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  • amanda36c 1:58 pm on January 2, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    An Inside Job 

    A few nights ago, my shift started off with a member giving Gold and then another went exclusive for approximately 5 minutes. There were only myself and the member in this exclusive session. Click the images to open them in a new window at full size.


    Pay close attention to the timeline and events.

    The stats report for that session shows he left at 1:19 (my time). There were no member reports after this, until 2:20 my time (or 7:20 GMT).


    Minutes later, at 1:37, some rude, harassing tweets were made. As one can tell by the name of the account, it was created for the sole purpose of harassing me. The only tweets are to me and the account’s name, @StreamatePage3 is a mockery of where my placement on Streamate has been changed; from page 1 to page 3.

    In one of their tweets, they wrote “two fisting it? im sure that loose cunt can take at least 3”. Obviously meant to say “fingers”, not “fist”, as no one has three fists. Never mind that though. The fact that this person knew exactly what I was doing in that session (which was slightly out of the ordinary, something I don’t often do), tells me they were the ‘invisible’ person in my room at that time, that the only way they could have seen that was if they were watching my show using an admin account or special voyeur window that only an admin could access. The person behind the Twitter account, @StreamatePage3 is someone who has access to my room, even when I am in an exclusive session with a member. No, it was not the member himself. It’s someone inside of Streamate doing this.

    I e-mailed Liz, to verify this wasn’t just some member viewing me from a voyeur window and she confirmed it couldn’t have been. Leaves only what I have been saying all along. I know exactly who has been (and continues to be) harassing me and they are indeed directly employed by Streamate Ltd. or FCI, Inc. or Flying Croc Inc. or ICF Technology, Inc. or … Accretive Technologies Group Inc., or .. whatever else they own.



    This is absolute proof.

    • JB 1:50 am on February 15, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you sooo much!!!! please e-mail me so we can fix this *Advertisement/e-mail removed*


      • amanda36c 12:59 pm on February 15, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        Fix what?


        • JB 1:35 pm on February 15, 2014 Permalink

          I am a studio owner with streamate… I have signed up over 3000 models and they have stolen most of them and hacked out my entire life…..


        • amanda36c 1:51 pm on February 15, 2014 Permalink

          Stating “I am” implies you still are. Is that the case, or did you leave? Still haven’t answered how you plan to “fix this” for me.


  • amanda36c 1:44 pm on December 26, 2013 Permalink | Reply
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    Who’s Harassing Whom? 

    I was accused of being a harasser by the very person who has been insulting, stalking and harassing me for the longest time. A desperate attempt to play the victim, after he’s already been caught and called out as the harasser. Have a look at the events, in chronological order and who the real harasser is will become unmistakeably clear.

    1) I politely called out his wife for copying a tagline I have used for several years. Out of the clear blue, she freaked, became a total psycho bitch, behaving like someone who represents a group of people when it was just her and I in this conversation. Then, coincidentally, at that same moment, this anonymous coward suddenly surfaced in the ‘conversation’ to continue the attack on me. https://amanda36c.wordpress.com/attacks-screenshots/

    2) My traffic and placement were reduced drastically. My live listing went from page 1 to page 3 in a matter of days. Members complained about being bounced from my room, constantly. Regulars were telling me they had a hard time entering my room and that they tried multiple times just to enter. Often, even members that gave Gold would get bounced. No problems with my connection or settings, as I am always on top of that. Placement is done manually. We all know that. It can’t be too hard to believe that some immature little runt would be in charge of it, either. What surprises me is how, with the mentality they have about customers being stupid, they are able to maintain their position within a company whose goal should be to ‘retain’ customers, not insult and drive them away. Either they all share that same mentality or it’s the Peyrases in charge of all those Twitter accounts and whitelabels promoting Streamate, including the @iPartychat one that calls customers “sick pervs”. It’s right here

    3) I started calling him out by name on my Twitter because I know it is him doing it. He gets my Twitter account suspended.

    4) I blog about how he seems to gain enjoyment screwing with people’s livelihood. His visits to my blog go way back to long before July 1st even and continues to stalk everything I do online, everywhere I go. And I’M the harasser? Why? Could it be because I speak my mind about their bullshit and games?

    His position in the company is marketing director. He has control over where the girls are placed on the site. Ever wonder why his wife remains on the top of the listings (as do the girls recruited by her agency)? It isn’t rocket science.

    Mistercjenkins (another of Christophe Peyras ‘ many Twitter personalities)
    Seems to be doing quite a lot of chirping about me. Here are some examples Keep in mind that according to him, I am the harasser.

