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    CamGirl Clubs Has Launched! 

    Camgirls, don’t own a website? Don’t have a company or merchant account to take credit card payments (with ’3-d secure’ anti-fraud system) with age verification assurance, for your Skype shows? You can get into heaps of trouble using Paypal, Western Union or gift cards because they are not adult industry friendly.
    Start your own Skype show business with CamGirl Clubs. We take care of all the billing of customers, as well as  payments to you, giving you full access to all transactions related to your account.
    I created a page of instructions and if you follow them closely,  you will be well on your way to becoming a truly independent camgirl. You can literally fire all the big sites once you establish yourself. You are, after all, bringing your own traffic to yourself anyway.
    Don’t settle for
    • 35% commission or less. 
    • Not having a direct line of communication to your own customers
    •  Not being in control of your own content.
    • Not having access to account-related transactions.



    With CamGirl Clubs, we offer what the big sites won’t.. We are here to give camgirls a chance to take back their industry and build themselves a future.  


    Everyone in CamGirl Clubs drives her own traffic and the site (yourself included) benefits from it.

    Hurry and join. The first 20 girls get 80% commission.


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    Tags: catherine stlouis steals trademark, catherinetayler steals amanda36c trademark, kittyscammodels steals amanda36c trademark, recruiter altgirlmedia steals camgirl's trademark, trademark theft of camgirls   

    CatherineTayler Trademarks Amanda36c? 

    I just last night found out that the handle I use and have been using the last 17 years (amanda36c) had a trademarked filed on January 5th, 2014. This coming just 2 days prior to Streamate kicking me off their platform.

    I screenshot this because often, information is changed in the records soon after I point it out. Here is the originating url of the trademark pending and below is the screenshot I took just today.


    I received an e-mail from Streamate support telling me my account was closed, after I informed them their marketing director, Christophe Peyras, was behind the harassment. I showed Shawn Boday, the owner, proof of this, which he denied (was I expecting him to admit his involvement? Of course not!). His response, via Skype (copied and pasted):

    [06/01/2014 4:09:04 PM] shawn.boday: ….. You’ve provided some twitter links that I am having researched
    Once I figure out who operates those twitter accounts I will deal with it accordingly

    The Twitter accounts he was referring to were (amongst several others):

    On January 5th, 2014 (prior to my conversation with Mr Boday), I took this screenshot, shows the account was open for public viewing. Two days later, they locked their tweets.


    On January 7th, 2014,  following my report to Streamate’s owner, where he replied he would look into it, that Twitter account was locked.


    On January 4th, MrCJenkins’ (another Peyras persona) account was open and, just like @StreamatePage3 above, was locked on the 7th.

    On the 5th, open.


    On the 7th, locked




    He later re-opened both accounts and all the rude tweets to me were deleted. A few days later, he closed them again. This continued for some time. Open, close. Open, close. Etc.

    Are you still following? Now, let’s go back to @StreamatePage3 for a second. I want to point out the games they play. I later noticed that @StreamatePage3 no longer existed and found that odd, so I performed a search for it on Twitter, thinking (hoping) perhaps my report to Twitter got it taken down. Well, no such luck but I did discover that my search for @StreamatePage3 resulted in what you see in the screenshot below. StreamatePage3′s  Twitter name was changed by the owner of the account (Peyras), to @BigFloppyDnkeyD .. on what date? Why the 7th of January 2014, of course!


    The next day, my performer account was closed, with no explanation other than this poor, ambiguous excuse. Nice job of “figuring out who operates those Twitter accounts”, Boday. This is what happens when you report things to Streamate. If they are involved, or it is their recruiters doing it, things just disappear, right along with your performer account. Speaks volumes to what is really going on.


