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    Don’t Judge Us 

    The internet performer strips and performs sexual acts in front of the camera, from the comfort and safety of  her own home. Men flock to her, looking for a release.  It is not up to the performer to judge his morality, criticize his decisions or turn him down. We are all responsible for our own actions. So why are we, the performers, labeled the bad guys? There would be no supply if a demand for us did not exist. Is anyone right to judge us? Wouldn’t we then, be within our rights to judge them, as well?

    The performer has a job to do, like every other Joe Shmo in the world. If we are to be judged, then so should everyone who has ever given in to the urge to visit a sex site, paid for sex at any time in their lives or masturbated to a Playboy, Hustler, Swank or Spank magazine.  If we are to be judged, then so is every website owner, promoter, marketing director, accountant, lawyer , anyone affiliated, associated, partnered with, behind the scenes, or just plain profiting from the adult industry in any capacity.

    As performers, our job is about assessing what the customer wants, (even when they’re unsure themselves), creating that fantasy and satisfying the customer through visual stimulation in a relative manner. It isn’t always just about sex either. Sometimes, they’re just looking for the company of someone entirely neutral in their lives who won’t judge them or belittle them, criticize their decisions. We are someone they can come to with an open dialog to discuss anything they wish to, no restrictions, no guilt, no awkwardness. Suffice to say, we even  sometimes play therapist. We’re not that bad, are we?

    Camgirls that are able to connect with their customers reward themselves with the ability to explore sociological depths beyond what most workplaces ever see. Being that person on the other end of the line, we provide our customers an escape from their otherwise ‘normal’ lives. Listening to someone else’s problems, offering advice, or just enjoying each other’s company is a great way to establish a connection that even their closest family members or friends don’t have with them. Therapeutic, indeed. Put the gavel away.

    No one ever takes this into consideration when they’re sitting in the judge’s chair. Perhaps they should.

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    The Camgirl Calendar 

    It truly is amusing to see the excuses fly in adult industry message board forums, as soon as someone posts a complaint about how slow such and such a site is (Streamate, for example). Having been in the industry for 16+ years now, I can say with absolute certainty, that there are no trends with respect to overall traffic. There are far too many obstacles to factor in where traffic is concerned . The one day of the year that I have ever found to be consistently slow is Super Bowl Sunday. Regardless, in those forums, someone always seems to have the answer, often posted in a strangely defensive yet convincing manner.

    Several years ago, I wrote up a list in a message board forum of a site I used to work on, filled with excuses for why cam sites can be slow, every month of the year. Logically, traffic should be slightly affected by these events but not to the extent we were seeing it. The same applies to today. Another thing I always kept in mind, knowing this industry as well as I do, is to  always consider the source. If that source has something to say that might require some credibility to be believed, then perhaps they should put a handle to it; one that people can easily find online. <– I believe my insinuation came across loud and clear.

    Here’s my newly revised list of excuses for slowness. 12 months worth. Enjoy!


    January – New Year’s drinking, paying off credit card bills from the holidays. Superbowl (I’ll give this one some credit).

    February – Valentine’s Day (diamonds aren’t cheap!).

    March – Spring Break (eatin’, boozin’, tattooin’).

    April – Taxes, planting flowers (and weeding can just plain poop anyone out!).

    May – Mother’s Day.

    June – Father’s Day. School’s out!

    July – National birthdays (1st and 4th of July celebrations for Canada & U.S.A.). Also, this thing the industry likes to refer to as “summer slowdown”.

    August – More of that “summer slowdown” bs, along with the fact that people are trying to enjoy their last weeks of summer.

    September – Back to school. Labour Day weekend, too.

    October -Canadian Thanksgiving. Halloween (the only month of the year when chocolate prices soar!). Actually, this is true <–

    November – The start of Christmas shopping. U.S. Thanksgiving.

    December – Christmas is coming ! Christmas is coming! Holiday travel, planning, parties.


    Leaves very little time for us, huh gals? Somehow, miraculously, the sites still seem to thrive, despite all this. I recant what I said about them being webpimps. They’re not. What they are; magicians! One trick I’d like to see is where they’ve hidden all our money. 😉


    Happy holidays everyone!

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    February 3rd – XXX-tortion Day? 

    As February 3rd 2012 quietly approaches, all dot XXX domains held in escrow accounts (ie: amanda36c.xxx) will go up for sale and according to the Whois records, http://whois.domaintools.com/amanda36c.xxx , there will be more than 2,400 performers affected. No word yet on what’s going to happen with these domains. I wonder. Will they all just be snagged up by Webpower Inc or will it be ICM Registry themselves to grab them? Will it be Webpower’s lawyers again or will it be their accountants this time? Will the domains go up for sale or auction? Will performers be given information at the very last second, with little to no time to respond? In much the same manner as they sprung upon us the performer’s program itself; a quick change of plans to protect against backlash in the budding stages of their massive XXX venture from several thousands of what they (arguably) call “supporters”? I guess the real surprise will come just as the auction takes place, no doubt in some quiet corner of the dot XXX world.

    ICM Registry has shown nothing but shadiness. Was it not evident when I provided, in a past blog entry (https://amanda36c.wordpress.com/icm-registrywebpower-inc) , proof that ICM’s very own lawyer squatted on domains? This is the same lawyer who was attached to both ICM Registry, as well as Webpower Inc, a company whose 400+ complaints (on this one website alone), Ripoffreport.com of various forms of fraudulent behavior have completely went overlooked by the people supposedly in charge of overseeing this whole dot XXX venture. The people on the board of the IFFOR (the organization that makes the policies for dot XXX) are also involved with the same companies. In fact, one of Webpower’s other lawyers sat on that board when dot XXX was first introduced. Let’s see – how many millions/billions do they expect to earn from this? What’s its true potential? Well, first let’s try and determine how many idiots exist in this world, willing to dish out money to ‘defend’ their name from the big bad porn pimps of the internet, who can so easily just come along and buy up any name available in dot XXX. What shocks me most is the only one willing to take them to task is Manwin, the adult industry giant, with their anti-trust and monopolization suit. Why has noone else taken them to task? The complacency and passivity in today’s society is sickening. They are making good and sure to control everything, knowing full well that noone will do anything to stop them.