    Note; the city I live in, along with the jab at my tagline. Yeah, that’s for me. Kinda personal.

    An attempt as weak and classless as he is at insulting people from a certain region of Canada, but it’s obvious as to whom this is really directed. Just see his previous tweet.

    So I called him out. He hated that.



    It’s funny, in his own words, he doesn’t “pay attention to haters”, yet looking at his previous tweets, he’s the one doing all the hating.


    He wasn’t so fragile before but now, it’s time for him to play the victim! Did a complete 180.



    I know he meant this for me because his timeline tells me there is no one else he could be referring to in this manner (plus, gotta keep up with the charade). Interesting that he uses the word “pimp”, referring to my boyfriend. So did the person harassing the hell out of me on Webcams and enough times on Streamate. None of my real members refer to JB as a “pimp”. Peyras is the only one.


    I guess he must be referring to his wife, who also happens to be Canadian. I suppose this could be meant for all of Canada, so I shouldn’t take it too personally. It takes a special kind of ‘classy’ to insult an entire country.


    I do have a life. A good one, too. I may not have much money (thanks the abuse of your position on Streamate to manipulate my traffic and placement), but I have a very rich love life. I actually live with the one I love (His name is JB, not Pimp, by the way). I’d wonder why anyone wouldn’t (or couldn’t) live with the one they loved if they could work from anywhere in the world. I’m sure there are as many reasons for that as there are open Twitter accounts just waiting for more fakes to be created, like @ChrisRo3034, @StreamatePage3, @Chipman608, @Chipman609, @Reamerman2, etc., etc., etc.


    Please do! This should be interesting. Again, who’s harassing whom?

    • Jayne 12:02 am on December 27, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Amanda I have also complaints by members that can’t access my chat room. Like you I used to always be on the first page and my internet connection was slow then but since I upgraded I get now 7.10mbps uploads so it’s definitely fast. I used to get always polite members but they started to be rude and now it happens all the time and I am left to wonder if it is the same person who is attacking you. It looks that way. I would rather to discuss this is privacy so if you can email me at the address I wrote to this post, I will tell you the details. I am on SM under the 35% plan and agree with what you say about the traffic and the listing. I hope to hear from you soon. You have always inspired me to enjoy being a cam model and helped so many girls years ago. Maybe you deserve a little credit after all. Please contact me. I will also tell you who I am. You might be surpprised. Kiss kiss


    • iPartyChat 4:52 pm on December 27, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      I am the owner of iPartyChat.com and we have nothing to do with that Mister Jenkins person or really anything you’re talking about in this article. Would appreciate it if you left my site out of this. Thanks.


      • amanda36c 9:20 pm on December 27, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        You are the owner of Flying Croc Inc? According to Whois records, FCI (or ICF, same company), is the registrant/owner of iPartychat.com. http://whois.domaintools.com/ipartychat.com If you are, then your name is either Shawn Boday or Ross Perkins and that is not the name you attached to this comment.

        If you’re going to post tweets on the behalf of camgirls such as myself, then allow me to suggest you be more respectful of our customers. For starters, not calling them “sick pervs”. That is the most disgusting display of marketing I have ever seen in my life. These are absolutely not my views on customers. Do not attach my name to those tweets. These are your views, not mine. The tweet I mentioned in the article is embedded, not manipulated in any way. @iPartychat wrote it. That’s an example of how they market your site. Perhaps you should take it up with the person in charge of that Twitter account. @Mistercjenkins is marketing director at Streamate, and although he goes by many different handles on Twitter, you might know him as Christophe Peyras. At last that should be the name you assign his weekly paychecks to. Prove you own the site and tell me why you want it taken down.

        I believe I’ve addressed all of your concerns. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me with an address I can actually see belongs to the company you claim to represent, and not some @yahoo.com address. Thank you. Enjoy your holidays!


  • amanda36c 6:53 pm on December 10, 2013 Permalink | Reply
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    Poker Player Persona … or Peyras? 

    Interestingly enough, he deleted all of his rude posts to me, like they never existed. The screenshot below shows the screenshot I took prior to him deleting those tweets. He’s become so predictable, I actually foresaw that coming. It’s obvious this is you, Peyras. Has your stench all over it. Just like the role you played as ChrisRo3034 in this attack https://amanda36c.wordpress.com/attacks-screenshots/  a few months ago (and with several other aliases and member handles on Streamate).



