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  • amanda36c 1:58 pm on January 2, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    An Inside Job 

    A few nights ago, my shift started off with a member giving Gold and then another went exclusive for approximately 5 minutes. There were only myself and the member in this exclusive session. Click the images to open them in a new window at full size.


    Pay close attention to the timeline and events.

    The stats report for that session shows he left at 1:19 (my time). There were no member reports after this, until 2:20 my time (or 7:20 GMT).


    Minutes later, at 1:37, some rude, harassing tweets were made. As one can tell by the name of the account, it was created for the sole purpose of harassing me. The only tweets are to me and the account’s name, @StreamatePage3 is a mockery of where my placement on Streamate has been changed; from page 1 to page 3.

    In one of their tweets, they wrote “two fisting it? im sure that loose cunt can take at least 3”. Obviously meant to say “fingers”, not “fist”, as no one has three fists. Never mind that though. The fact that this person knew exactly what I was doing in that session (which was slightly out of the ordinary, something I don’t often do), tells me they were the ‘invisible’ person in my room at that time, that the only way they could have seen that was if they were watching my show using an admin account or special voyeur window that only an admin could access. The person behind the Twitter account, @StreamatePage3 is someone who has access to my room, even when I am in an exclusive session with a member. No, it was not the member himself. It’s someone inside of Streamate doing this.

    I e-mailed Liz, to verify this wasn’t just some member viewing me from a voyeur window and she confirmed it couldn’t have been. Leaves only what I have been saying all along. I know exactly who has been (and continues to be) harassing me and they are indeed directly employed by Streamate Ltd. or FCI, Inc. or Flying Croc Inc. or ICF Technology, Inc. or … Accretive Technologies Group Inc., or .. whatever else they own.



    This is absolute proof.

    • JB 1:50 am on February 15, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you sooo much!!!! please e-mail me so we can fix this *Advertisement/e-mail removed*


      • amanda36c 12:59 pm on February 15, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        Fix what?


        • JB 1:35 pm on February 15, 2014 Permalink

          I am a studio owner with streamate… I have signed up over 3000 models and they have stolen most of them and hacked out my entire life…..


        • amanda36c 1:51 pm on February 15, 2014 Permalink

          Stating “I am” implies you still are. Is that the case, or did you leave? Still haven’t answered how you plan to “fix this” for me.


  • amanda36c 3:48 pm on December 20, 2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Webpower Inc/iFriends Renews amanda36c.net 

    Despite having left their site (over an ugly financial dispute) back in december of 2009, Webpower Inc (often seen under other aliases such as WP Inc, WP Associates, etc.), the company that owns iFriends, has to be continuing to profit from the sale of my content, to this day. Once again, they have chosen to renew amanda36c.net So, if not for profit, then for what other purpose? If you hurry (before they change it), look at the Whois records for yourself. http://whois.domaintools.com/amanda36c.net Click the tabs Site Profile, Registration & Server Stats to see where I grabbed the screenshots from.


    The 1st screenshot shows amanda36c.net,  WP Inc. owning it.



    The 2nd screenshot shows it was updated (or a change was made) on december 17th, 2012, along with the expiry date (2014). It shows amanda36c.net was created in 2008 but it was, in fact, renewed last year and again, this year. What you’re seeing is just the latest update. The name server is RMTinfo.net (Responsible Media Technologies), which is a company that happens to be owned by Webpower’s owner (Hadhazy), along with his accountant (Albers) and lawyer (Kayton); a cozy threesome. Do all big porn site owners partner up with their accountants and lawyers in porn ventures outside the big site itself?


    The 3rd screenshot shows amanda36c.net residing on Webpower’s servers.

    Despite being told by a customer, after I had left their site, that my fan club was “gutted”, content from that club, as well as fresh new content I have produced on Streamate, continue to float around the internet on other sites. The fact that my content is still showing up on porn sites all over the internet and coupled with the fact that amanda36c.net must continue to generate revenue for Webpower Inc., (or else why keep renewing it, year after year?) tells me I’m owed a LOT of money by these thieves. Three years later and I still have not seen a penny from the sale of my content.

    Let this be a huge wake-up call for anyone else who is suspicious that their content may be earning profits for Webpower Inc, as well, years after they have left the site, or were successfully bullied offline, or has had to endure much the same type of harassment I have, on a daily basis, with constant insults, threats, poking, being degrading, condescending, pushing the ‘you’re now too old for this business’ buttons, ‘you’re too fat’, comparing you to young skinny girls in the industry (thinking that will push you to lose confidence (a brainwashing attempt), constantly comparing you to the competition and insisting you just don’t measure up, as well as playing all sorts of games, doing anything and everything to run you offline. This is obviously the same person over and over again with the same games, the same insults, on a ferris wheel, going round and round, redundant in their stupidity. Some visits to my website show this person has actually used an ip-hiding (or changing) program that they paid for, for the sole purpose of harassing (me and possibly others, as well). They often use gadgets on wi-fi connections to access my online locations (amanda36c.com, camgirlclubs.com) as well as also made visits to my videos on Tumblr, which are in a password-protected area where only members who have entered my Gold shows on Streamate would have access to. This said, why would someone who has such a hate-on for me want to pay (albeit, not a lot) for a Gold show, along with access to my videos? Content? For sale on another site? Otherwise, why go through all the trouble of paying to hide your ip and paying for videos unless you know you’re going to make that money back? Why renew amanda36c.net unless there’s money to be made from it?

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