    All I can say is february 3rd should be an interesting day, if you’re a performer in this industry. I have the distinct feeling that we will be hearing very little from ICM about what’s to happen, what course of action will be taken on these domains. How soon before (stolen) content is put up on those sites, after they are grabbed (by whoever the highest bidder happens to be)? I wouldn’t trust them with my site, nor would I trust them to my information.

    The expiry date on those domains is less than 2 months away. Watch how this plays out.

    • nicholas 6:23 pm on December 13, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      This is crazy, how can this be legal ?? Are you saying, your own domains are up for sale on February 3rd 2013 and you can’t do any thing about it? Someone suggested to you once or may be more than once, that you should become a Senate. That’s where the real power is … Consider it Amanda. From what I’ve read from your blogs and understood, it sound like a good idea.


      • amanda36c 5:57 pm on December 16, 2012 Permalink | Reply

        It appears so, Nicholas. I’m wondering exactly when they’re going to announce what they plan to do with these domains or how we can purchase them. Perhaps it would be best to just watch someone else buy it and when my content appears on it, perform that DMCA takedown and sue their asses at the same time. I can’t fathom how anyone could want to deal with these people, knowing full well who they are, what they represent and the frauds they have been accused of by 400+ members of their website, in the Ripoffreports.com website alone. Senate? It’ll never happen in this industry. That would mean we’d need law enforcement to step in and from what I can see, they would rather keep their shoes clean and just let the inmates run the asylum. There is no way to bring in any sort of governance otherwise. Basically, we’re screwed. Even if I did have the power, not enough people would be willing to back me. They say they do, but only if they can remain anonymous and that just doesn’t work.


    • Joy. 12:56 pm on December 14, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Hey Amanda, once again I’m here to be your spirited debate opponent. =)

      As always, a very well written article.
      And as always, I’m not all that concerned because in life I go with the flow. Don’t sweat the small stuff …and it’s all small stuff. I’ve worked for big companies, and been self employed, and there’s always something or someone we can be upset with/about.

      There’s way too much other stuff I’m dealing with to move underhanded .xxx dealings off the bottom of my worry list. LOL Yet that said……….

      To me it looks as though the huge financial boom they were expecting from .xxx domains is a bust. Or maybe I’m just not paying all that much attention (‘cuz I’m not =)

      Have any amazing .xxx sites shown up? Not that I’m aware of. Do people searching for specific porn care if the site name ends in .xxx or .net or .com or .org (my personal fave, for orgasm or organ, but no one else seems to thinks .org* is fun like I do =)

      The .xxx is a hefty $99 USD, so who is going to pay that in order to make a measly pittance on affiliate marketing of camgirls or even B-level (and below) pornstars? I think the entire thing is a bust for them.

      If I were in the business of building sites to promote affiliate links, or selling knock off vids or photos of a particularly hot camgirl or porn star, I’d simply buy her name using a GoDaddy $5 .biz or $7 .org-asm, etc. and set up shop directing traffic to one of those cheap and cheerful parody sites. I wouldn’t spend $100 on .xxx Hey, but that’s just me, I’m tight with a buck and very resourceful, so I’d never pay ridonkulous prices for something that can be done just as well for a tenth of the cost. LOL Heck, I am Joy Lovewell and I wouldn’t pay $100 for my own .xxx name! ha ha ha ha ha

      When the price for a .xxx domain name falls in par with what other domains are going for, I think we’ll possibly have something to be concerned about protecting our names. Until then, no so much. But that’s my opinion. =)

      Oh, and I do agree with the everything you’ve uncovered about the shady dealings of WebPower and their ilk. Nasty business, and I hope they’re getting what they deserve. Nothing ($$$).

      I’m with Nicholas. Amanda you’d make a wonderful Senator. You’ll just need 9 years as a US citizen before you can through your bra in the ring (and it is a 3 ring circus down here, ha ha ha). Canada has a huge porn issue with child porn and illegal sex slave trade, so maybe you can get yourself elected in Canada to begin combating those monsters. Bonus: You already reside in the capital! Easy-peasy!

      Thanks for another interesting blog post.

      All the best and happy holidays,

      I realize .org is meant for organizations/forums/communities, but it’s use doesn’t seem to be policed.


      • amanda36c 4:20 pm on December 16, 2012 Permalink | Reply

        That’s where we differ, Joy. What you consider “sweating the small stuff”, I see as a major contributor to the decline in traffic we’re seeing and something we should be taking an active stand against, before it gets worse. There is a lot we could have done to prevent getting screwed over in the past but instead, we chose to brush it off. We didn’t think it was a big enough deal. Regret not doing anything now, after seeing how badly our revenues are declining, despite the fact that our content appears to be growing in popularity all over the internet? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what’s going on there.

        Contrary to your belief that this decline in traffic/revenue is something only I am seeing (you’ve made your position quite clear in past comments related to that topic), other (independent) girls I have spoken with are seeing the same drop. One round of visits to their rooms tells me it is a widespread concern. Go ahead and take a look at all the non-studio/agency girls and you’ll see for yourself. I don’t think it’s fair to mention names here but you know who they are. They won’t often be spotted in or above the first 4 rows on Streamate at any given time.