    I screenshot everything. Don’t think that after all these years of being harassed by you, Peyras, I would let you continue to get away with it. You are not getting away with this. Have your fun with it. Remember, what you do will always come back to you, especially when you fuck with someone’s livelihood. You are responsible, no matter where the orders originate because there is no fucking way you’re doing this on your own, without pay. Through your insults, jabs, overall behavior, I have a damn good idea where this is all coming from. The more I read, the more it becomes clear. Don’t forget, this is the internet and you’re a huge coward. I have only text to go on at the moment, but IPs can be traced (even spoofed ones) and so can cell phones, which is another part of your game. Think good and hard about what you’re doing because the more you continue, the deeper hole you are digging for yourself in the long run. You are going to get caught and you will pay for what you’ve done to me, so will Streamate, for allowing it.

    • JB Amanda's boyfriend 4:21 am on December 16, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      I am not in the Adult industry and never wish to be. As an outsider, I find both of the Peyras’ actions offensive, childish and very mercenary. Grow up and stop protesting such innocence! It is pure BULLSHIT! Nobody is buying your snowjob. Who is really harassing whom?

      @catherinetayler You showed a total lack of professionism and manners after Amanda just pointed out that you were using a catch phrase she has used for a very long time. It is on everything see owns as well as her twitter account and streamate profile pics. Your response “STFU nobody likes you” was way too personal and with far too much anger for someone who claimed they did not want the “BS & drama”. If you had responded with something like, “Sorry, I like the saying alot. Is it alright if I use it too?” I know Amanda would have said “sure, go ahead” as she would have been flattered. But to attack her right off the bat like a total bitch, you only provoked an opposite reaction and got her back up against you. Now it looks like that was your intention in the first place and it showed your true colours to everyone.

      After being shown Chris Peyras’ @mistercjenkins acounts’ tweets of

      Who's the REAL harasser?

      First, Amanda has never harassed your family Peyras, just mentioned you by name when going after streamate’s twitter account about obvious bouncing of members, disappearance of listing and manipulation of traffic in order to reduce her earnings. Her earnings have been cut in half and traffic almost nonexistent in her chatroom since the argument on twitter with Catherine Tayler. This is no fucking coincidence. It is being done by Streamate on purpose. They are trying to get Amanda to stop telling the truth about the games to the other performers. Keep it up and she will only bring out more proof of the garbage going on here (POF VS ?). Hate to break it to all of you, the performers are believing her and seeing it for themselves. They are not as stupid as you think and nor are the members. She is entitled to write a blog about what is happening to her. We only learned of your connection at Streamate on July 12, 2013 from ElliotNess29 so that’s five, not six months. You might want to look up the word “harassment” before using it so loosely to your supposed situation. According to Shawn Boday (Streamate’s owner) harassment and insults are just a fetish and should be ignored. Stop playing the martyr because you are NOT a Saint.

      Your second tweet shows that you are indeed going into her room on a nightly basis no matter how sneakily disguised you try to make the tweet. She has shown plenty of proof that it is both of you on streamate and the other camsites that harass her or comment rudely in her chatrooms as well as on twitter. In my industry, your comments and games would have found you being taken outside for a man to man meeting with me. Does not mean I won’t come to Seattle or Vancouver one day soon for that meeting.

      You certainly don’t act like a marketing professional since you only promote Streamate’s own studio girls, recruiters’ girls and contract girls which isn’t fair or equal advertising as per the performers’ contract. Is it not your marketing job to bring more traffic to the website, not push it away? Since you are an employee of Flying Croc Inc., FCI Inc., (or is it ICF Technology Inc. now?), then I have to believe that Shawn Boday and Ross Perkins are the ones giving you the instructions or approval to harass, bounce traffic, use customer accounts or create fake user accounts (admin function) to bother Amanda and other independent performers. It’s their website, so they have to know what’s happening every day. It is their bottom line that is affected with the loss of more than 50% of Streamate’s traffic this year. It is their instructions to push traffic to the lowest commissioned girls, therefore making the most profit for their websites. Fuck the independents, Streamate does not want or need them. Right, Peyras?

      For four years on Streamate, Amanda has been insulted, threatened, rated poorly on purpose and tagged with rude comments on her profile. THAT”S REAL HARASSMENT PEYRAS! All sanctioned by Streamate’s owners, Shawn Boday and Ross Perkins who allow all of it on their websites. They even encourage it by giving the cowards the ability to change their names as often as they want and then giving them the profile tags without first approval of the performer. This is not a website that gives a shit about the performers, just money. Who the fuck makes you the money Boday? A chat platform can’t make money by itself, it needs the performers.

      This is all going to get rectified very soon, I guarantee it. Since you have no idea who I am, let me inform you right now I always play for keeps. Good luck to all of you involved in this game. To Hadhazy, Kayton, Albers, Boday, Perkins and the rest, you are going to answer to me really soon for what you have done to Amanda. Bank on it, you fucking cockroaches!