    Have to wonder if trademarking performers’ names is what this was about, all along. Veteran hosts, performers who are savvy to the bullshit going on in this industry seem to be the biggest targets. Why trademark my name now, after I have been using it for seventeen years?  Oh and the guy who apparently filed for this trademark just happens to be Catherine(Tayler)’s ex, Clint Bialkoski.  It’s all right here. See for yourself. Performers, try the search and see if someone has (or is trying to) trademark your handle, too. This is public record, easily found with a Google search. Something else that is public record are the trademark filings which, according to these dates, she trademarks MY name before her own! Here’s the one she (along with her ex), filed for amanda36c This is her own, where she uses the name Catherine Peyras BUT, if you look at this, , she uses yet another name with Altgirlmedia. but the address is the same in her CatherineTayler trademark as it is in the company Altgirlmedia. 20012 Wallingford Ave N
    Shoreline, WA 98133. Interesting. Brings me to wonder who is really behind this. I don’t see any reason for a simple camgirl/recruiter to give a damn about owning my trademark when she has her own, along with plenty of girls under her recruiting ‘agency’ on Streamate.

    Camgirls should all beware of people trying to trademark their names. I’m certain this is not the first time this has happened, nor am I the first they (whoever is behind this) have done this to. I do believe I am able to stop this from actually going through. Don’t hold your breath on that ‘pending’ status, Catherine. That was really cheap, but, I expect no less from you. Send your boss this for me: “Nothing in the world can take the place of Persistence.  Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent.  Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb.  Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts.  Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan ‘Press On’ has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.“. His favorite saying.  He needs to know that sometimes, our persistence causes us to react stupidly, foolishly and result in errors that cannot be repaired, deleted or hidden.

    • ElliotNess29 1:57 am on March 18, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      WOW Amanda!

      Looks like Shawn Boday has learned everything he knows from the scumbag of the adult industry, Allan E Hadhazy. You know, delete everything that incriminates them and change it so no one can see it anymore. Or are Boday and Hadhazy in business together now? Boday tries to cover up that his marketing director is harassing you or even other performers and he is okay having this guy working for him. Streamate support with Boday’s approval removes you from their website because you are pissed off at finding out it has been Streamate harassing you all along. What a man of zero scrupples. He can’t even talk to you about it. I guess all the performers should be happy that Streamate will harass them off their website as well. Why would anyone stay on Streamate knowing this how they operate? It has to leave anyone reading your blog with a very big question, What other dirty underhanded games are Boday’s people playing on the performers and customers?

      Looks like Catherine Tayler, Christophe Peyras and Clint Bialkoski aren’t smart enough to know what you can or can not delete. US trademark applications can not be erased even if they are abandoned and if you change addresses, they log it on top of the old ones. It never disappears. I have to say these three have sunk pretty low on this one. Sorry for you but there definitely something you can do about it. You have to feel sorry for the poor performers who have been tricked into signing with and which are both Catherine Tayler’s recruiting studios on Streamate. Imagine how she will treat them if they leave her or don’t earn enough money for her? Is she already stealing their content and selling it somewhere else? Or is she trademarking the names of performers that make the most money and draw the most traffic to them? I guess Catherine Tayler learned how to people like crap from her days on Ifriends and the scumbags at Webpower Inc or is she really still working for them?

    • autumnstorm425 12:06 am on March 22, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Holy shit amanda! were you signed up through a studio or signed up with streamate directly? I’m thinking I should trade mark my own cam name so nobody else can. It sucks that you are going through this but thanks for sharing as it helps those of us it hasn’t happened to yet stay 1 step ahead of the people that do this. If you signed up directly and streamate and they allowed their recruiters to harass you then I hope you took a large chunk of their customers with you when they removed you. If it was some douche bag studio then I would email vanessa and let her know about this so the studio can be banned and you can have your account reinstated. again I am sorry you went through this crap.