        All internet stats display a steady decline in traffic across the board, among the big sites. As if the growing rate of our competition, along with a very unstable economy, aren’t bad enough. These new smaller sites popping up all over the place (owned by the big ones under privacy protect services) with our stolen content on them, are putting an even larger dent in our revenue stream and our problem is, we’re too damn complacent to do anything about it. What we should be doing is looking at all that’s affecting our bottomline and acting on it, but we don’t. These sites know it all too well, and in their arrogance, there isn’t a hint of fear that one of us could be a loose cannon. They’ve gotten away with a lot, so far and will continue to get away with more, if we don’t act. I guess what it boils down to is … how do you like the way you’re being treated? Next step is .. what do you plan to do about it? I know when something is wrong. If it’s worth it to me to pursue, I need not seek approval from anyone. I’m a stubborn Leo, after all.

        You already are aware that ICM Registry, in possession of all our .XXX domains, and every underhanded game they’ve played in the past with us, is hardly the patron saints of the industry and you know that they can change their rules at the very last second, tossing performers into an ‘escrow account’ in order to maintain more control over us, rather than allowing us to purchase our own .XXX sites under our performer handles. I was, after all, blocked from buying it under the Sunrise A program and forced into this make-shift Performers Program, which was nothing more than a last-minute scramble to stop me dead in my tracks from trying to obtain amanda36c.xxx. I had absolutely no choice in the matter. They outright refused to allow me to purchase that domain! Lest we forget about their lawyer, who squatted on domains. https://amanda36c.wordpress.com/2012/01/30 You claim to know all this yet you trust this company to your information, by taking a deal with them for a one-year free service? I’m curious. Come february 3rd, are you going to purchase your .xxx from them? You have no concerns over them stealing your content? Their agreement, if challenged in court, would never hold up. They can’t sell your content without some sort of arrangement to pay you either a one-time sum or a royalty. Or perhaps you just don’t care. What about in 5 years time, when your revenues are down to 1/4 of what they are today? Still going to sit there in that complacent state of mind, while they continue to thrive off the revenues from all their collective fly-by-night websites earning revenue galore from the sale of our stolen content? It’s clear what they have done to this industry. I have seen this first-hand and the websites with our stolen content are in the millions. You can’t say this is trivial or has no effect on our revenues.

        Indeed, we do see things quite differently.

        Until you’re willing to investigate them yourself, to gain perspective or any sort of knowledge as to the magnitude of impact this will have on us, a few years down the road, why brush off what I have to say as irrelevant or insignificant? I fail to see how you think ICM/Webpower Inc is not a threat to our industry with their .XXX venture, based on the simple fact that hey haven’t had the kind of success they anticipated. That doesn’t mean their hands are tied where our content is concerned. To write them off would be a huge mistake. Remember, they have been trying to get this thing off the ground since 2000. Their applications kept getting rejected by ICANN, until early 2011. ICM Registry are not going anywhere. They have big money behind them and can sit on that as long as need be. I wish you had actually taken the time to investigate what I have to know what that connection between them and Webpower really means to the industry and the future of camming. You would be a lot more concerned about this. IFriends sunk like the Titanic yet there they are, still on life support, still somehow afloat. Surely, they’re trying to model themselves after the successful tube sites that Manwin has created, only in millions of little sites, rather than a few really large ones. This way, they can hide it all, move everything offshore, ‘spread the wealth’ so to speak.

        I don’t know how much or often you actually cam or if you’ve noticed, through any sort of consistent patterns that the more sites pop up with our content on them, the more declines in traffic we’re seeing, subsequently. I watch this like a hawk.

        At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist, I’m going to answer what I’m sure many people reading this, might be asking: “why, if they’re frauding all these people, do they continue to get away with it?” – Look at society for a minute. By and large, people don’t stand up for themselves. They would rather turn a blind eye to frauds, scams, than to be the one scrutinized and called a “conspiracy theorist” (especially attached to the filthy adult industry) with a target on their back, for taking this information public. The scammers know what they can and can’t get away with. This industry is the perfect playground for them because there is noone governing it and we allow this by doing nothing to stop it.

        Oh gosh, I can ramble sometimes. It is a topic I get get overly passionate (and upset) about. Just bump me like a record and I’ll stop. Heh!

        Happy Holidays to you, too, Joy.

        P.S. I’m not in the capital, that would be Ottawa. I’m in Montreal. Close though, it’s a good 2 hour drive from the city.


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    The Adult Industry – Today 

    This industry has reached an all-time low with the games being played, the theft of content, the extortion, taking advantage of people’s vulnerabilities on both the camgirl’s side, as well as the member’s. Each side with their own set of reasons for their silence. We’ll just call it “fear”. Fear for ourselves, our livelihood, our families, friends knowing what we do (or watch) online. Fear of being ridiculed. Fear of embarrassment. Fear of going up against “them”.  So we choose silence.

    There still remains no law in the adult industry (or camming world, as we know it). Imagine now, a society without law enforcement. Imagine what it would look like out in the streets. People would be afraid to leave their homes, to go to work. Being full aware of the presence of these entities, with their arrogance and dictatorial attitudes, we all wait for someone else to step up. Hoping someone will see what’s going on before it’s too late. The deeper you look, the more you see. The more you see, the more you become angered. The more you speak, the more you lose. You can never win against these people. They are like a virus that spreads throughout the entire community, infecting everyone weak enough to allow this to control them.

