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  • amanda36c 12:02 pm on June 7, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Camgirl Advice 

    I’m one in a very small list of women who could take a long look back at the camming industry over the last 19 years and write its life story. As one of the original camgirls, I guess you could say I made a career out of being objectified. In a way, I felt like I had brought it on myself. My choices were either learn to accept it or defend myself every time I came across someone who felt the need to try to belittle me. The mannerisms, behaviour, poses, strut, flirtations, right down to the lingo I used online differed almost completely from who I was in real life. I am slightly reserved and dress casual, sometimes conservative. If I wore a cleavage-bearing top, they were paired with pants or sweatpants, never a mini skirt. I never dressed to impress anyone but myself. A sharp contrast to the stripper I was online, who wore things like stilettoes, Daisy Dukes and other items I wouldn’t dare wear outside, if even just to run to the car. What I did on the internet, stayed on the internet. It was in front of my video camera and in the privacy of my own home. The controlling pimps in my industry, with as much class as subway rats, take objectification to a whole other level. They also steal from the girls, mentally abuse them, harrass them and treat them as though they should be lucky to have a job, rather than being thankful that these women are even willing to line their pockets week after week, despite the peanuts the girls actually get to keep for themselves.

    What I want to stress is that women (especially in this industry) need to empower themselves, not sit back and allow themselves to be belittled. When something doesn’t seem right, speak out. There is too much silence and complacency, which has done nothing but fuel the greed of those in powerful positions, to the point where camgirls are becoming obsolete. I believe by now, we all know what CamDecoy is. It’s just one in many programs they use and ways they have learned to cut us out of our own share of the profits from sales of our content.

    The best advice I can give any camgirl in the industry is … work toward becoming truly independent. Trust no one in the industry. Remember that there is always someone earning more money from your content than you are. Shows, images, videos (recorded and live) are what they’re after. If your show is not direct on Skype (meaning you sign into your own account and not through a website first, then to Skype), then there is a middleman. If the customer is paying you through a third-party and not directly to your own account, there is a middleman. Every time there is a middleman, you’re at risk of losing content, customers, money, and everything you worked so hard for. If you ever find yourself making good money, invest it wisely and know that at any time, things can start to get strange. Amounts of money can disappear from your stats, customers will claim they can’t find you online anymore, your block zones don’t work, your revenues are declining rapidly, etc. Live in the ‘now’ and stash away your cash but at the same time, always be prepared with a back-up plan for employment.


    • KombuchaKing 10:23 am on August 18, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I recently discovered your blog, and as someone who visits cam sites somewhat regularly and who has interacted with many cam girls i find it very interesting. You’ve done a good job creating a lot of interesting content.


  • amanda36c 4:32 pm on February 12, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Skype With Me; Two Simple Steps 


    The perfect way to support camgirls is by purchasing Skype shows. Why?


    1) We have eliminated the middleman; no webpimp taking the lion’s share of our earnings and feeding us scraps.  This means a better price for you.

    2) Enjoy a true, private 1-on1 session; no interruptions.

    3) Display your cam as well, with 2-way audio. Hands-free fun!

    4) A more flexible schedule, for your convenience.

    5) Skype memberships are free. No additional charges tacked on.

    6) Your minutes never expire. Unused minutes remain in your account as credits for future shows.

    Ready to Skype with me? Here’s what to do:

    1) Choose your plan http://amanda36c.com/liveshows.html

    2) Use the link below the price grid on that same page and contact me on Skype to schedule the show.

    Under great, affordable rates, I offer to you: role-play shows (agreed upon in advance and must be legal), fetish shows (feet, calf flexing, pantyhose, etc.) and of course, full nudity, with or without dildos.

    If you have questions, comments, or compliments, reach me by replying to this post. All replies to this particular post will remain private. I will not approve and post them as comments here.

    • Scaredcammodel 3:35 pm on March 22, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Hi! Someone posted a link to your blog on Stripperweb and I am glad I have read it. I didn’t know how else to get in touch with you. Unreal that they are trademarking your name. That’s just down dirty and low. Then they kicked you off the site. They might as well kick me off too for all they are allowing me to make now. I’m not sure if they have target me or not, but it sure feels like it. If I subscribe to your blog can they see that I am subscribed? I am still trying to hang in there until I can make some changes. I wish you could sue the fucking pants off of them. They don’t deserve what they have.


      • amanda36c 2:39 pm on March 23, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        What was the name of the thread in Stripperweb? I’d hope that a simple Google search would bring you to my Twitter or e-mail. Yes, what they did was dirty and low but do we really expect any less from them? The levels of low these people will sink to are astonishing. Suing is not the answer. Their pockets are too deep. There are some highly illegal things going on, however but the law doesn’t like to step into the adult industry, unless of course they have no other choice. I don’t think subscribers can see who the other subscribers are. I tried poking around, in another system and not signed in and couldn’t find any list of subscribers, so I believe it’s private or only I can see it, through my dashboard when logged in. I will never give information as to who you are (or anyone). The only people I expose are trademark thieves and hired harassers. It’s all public information anyway. Just pointing out who’s behind the dirt.


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