An expression I created and have been using since 1999 was used by a copycat camgirl/studio to promote her girls. She knows this was mine, as she has admitted several times to know things about how I run my room and her visits to my blog and websites are quite frequent. In any case, I saw this in a tweet and commented. Her response back was quite snappy and rude, acting as though she speaks for others, when clearly that is not the case. Further along, she continues, bringing things into this that have absolutely nothing to do with what we were discussing. Why would a camgirl feel the need to tell another camgirl to “find something new to do. Camming isn’t your gig anymore”? What business is it of hers what I decide to do with my life? What threat do I pose to her, to provoke this sort of behavior? All I did was call her out on copying me. Remember, that’s what started this.

There was more but let’s move on to day 2, July 2nd.

If “stfu already” (as seen directly below, from the egg) sounds familiar, have a look at CatherineTayler’s first post, way up top. 😉 That’s where you may have seen it before. They also both like to pretend they speak for more than just themselves. This is a rare thing. What a funky coincidence!

I know! Let’s toss in one of them there southern expressions, like maybe, oh I dunno, the word “y’all”, to try and make it sound like we’re, well y’all know, one of them there southerners. Ya git me? Still speaking for the masses, I see. Also, “fucking with you” is something Catherine said, too, in her part of the conversation. Oh and this here egg just so happens to know things, like who it is and who it isn’t. The mystical, magical egg.

This is not how camgirls behave toward one another. There is something really wrong with this picture and the overall attitude displayed by this person. Not only with what looks to be insane jealousy but the poking and the bullying, as well. This is done by someone who runs a studio for Streamate (and pays the girls 32% but won’t say where the other 3% goes). This industry really does govern itself.

Had Catherine Tayler exercised a simple courtesy by saying “I really like that. Mind if I use it?” – I would have had no problem saying “sure”. Of my 16 years in this industry, whenever another camgirl asked for help, for anything, I never said “no”. In fact, I helped a lot of camgirls over the years and will continue to do so, any way that I can. The games that this industry plays, as pathetic as they are, will not stop me from being who I am and doing what I do.