    This is the adult industry, with no law to govern them, dictating to what otherwise (in the ‘real world’) would be considered “independent subcontractors”, where we can work, how much money we can earn, what we can and can’t say, who can and who can’t visit us, controlling every aspect of our work (and I do mean every aspect). There is huge money involved. This is truly big business and that’s where the controlling mindset comes in. With the internet as its playground, and the comfort of an anonymous shield to jump behind every time they want to press those controls, they gain full control using everything from brainwashing techniques to insulting, degrading and bullying behavior. Never directly. Everything they do is underhanded.

    This is no conspiracy theory. Anyone working in this industry or who has been ripped off by an adult site, has fallen victim in one way or another.

    It can be great, if you’re the silent, submissive type who minds their own business, never asks questions, never questions authority and never ever speaks out against them. Otherwise, good luck!


    • Benjamin Bokalati 3:12 pm on November 29, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Hi Amanda, I really like tis post : you are a courageous woman ! you are not afraid to express your beliefs. i hope other Camgirls will read you and understand that they deserve to be free. Women, stand up ! fight for you own rights !


      • amanda36c 7:32 pm on November 29, 2012 Permalink | Reply

        Thank you Benjamin. My greatest fear is how complacent and passive people have become. To the point where frauds and scams happen right under our noses and noone does a damn thing about it. Ignorance is bliss. Those of us who speak out are called “conspiracy theorists”, by those that want to discredit us. I keep forgetting about the sainthood of this industry and all the good deeds that go unpunished. Camgirls sit quiet, waiting for someone else to do all the dirty work and bring these scumbags down because they know there will be repercussions if they speak out. When it comes to people’s livelihood, sometimes silence is best. I can somewhat understand that, but in the long-term, it’ll be detrimental to any successes we might otherwise have in this industry, as camgirls. We’re screwed and the more we allow it, the more we’ll see our commission rates continue to decline and our content stolen and sold on websites without any payment to us.

        I wish the girls would step in but I understand why they don’t. It will just take longer this way and we’ll all just have to continue working under these ridiculous conditions in this lawless industry that steals and does whatever they please.


    • nicholas 5:17 pm on November 29, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Hello Anamda, ( the torch of hope )

      I concur with Benjamin.
      The law in the end with your help and determination will get the change nessesery. But you need the full backing of your compatriots.


      • amanda36c 7:43 pm on November 29, 2012 Permalink | Reply

        Hi Nicholas,

        This industry is completely untouchable. There exists no law. A union would be great but what would that cost? I don’t think I could pull together that kind of money. I’m shocked that they haven’t created one already, tossed a couple of bucks to someone to run it, while they sit back and pull the strings. All the executive members in their ‘clan’ could make the policies for the union. Sort of like the way ICM Registry and Webpower collaborated on the dot XXX venture. 😉


    • Brian 9:57 pm on November 29, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Hello Amanda,
      You are so on target and insightful. The adult industry has recreated another sweatshop. A Union might be too costly, at least now, but I wish cam girls could form their own website as a workers’ collective or a cooperative (I know, probably sounds too socialist or even communistic for most ears today to hear) but it would be a way to rise up and strike out…for women, by women. (Insert a power to the people here).


      • amanda36c 3:36 pm on December 1, 2012 Permalink | Reply

        I don’t believe the industry (or the players in it) would ever allow that to happen. If the girls formed any such thing, it’d be over for all the sites. The thing that differentiates us from them is the greed factor. They lie, steal, cheat, underestimate, insult, degrade and play us all for fools. A site run by a camgirl, for camgirls would end the bullshit and all the above-mentioned associated with the scumbags of this industry. Wanna back me? I’ll do it.


    • Private 11:51 pm on November 29, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      The article you just posted is more of an abstract to the manuscript that this topic merits. Let me know when you need some references.


      • nicholas 2:59 am on December 1, 2012 Permalink | Reply

        Hello Amanda. ( the name of decency )

        I’m British and as far as I am aware, anyone can join a Trade Union. I agree with Brian , but all CamGirls need to join the same Trade Union, say through a website, through twitter , indeed the answer is staring in the face of reason and decency. ( yes decency, even this industry deserves decency )
        Amanda, through your own website, one specifically for this purpose, could be the the best way for your girls to form a membership and from there join a large Union, one that would have real teeth.


      • amanda36c 3:38 pm on December 1, 2012 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks. I’d love some references, A. 😉


    • Thomas 10:39 pm on December 7, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Hi Amanda. First off I would like to say that I have watched your webcam shows for a few weeks now, and I think that you are an incredibly beautiful, courageous, and strong woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. As to your statement about the adult industry controlling and taking advantage of camgirls, I agree with you completely because I assume that the payment contract adult websites make camgirls agree to, takes the majority of the money, given by viewers to camgirls, and keeps it for themselves; thus allowing adult websites to make large profits, while leaving the camgirls, who are unaware of the ammount of money that is being taken from them, with a very low paycheck. Furthermore, I also agree that the adult industry tries to silence those camgirls, such as yourself, who have become aware of the ammount of money that they could be making by working independently. As Brian and Nicholas said, joining a type of union could possibly be very beneficial however, since you are a very bold woman, I believe that if you start your own faction that commends camgirls to leave the adult websites to start a website of their own. Good luck with all of your future endeavors!