      • amanda36c 3:05 pm on March 23, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        Nope, was never signed up through any of Catherine Tayler’s studios or any recruiters on Streamate. I was earning 35% signed up directly. Shawn Boday invited me there and offered money to bring other girls. I had no idea at the time that he’d later shove everyone into recruiters rooms and bring our commissions down. This all came later. In hindsight, yes, a trademark is a good idea but if you have been doing business for years under a certain (albeit un-trademarked) name, you have a valid case for dispute, meaning the trademark pending can be rejected or existing trademark removed. I hold the site *entirely* responsible, as it was their very own marketing director who had harassed me and upon being told of this, they removed ME from their site and not him, tells me the site is behind it. Why? It’s very simple. Recruiters make the site money. They do as the site tell them to do. They are paid by the site. They are not as ‘separate’ as people, for some reason, seem to believe. No studio or recruiter can guarantee traffic to their girls yet they all do. That’s because most of those are owned by the site itself. That is the only way they can guarantee anything. The girl running the recruitment agency for the site is paid well enough from the site, as long as she is able to keep bringing down the girls’ commissions, therefore allowing the site to earn more. She is an asset and her silence about this is mandatory. Imagine the shitstorm if camgirls found out why their placement went from page 1 to page 3 (for example)? So, this is all kept low key. So, reporting anything of this nature to the site is like reporting the crime to the criminal. Useless as tits on a bull. Liz, Vanessa, Shawn and Ross are all well aware of what they are doing. I wish more camgirls were.

        • autumnstorm425 8:02 pm on March 24, 2014 Permalink

          sorry that happened to you. I hope you took some of their traffic.

    • JB 3:39 am on April 12, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Clint Bialkoski, you are either a complete hypocrite after what happened to your brother Brent in Neewapa, MB or the biggest sucker in the world. I am sorry for your family’s loss and I don’t think the punishment could ever be severe enough. I would think you Clint, would be the last person that would try to steal or wrongfully take someone else’s business trade name away. I guess you are still too pussy whipped by Catherine Tayler/St.Louis/Peyras you know – your blue haired ex …. and fallen for her lies, bullshit and games again. Why be foolish enough to get caught up in Catherine and Christophe Peyras’ childish little games of harassment? They are arrogant enough to think they can do whatever they want without consequences. I hope you are not caught too deep in this mess Clint because it won’t be very easy to distance yourself when the real shit behind all this explodes out into the open. Be a man Clint Bialkoski, do the right thing and have some integrity. Just tell the two-faced uber bitch and her little pet weasel, Peywuss to go fuck themselves. Make them do their own dirty work instead of trying to hide behind you! If you are fully involved in this up to your neck then tell the “piece of shit” on top for me, his days are numbered! Should have paid Amanda all the money his companies skimmed from her when there was a chance because now it is going to cost him everything!

      Hey Uber bitch, how many of your and performers’ twitter accesses have you been using to harass people with and then delete the tweet? Do they know about it or have you sucked them in too? What else are you hiding from them? Performers must all be just rushing to let you slimeballs help them ;) By the way …. STFU actually nobody likes YOU!

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    Heads-Up, CamGirls 

    Camgirls, if you offer Skype shows, do NOT take payment from Paypal, Amazon (or other) gift cards, Western Union, etc. You MUST age verify. I’m sure you’re all aware by now that there are games being played with us in this industry by the sites. Who else stands to gain from us not being able to offer Skype shows? The following are some examples (and things to watch out for):

    Accepting Amazon gift cards in exchange for sex shows on Skype. A gift card is no proof of age. This can get you into heaps of trouble, camgirls. DON’T do it.

    Accepting PayPal in exchange for sex shows on Skype. PayPal will close your account if you’re found to be doing this. They do not work with our industry.

    Accepting Western Union as payment. Again, no proof of age here.

    Use a payment processor that has security measures in place to protect you and ensure your customers are all of legal age.

    Happy Skyping!


    Camgirls, thinking of offering Skype to your customers but not sure how to do it? I can help. Payment processing also available, with secure systems in place to ensure your customers are all of legal age and no games are played by the you-know-whos of this industry (they just can’t stand to see us all going independent, can they?)!

    Be vigilant, girls and play safe!

  • amanda36c 3:41 pm on March 2, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Skype With CamGirl Clubs 

    With a great deal of reluctance, I finally decided to sign up for a free account on Skype, using their platform to promote my shows. The advantage, compared to other video software programs, especially in my industry,  is the control I have over my own content. Skype shows provide an assurance that my content will not be taken, copied, sold and/or traded amongst other industry scum, I mean ‘professionals’. A sure advantage to performing Skype shows is not having to deal with the constant harassment that has followed me around like a shadow, from site to site, everywhere I go. They flood my chatroom with nonsense, insults and absolute stupidity and regardless of what I do to try and stop them (from ignoring to reporting, to constantly blocking them) they remain relentless. This does not happen with Skype shows.