      • amanda36c 6:18 pm on December 16, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        Hey JB, Go have a look now. @Mistercjenkins just today decided to protect his tweets by doing what cowards do best; making them private. Again, proving he has a lot to hide, whereas I have nothing to hide. I have proof that I have been harassed. Right here in my blog. He shows nothing. Just lies about me harassing him and his wife when in reality, it’s them harassing me and it has been that way since at least July, when this happened https://amanda36c.wordpress.com/attacks-screenshots/ <– Who's harassing whom? Who's the attacker here? I need not say any more. It's absolutely ridiculous that they even try to turn this around to make it look like I'm the one harassing. I guess it diverts everyone's attention to where they want it to go (much like directing traffic, which is not unfamiliar territory to them) but smart people know what's going on. It's more than obvious. Just thought you might want to know. See you when you get home. Drive safe sweetie!


  • amanda36c 8:14 pm on February 22, 2013 Permalink | Reply
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    No Law In Porn 

    This is the real life version of what happens to me daily when I sign into work. They hang out in my chatroom, much like how a co-worker might quietly pace back and forth, by my cubicle. A “hello” is typed in the chatroom; the equivalent to someone  whistling lightly as they walk by, implying complete innocence. I carry on with my work, ignoring this subtle but odd behavior. As I begin to get busier with more customers, that person starts to appear under different handles in the chatroom, typing obscenities at me, insulting me for no reason whatsoever. This comic strip would best describe or be the real-life equivalent, to their behavior:

    1     2

    3     4

    5      6

    7      8

    9     10


    Each insult comes under a new mask but it’s the same person doing it.  Finally, a note arrives on my desk, that states “Stay offline!”. It’s obvious to me, who is behind this threat. It’s the same one who has harassed me for the last 3 years on Streamate. Where the harassment actually began was in the iFriends forums, way back in 2002 and it continues, to this day. It was taken up several notches since I left their site (over a financial dispute) in 2009. This is not a fellow camgirl nor is it a member. This has been going on for years and has spanned many platforms from online forums, to social media platforms like Twitter, Formspring, Youtube, even right here on WordPress.

    Because I am in ‘this industry’, nothing is done about it by anyone in the industry. Not the site doing it, not the site who is an accessory to it, as they were made aware but refused to report it, nor by law enforcement themselves. Welcome to the adult industry. Enjoy your stay and if you decide to work in the industry, good luck to you. You will need a bodyguard, a lawyer, a ton of money for both and an outer shell of alligator skin to get through all the bullshit you will be dealt.  I have never seen an industry so corrupt and so ungoverned as adult entertainment is. It’s incredible because what you see on the outside is a clean picture, law-abiding 2257’s and proper channel compliance but get just one foot in the door and it’s the biggest, dirtiest, stinkiest, scum hole on the planet!

  • amanda36c 1:42 pm on February 12, 2013 Permalink | Reply
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    Hat Trick Night 

    A Hat Trick Night in the camming world doesn’t really exist, so I’m going to create it. Right here. Right now.

    It will consist of the following:

    • An insult
    • A proposition
    • A veiled threat


    An insult:

    Typical. Happens nightly in my room. Unprovoked. Same person. Same mentality. Consistent harassment. Monotonous. Stupid. Boring.


    ideekay92: what up ho

    ideekay92 has been blocked

    And that’s just the greeting? This relationship is just not gonna last. I can see it now.


    A proposition:

    calijon: i willl send you $5,000 to move to california

    Sweet, but I’ve never taken anyone up on those type of offers before. They usually come as some sort of exchange of sex for money, which, besides being illegal, is something I have never done before and have no intention of starting to do now. So no thanks!


    A veiled threat:

    ajayg82: would love to bang your mouth and plug your nose til I jizz – then take you out to a romantic dinner

    Nothing I’d rather do than be suffocated in a violent sexual manner and then ‘taken our to a “romantic dinner”.  That was the first and only comment this person posted to my chatroopm,. with no provocation otherwise. In fact, the conversation was about hockey. Usually, someone with a mind like this and a true intention to start a conversation of this nature would ease into it, not come right out with a sicko comment in a chatroom where he would be completely ignored, as was the case here. The only time this type of veiled threat occurred was when my harasser was around. The insult above came minutes before this comment was made. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist …



    This is not a typical day in the life of a camgirl, for anyone wondering. Incidents similar to these have been reported to Streamate support in the past (many times) but continue to occur, regardless of this apparently being against their own rules, according to their very own Terms Of Service.

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