      • amanda36c 2:23 pm on December 11, 2012 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks Thomas.
        Unfortunately, a woman (in this industry) who speaks her mind, knowingly often becomes a target. Much the way any person would be, who decides to speak out against any group of dictators. You’re right about what they take but much of what is in their contracts, if challenged, would never hold up in a court of law. Monies collected from the sale of content (via memberships or straight sale of videos) belonging to us camgirls, are not being paid to us. To start up a union would be hell to pay for someone like myself with little to no funds to back it up and as you mentioned, with specific girls, they make good and sure that remains the case. To even venture into opening a camsite to compete would be worse hell to pay. They’ve already chosen harassment, threats, bullying, you name it – to stress their point. Recenbt hacking attempts were even made to Camgirlclubs. Someone is fearful of my success with this. It’s clear where I plan to take this and it’s driving them absolutely crazy not knowing exactly how it’s coming along. Not knowing exactly how many members have signed up or how much I’ve made with it, so far. They watch my room nightly, so they can estimate (to a good enough round figure) how much I’m earning there. They stalk and harass me nightly, from day 1 (which was 2 & 1/2 years ago) on Streamate, to present day. They make their presence known with rude comments, insults, and always with the same mannerisms, choice words and games. These are the kind of people I have to deal with. Willing to do and say anything to discredit me. They have even tried to impersonate me. They follow me around the internet to sites such as Youtube, Twitter, even here on WordPress, using obviously spoofed or hidden ip’s, to make rude comments, offer ‘advice’ (in a rather unfriendly tone), dish out threats, telling me to stay offline, saying that they will keep trying to get me off Streamate. They have even followed me to other websites I work on like MyFreeCams & Webcams, harassing me there, as well, as anonymous guests. No matter how much I block them, they keep returning. It’s incredible how much time they have on their hands (or … how much money is invested in what .. perhaps they see me as a threat to?).

        I’d love nothing more than to run a camsite that would create independence from all those sites, and subsequently, all the games, tricks, cheats, frauds, etc. would come to an abrupt end. I simply haven’t that kind of money.


    • nicholas 5:38 pm on December 8, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Hi Amanda.
      I agree with Thomas, however the camgirls do know they are being ripped off.
      The girls don’t need to leave the adult sites, but to collectively sign up to a website, ( may be set up by yourself Amanda ) set up for the sole purpose of. Then from there, joining a large Union. To fight for their rights, just like any work place would do.
      The Union negotiating between the two.

      I hope your private offer for references, where beneficial to you, he or she could be a strong supporter.
      May be even a lawyer, that’s what you really need !!!


      • amanda36c 2:42 pm on December 11, 2012 Permalink | Reply

        I agree, Nicholas, but again, that union idea (althought a great one but also one which has been kicking around quite idly since about 1999), would never see the light of day as long as ‘those’ people are in control … and they very much are. When you take everything they own, collectively, they stand to lose billions. It’s no wonder they have such a stranglehold on the industry and have to control every little detail, every angle, every aspect, every single player in the industry, from attempts to hack (not only myself, but their ‘real’ competition, as well), to the girls working under them, who they watch like a hawk, to those who speak out against them. I wish it was as simple as girls fighting for their rights. That would be the final leg of our journey and far from where we are today. Indeed, I’ll need all the support I can get. A lawyer? Yes, that too. Investigator, law enforcement. Maybe, after all that, just maybe, some developers and tech people! 😉


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    The Ever-Shrinking Camgirl Commission Rate 

    What once offered a fairly steady income, seemed to have taken a wrong turn somewhere and now is completely out of control with sites taking full advantage of their ability to play with our commissions. As usual, there is no law or ordinance to step in and say “fuck you, you can’t do that”, so they get away with it, easily and almost effortlessly.

    A clever old trick is when the sites themselves decide to open studios. It makes perfect business sense to do so. More money for their pockets. Sneaky and underhanded, indeed, but I would expect no less of them.

    An example:

    Website opens a studio. They hire someone to run it, to be paid on a small commissioned basis (no trail back to the big site). That studio gets independent American, Canadian, European girls to join under the promises of more traffic. This, coming off the heels of a major decline in traffic over the last 6 months, by the way. What’s an independent girl to do? The only way to make any money now would be to sign up through a studio. Right? Now, instead of earning 35%, she is earning 25% but through this studio, sees loads more traffic and is making more money, so she doesn’t complain. Where does that extra 10% go anyway? I doubt it all goes to the studio. That’s way too much. No way in hell that’s happening. Now, multiply  that estranged 10% by the number of studio girls. Getting into the big numbers now, aren’t we?

    If all the sites follow suit, and the girls continue to take it up the ass, we can all expect to see this industry run into the ground. We deserve better than that and as independent camgirls, why do we allow this?

    The big picture:

    They have successfully managed to slice our commissions down from 35% to 25%. This trend is a continuing one. The first site I worked on (from 1999 through 2009) offered 50%. Then, suddenly, the girls started seeing refunds galore. The site’s solution to that was to offer us a choice to accept 35% with no refunds taken off, or sit steady at 50% and continue to see these refunds. Oh and they also warned us that if we were not exclusive to their site, we’d be bumped down to 35% automatically.

    How do these studios gain independents offering 10% less than their current commission rate? Promises of a much higher volume of traffic. That’s the only way to get someone to accept such a cut. We already know what (supposedly) gets us higher placement on the site, which subsequently leads to more exposure and more revenue, as a direct result. I don’t buy it though. Every site I have been on has hand-picked favorites. One of the things they say help push our placement up is  a powerful system, hd cam, speedy connection and good member rating. I can’t possibly see the studios sending the newest, most powerful computers to each new girl that signs up under them. Furthermore, setting them up with the best, fastest internet connection speed. Just for kicks, let’s say these studios do have member accounts which can allow them to splurge on the girls a wee little bit to rate them. That only goes so far. Most members will gladly give their girl a 5-rating anyway. There are tons of girls with perfect ratings. Hardly a blip in the radar! So, since that doesn’t work, how are the studios able to offer such a high placement to their girls, unless they have an ‘in’ with the site itself? Some guarantee front page placement and somehow are able to follow through.

