Calling all Adult Internet Marketing Gurus

After months of hard work, my club is finally live and now, all that’s left is the usual tweaks and touch-ups, along with minor adjustments. I’m looking to market it and don’t quite know where to begin. Any advice from website traffic gurus/marketers/industry professionals would be greatly appreciated.

I’m trying to avoid the following types of sites:

  • Those that inundate you with pop-up/interactive ads or any type of annoyances that don’t sit calmly on the sidelines of the page.
  • Banner/link exchanges.
  • Sites that love to feed you cookies (or worse; viruses/keyloggers, etc.).

I’m looking for places to list my site where I don’t have to continuously check to see if my links are being reciprocated (often with those sites, they aren’t),


Anyone with some knowledge/help/advice? I’d be eternally grateful. Nothing to offer at the moment but perhaps down the road.

Looking to market … big time.

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