites of our own in the next few years. There is a lot to consider. It isn’t as cut and dry and you’d think. There are players in this industry that have been controlling it for a very long time.

          Money is an issue. Trust is an issue. With those two obstacles out of the way, hell the sky’s the limit! Sure, there’s a lot I would do and I’d know exactly where to start.


        • Nicholas 2:43 am on September 11, 2012 Permalink

          Your a very intelligent and determined person. Your an embassador to the girls and the industry. Have more faith, there will look up to you and trust you, If i where a girl I would or may be I’m just too naive.


  • amanda36c 1:19 am on April 20, 2012 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: diy, light diffusers, live video lighting, Videography, webcamming lighting, webcams   

    DIY Light diffuser 

    Well, you know what they say about “necessity” being the mother of invention. In this case, it’s re-invention. While I was in town, poking around in the fabric store on Ste Catherine street, I came across this great, durable fabric, so I looked to see what it was called. 100% nylon. I stocked up on the stuff, thinking it was the exact fabric I needed for my DIY light diffusers. For years, I have been reluctant to pay the hefty price for light diffusers to tone down those harsh lights I use for camming. The nylon I found is the perfect solution and gives my cam image a much softer overall look, while smoothing over what were once crisp shadows. Needless to say, lighting is the most difficult part of photography and videography. What this does is allows me to use brighter lights without the harshness or glare, while still having sufficient luminosity to light the target area (myself and my background). The best thing about this is the total cost; next to nothing! Here’s a rundown of what it cost me to make 1 diffuser (12″x12″, circular shaped):

    100% nylon fabric = $1.00

    Embroidery Hoop (double-ringed) = $2.99

    Total = $3.99 (+applicable taxes).


    What you need:

    • Scissors
    • Standard staple gun (plain old stationary, nothing special)
    • Scotch tape (alternatively, and better yet, one long cut of metallic tape)
    •  100% nylon fabric
    • Embroidery Hoop (double-ringed)

    The steps:

    1) Separate the rings. You’ll need the outer one first. Cut a piece of nylon, this size, roughly.  


    2) Place your nylon over top of the larger ring and center it.



    3) Take the inner ring and place it over the nylon, into the outer ring. Push down to lock in place.



    4) This part is a little tricky. Pull the nylon lightly on opposite ends all around until the nylon

     looks snug as a bug on a rug (or until it’s tight in the ring).



    5) Not bad, eh? Now, pull the nylon lightly to keep it tight and staple the nylon to the inner

    part of the ring. I used 5 staples in total.



    6) Should look something like this (tight, looking like a drum with a beautiful, flowy skirt on).



    7) Now, cut the skirt off, right along the egde of the ring, as close as possible to the ring.



    8) If pieces stick up a little, just use Scotch tape to tame them down. If you have metallic tape,

    even better. Voila – le diffuser!



    Here are a few more looks at it. This light, undiffused,  is super bright and very hard on the eyes.



    Completely covering the light. The final result. Le piece de resistance. The diffuser extraordinaire!

    Took me all of 5 minutes and cost $3.99+tx to make!


    It is important to keep the diffuser a safe distance from the light. If you want the diffuser closer,

    then I recommend one of those LED lightbulbs that do not heat up.

    For a stand, there are tons of things you can do. This diffuser is easy to work with because it’s

     so lightweight.

    I hope you enjoyed my Light Diffuser DIY Tutorial.

    For more in my series of Camgirl Tips, Tricks & Tutorials, click here

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