    Most (former-independent) girls accept this deal, out of greed. Living paycheck to paycheck, they’re forced into that short-term business mindset. Any other industry or group of people would have raised hell if this happened to them.

    Question: how much does this studio earn?

    Performers used to earn 35%. Now, they earn 25% (or lower).

    The site used to earn 65%. Now, they earn ___? More, obviously, or they wouldn’t have  entered into or created this deal.

    The studio gets a small percentage or fixed rate. ___? For their efforts in recruiting and promoting these performers.

    The variables are irrelevant, but the math is pretty simple. The game is old. Smart girls see through it. Are the majority of girls in this industry smart enough to see what’s going on? If so, why have they succumbed to this? Nowhere have I seen so much complacency, so much acceptance and so much assfucking and begging for more! This absolutely disgusts me to see the way performers in this industry allow themselves to be treated.

    This camming industry needs governance. It is unbelievable how the sites continue to get away with this.

    • Pinot Noir 11:37 pm on February 4, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      This makes me want to start a cam site and charge 30% to the girls like the Apple store does with apps. The girls have a huge incentive, the guys pay less, and I make a killing.


    • amanda36c 12:22 pm on February 7, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Assuming you can get all the girls. So you would offer the girls 70%? Very generous, however, this would only work with a great deal of volume. I might even be interested in going in on this with you .. if I knew who you were. 😉


    • Mylene 8:50 pm on January 3, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Amanda, I am interested in becoming a camgirl, but as I read the comments above, I too would be interested in starting something like Pinot Noir is talking about, if you have any knowledge on how we could start this together, please let me know 😉


    • amanda36c 10:08 pm on January 3, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Mylene, Pinot Noir never did return after their initial comment. I wouldn’t say he is interested. Perhaps there was a note of sarcasm there. I’m really not sure. Typed words are funny that way. After reading my article about the shrinking commission rate camgirls are dealing with, why would you want to enter into this industry? Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend it unless it’s to be completely independent and perform Skype shows. None of the sites can be trusted. That’s the best advice you’ll get, and the most honest. Start your own business. Get a site with a members area, get a payment processor and billing company, trademark your name and you’ll be well on your way but then you still have to drive a consistent amount of traffic to yourself. It’s a lot of work, so think about it long and hard first. It’s not for everyone and it’s a really hard time to enter into this industry. Akin to building a home on land that was destroyed by a tornado. You will have to build amongst a lot of debris from all the crap someone else left behind. There is a ton of corruption and damage, which left customers pissed off and scattering with their credit cards in hand.


  • amanda36c 3:27 pm on August 18, 2012 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: adult industry, , companies fail, webcam sites,   

    Why Do Companies Fail? 

    There are a variety of reasons a company might fail. Perhaps the more pressing question woud be – what are successful companies doing right?

    When a company relies directly upon its workers to generate revenue, then the company’s first priority should be making those workers happy. Happy workers are productive workers and productive workers form the structure for a business to succeed.

    The adult entertainment industry, like most companies today, are so bottom-line focused, so driven toward the almighty buck that they are forgetting where that almighty buck is coming from; the hard work of all those little people that they look down upon. Bullying tactics in efforts to gain complete control, are all they seem to know.

    In shifting their mindset toward cam models being just as important to the industry as customers, this will, no doubt, start to have an impact on all aspects of the business from productivity, creativity right down to the mood and attitude of the very core of the operation, the workers and the revenue they generate. Working for a company whose focus is solely on the customer, feeling they’ve been placed on the backburner, the worker’s level of commitment remains low. The company does nothing for me. Why should I work my ass off for them? When the worker is an independent subcontractor, it’s even easier to lose interest or feel that you should be treated better. The option to quit and work somewhere else is as simple as a few mouse-clicks away.

    Some examples of  where websites in this industry, overall, are failing, are as follows:

    Facilitating our ability to earn money should not be an afterthought, it should be an initial plan.

    Most webcam sites have rules against mentioning social networking sites, for fear that the performer will attempt to take the members off the platform and use that medium to divert them to another one. Somewhat understandable, as advertising money can be lost this way. Perhaps then, there should be a way for them to easily contact members, especially those with whom they have retained as regulars over the years, without having to send out self-composed e-mails to less than ten members at one time because the system doesn’t allow for more than that. Hint, hint, Streamate. 😉

    There is a toll-free number for the members to call and 24/7 online support. For the performers, there is an e-mail address that we can use or an online form that we have no proof was sent to them. Members get immediate assistence. We have to wait. I had tech issues that kept me from earning revenue for about 3 days one time. I tried contacting support but it took 11 days for themn to get back to me, despite the urgency I noted in the subject line of the message. I had to work out the problem myself and it cost me money to do this. The issue was not even with my computer, rather their encoder. Would online support or a toll-free number to call have solved this faster so that I could get back online quickly, in order to give them 65% of  revenues generated through my work on the platform? Hell yes!

    A friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, prompt and professional response always rates high with customers. A response that looks like it was jumbled together in as quick a timeframe as possible, impresses noone.

    It’s very easy to lose momentum when you’re treated badly. Miserable workers are representative of the company’s priorities. If the company treats its employees like dirt, productivity will decrease. If workers feel they are being lied to, cheated, manipulated, made to feel stupid, they will not be at their best, they will not give 100%. In an industry so heavily reliant on customer service (let’s call it that), no camsite could survive on a constant turnover of performers. Customers will follow the girls. Studios (or agencies) are only good for short-term gain.

    Let’s revisit this thought in 6 months time.

    • Ron 4:05 pm on August 18, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Interesting article, Amanda. I can see your point-of-view completely.


      • amanda36c 8:27 pm on August 18, 2012 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks for the comments, Ron. I removed your links and advertisements (unfortunately, some comments as well). I like to be the only one who uses my blog to advertise. Regarding your comments, for 65%, Streamate should be the ones advertising us, not vice versa.


    • Nicholas 5:35 pm on September 7, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      I left a message on your cam girl site back in August, saying the answer could be with in yourself and the same goes for your most recent article. Set up your own cam girl site and turn around the commission in favour of the girls… The girls will follow as well as your customers . Happy days all round. Is that something you would be able to do?


      • amanda36c 8:08 pm on September 7, 2012 Permalink | Reply

        Hi Nicholas.
        Already thought of that, long ago. I just don’t have the means. I have been trying for some time now, to get a loan (legal, programming, etc.) but this industry is far too risky for most investors. I don’t plan to give up though. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of getting one foot in the door. Then, the sky’s the limit. To answer your question; of course that’s something I would be able to do. I know a lot of girls would follow me. Not as easy as it seems, unfortunately.


        • Nicholas 4:51 pm on September 9, 2012 Permalink

          Thank you for your reply, I understand the investment side and I didn’t doubt you had already thought of the idea. You know lots of girls would follow you, if there are enough of them, there is your answer. The girls could be your investors, even your customers. It’s a idea you will know best how to work out a deal to profit both parties.


        • amanda36c 8:42 pm on September 10, 2012 Permalink


          Thanks for your input and suggestions. Two problems with that.

          One – Getting a bunch of people together to form a company involves trust. The reality of who controls this industry is one best approached with open eyes and with extreme caution. If you don’t fear a type of ‘hostile takeover’ by industry bullies, posing as camgirls to gain control over the industry (or maintain their existing control), then you’re not being realistic. Their presence is everywhere from online discussion forums to trashing the competition on complaints boards to creating websites and Twitter accounts to gain followers, like a cult, to brainwash and control through all means possible, through social networking platforms. Infiltrating camgirl groups, brainwashing them, pushing things in a direction that none of us real camgirls want to go. A wolf in sheep’s clothing best describes them and their behavior.

          Two – Is that there needs to be a strong leadership presence for this type of business to stand a chance. There would be too many clashes within this group. I see it more like an assembly line or a kitchen, where the line of command needs to be clear, everyone must know their place and though ideas, improvements on ideas, feedback, etc. are necessary elements to the success of that company, there still needs to be a strong guidance and someone at the helm to steer the ship. That person has to be able to make rational decisions and be comfortable in that leadership role when changes are necessary or challenges arise. Without that organizational structure, it’s almost certain to fail.

          With the direction the cam industry has gone (consistent declining commission rates for performers), we’re getting fed up and I can easily see us all opening up camsites of our own in the next few years. There is a lot to consider. It isn’t as cut and dry and you’d think. There are players in this industry that have been controlling it for a very long time.

          Money is an issue. Trust is an issue. With those two obstacles out of the way, hell the sky’s the limit! Sure, there’s a lot I would do and I’d know exactly where to start.


        • Nicholas 2:43 am on September 11, 2012 Permalink

          Your a very intelligent and determined person. Your an embassador to the girls and the industry. Have more faith, there will look up to you and trust you, If i where a girl I would or may be I’m just too naive.


  • amanda36c 1:52 am on February 11, 2012 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: adult industry, , chathosts, , hosts, , , , models, performers, sex workers, ,   

    What's Taking ICM Registry so Long to Finalize This "Performers Program"? 

      I wanted my dot XXX long before they even announced a Performers Program. It was “reserved by ICM” when I went to check its status on Whois website. I hadn’t even inquired about it yet. Someone had reserved it prior to me. I asked about who and that’s when  they refused to tell me. They also refused to let me buy it, though I wanted to, I inquired about it, I even went through the steps to do so under their Sunrise A program but they blocked me. When I asked who tried to purchase it prior to me, they said “that information is confidential”. That’s why they couldn’t let me buy it under Sunrise A; they would have had to tell me who tried to buy it. So, they scrambled to create a Performers Program, a ‘special’ program which denies us access to the records that other customers of dot xxx are entitled to!  They just would not let me buy it! I own the dot com and have grandfathered it. Owned the dot com longer than iFriends/Webpower has owned the dot net of my name. What did ICM do? Rather than let me buy it, they just shoved me into this Performers Program (currently held in an ‘escrow’ account), which the details are still not ready. I’ve been waiting since october to hear something about this program. Nothing. Not a word. Still waiting. I’ve tweeted to them several times, and always the same response “soon”. This is really taking long. Are ICM Registry (and the lawyers they share with Webpower/iFriends) just too busy counting all their ‘chickens’ before they hatch? Perhaps they’re just counting their money, as we perfomers, who are “so important” to ICM Registry, count the days until they finally decide to let us in on the little secret that is their agreement and all the juicy terms and fancy lawyer wording, whose sole intention is to confuse, insult and baffle our minds to the point where we pass out, in a form resembling the mannequins that so cheaply portrayed us in their pathetic ads, trying to convince the world that porn was all moving to .XXX. Like hell it is! Hey ICM, lawyer up all you want, but you’re not dealing with a dummy here, as your ads suggest how low you really think of us performers. Take your cheap degrading, classless, corny, bubble-brained ads and shove them up your ass, where they belong.


    Anyway, here’s a little humour, from one of the  little ‘mannequin’ people. You might like this, ICM! It should provoke you to want to respond, but please, leave D-Man out of this. He was rather rude and quite transparent. Wouldn’t want to embarrass yourselves further, would you? Let’s not go down that road again. 😉


    • Bee 7:05 pm on February 15, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      The Manwin lawsuit has probably pushed things back?


      • amanda36c 10:56 pm on February 15, 2012 Permalink | Reply

        Convenient excuse, surely, but that lawsuit has been going on since november. It’s not stopping ICM from conducting regular business in the meantime. I don’t see how this is stopping them from going forward with the Performers Program. I do know one thing for sure and that is … the Performers Program was merely an afterthought. It was never there in the beginning. When I inquired about buying my dot XXX (amanda36c.xxx), they refused to let me. They immediately tossed me into this Performers Program. Never heard of this before. Something new? Why? Could that be because under Sunrise A, they would have had to tell me who it was that tried to purchase amanda36c.xxx in the first place? So, they decided that by putting me in this ‘special’ program, they could justify not telling me who tried to buy my dot xxx. Hmmm,… let’s see … I own the dot com. Webpower/iFriends owns the dot net. Wait .. I grandfathered the dot com (owned it longer than iFriends owned my dot net). ICM’s lawyer, Sheri Falco is also Webpower’s lawyer. Sticky. N’est pas? There was no mention of any Performers Program back then, but as soon as I came along and tried to find out who tried to buy my dot xxx, up popped this ‘special’ Performer Program! How convenient! No details on it though. This was back in september. Now, it’s february. Still no details. Was there ever really a Performers Program in thought (at this point, not even existance) or was this a fabrication just to cover their asses?

        They’re protecting us from cybersquatters huh? Their own lawyers are cybersquatting! The lawyers for ICM are so busy buying up domains for Webpower and their buddies, they have no time to scramble to create this last-minute Performers Program. I guess it’ll just have to wait. Lucky me! In the meantime, my dot xxx sits in an ‘escrow account’ safely and securely in ICM’s hands and not mine. They refuse to let me buy it. They are hiding something. Actually, it’s obvious that they are hiding a lot of things. When questioned, their standard answer, no matter what the question is, seems to be “that is confidential”.

        Re: The Manwin lawsuit – Are you following the case? 🙂 So far, judging from Lawley’s statements in his affidavit, he’s lying through his teeth to save himself! If Manwin settles, I will be very disappointed. I’m surprised that more companies haven’t jumped on board with this one, but why would this surprise anyone? Complacency is overwhelming in today’s society. That is precisely why these companies continue to get away with what they’re getting away with and why frauds run so rampant in our great free countries.


    • Bee 7:15 pm on February 17, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Re: amanda36c.xxx

      I just checked and it is showing as available to register?


    • Bee 7:21 am on February 18, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      It’s showing as, “Reserved for Adult Performer Program by ICM Registry.” now.

      But yesterday it was available!


      • amanda36c 5:51 pm on February 18, 2012 Permalink | Reply


        Is it possible that you entered “amanda36” (without the “c”) yesterday? If there were any changes, Whois would have updated the date of the change and I see none were made recently.


    • Bee 7:50 pm on February 18, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Nope, I double checked! I copy/pasted it above: “Re: amanda36c.xxx”

      I swear it was available for a short while at least.


    • ElliotNess29 6:35 pm on February 22, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Icm Registry finally after four months of it’s coming soon, decides to announce in a press release the details to the Adult performers programs for .XXX just hours after Manwin releases that they have amend the Lawsuit and dropped settlement talks. How convient again for ICM Registry that their adult performers program is now ready. ICM Registry also announces that the performers will get their .XXX for one year with name.com for free! This is going to show the courts what great support that ICM registry has in the Adult community, right.

      With in hours of the ICM registry press release, their system still doesn’t show anything different and a Name.com representative on twitter tells Amanda36c that they will connact her with more information and find out what name.com’s role is in this program. What? What kind of business announces a joint program with another company and all the representatives of the other company has no clue what’s going on? Simple, it was rushed out to do more damage control against the Manwin announcement. Is name.com really paying for this or is it ICM Registry who is really footing the bill to buy the performers support?

      The next day whois shows that TeaganPresley.xxx which was supposedly awarded to her the day before by ICM Registry, still shows as owned by ICM Registry LLC under the performers program: http://whois.domaintools.com/teaganpresley.xxx On twitter today, ICM Registry retweeted Monica Foster thanking them for her DOTXXX domain but look what her whois record says: http://whois.domaintools.com/monicafoster.xxx Why the difference and which one is the lie here because something isn’t adding up? Don’t tell me it must be whois just reacting to slow to all the demand for their domains by Adult performer. Late again today on twitter, Amanda36c reports that the access button isn’t functioning properly for her and that she isn’t going to give ICM Registry/Webpower any access to her twitter account. What a smart move by her! They share the same lawyers and now all the adult performer are going to rush for their free domain name at ICM registry while giving access to their twitter accounts.

      All the Adult performers better look at lawyering up if they really want to protect themselves from the all-giving ICM Registry who are being sued for lies about support from the Adult community among other things when they obtained the contract .XXX from ICANN.

      Take the advice of Amanda36c who had over ten years of experience dealing with the dictatorship and crookedness of Webpower/Ifriends before finally seeing them for what they really are. All you performers might want to listen carefully to what she’s says!


    • ElliotNess29 4:25 pm on February 23, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Wow, ICM changes the Whois information for Teaganpresley.xxx just hours after I post my comment to Michael Berkens’ Blog http://www.TheDomains.com but the time still shows that Monica Foster’s .XXX was changed before ICM registry’s example Teagan Presley of how generous they are to the adult performers, They continue to try to manipulate and control any information being put out to the public and when they are caught again and again with errors which are pointed out, they simply change the information to look all correct. I hope Manwin is being so diligent about watching everything that is being put out about ICM Registry and .XXX domains.

      Nice try ICM Registry to make others look bad or wrong, good quick cover it all up but the truth always comes out and you can’t keep it all hidden for much longer!


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