    This entire industry has destroyed itself, all for their own greed. We can now only watch now as their profits dwindle and everything comes crashing down around them. After stealing and scrounging everything they can from the girls, (lest we forget the scams of putting fake camgirls on the sites with that Cam Decoy (et al) programs ( and faking traffic so we think there exists traffic. Does anyone actually believe they are not doing this to send fake traffic to our rooms? If they have programs with fake performers, then surely it must be a breeze to create one that displays fake guests and members. What a fucking joke this industry is.

    Here’s a needle in the haystack, guys. Me. I’m real, I’m here and I’m now offering Skype shows to members as well as starting up a site that promotes camgirls who wish to do the same. The only way to do that is with independence. A hostile take-back of our industry.  I think we can all profit well from sharing traffic right here on this platform while we all take back control over our industry. It is the camgirl industry, not the webpimp industry. Let’s get that straight! Camgirls, how does 80% sound to you?

    Guys, Skype with me



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    Tags: amanda36c on skype, amanda36c skype, camgirls on skype, skype shows   

    Skype With Me; Two Simple Steps 


    The perfect way to support camgirls is by purchasing Skype shows. Why?


    1) We have eliminated the middleman; no webpimp taking the lion’s share of our earnings and feeding us scraps.  This means a better price for you.

    2) Enjoy a true, private 1-on1 session; no interruptions.

    3) Display your cam as well, with 2-way audio. Hands-free fun!

    4) A more flexible schedule, for your convenience.

    5) Skype memberships are free. No additional charges tacked on.

    6) Your minutes never expire. Unused minutes remain in your account as credits for future shows.

    Ready to Skype with me? Here’s what to do:

    1) Choose your plan

    2) Use the link below the price grid on that same page and contact me on Skype to schedule the show.

    Under great, affordable rates, I offer to you: role-play shows (agreed upon in advance and must be legal), fetish shows (feet, calf flexing, pantyhose, etc.) and of course, full nudity, with or without dildos.

    If you have questions, comments, or compliments, reach me by replying to this post. All replies to this particular post will remain private. I will not approve and post them as comments here.

    • Scaredcammodel 3:35 pm on March 22, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Hi! Someone posted a link to your blog on Stripperweb and I am glad I have read it. I didn’t know how else to get in touch with you. Unreal that they are trademarking your name. That’s just down dirty and low. Then they kicked you off the site. They might as well kick me off too for all they are allowing me to make now. I’m not sure if they have target me or not, but it sure feels like it. If I subscribe to your blog can they see that I am subscribed? I am still trying to hang in there until I can make some changes. I wish you could sue the fucking pants off of them. They don’t deserve what they have.

      • amanda36c 2:39 pm on March 23, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        What was the name of the thread in Stripperweb? I’d hope that a simple Google search would bring you to my Twitter or e-mail. Yes, what they did was dirty and low but do we really expect any less from them? The levels of low these people will sink to are astonishing. Suing is not the answer. Their pockets are too deep. There are some highly illegal things going on, however but the law doesn’t like to step into the adult industry, unless of course they have no other choice. I don’t think subscribers can see who the other subscribers are. I tried poking around, in another system and not signed in and couldn’t find any list of subscribers, so I believe it’s private or only I can see it, through my dashboard when logged in. I will never give information as to who you are (or anyone). The only people I expose are trademark thieves and hired harassers. It’s all public information anyway. Just pointing out who’s behind the dirt.

  • amanda36c 2:55 pm on January 29, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Cam Decoy; Where Have All The Camgirls Gone? 

     What Is Cam Decoy?

    This Cam Decoy program has been quietly making the rounds of popular adult live cam websites for roughly four years. A program that creates the illusion that a performer is live can be quite the asset to websites wanting to maximize profits. Great concept. Leave it up to the adult industry to pull that rabbit out of their hat. Leave it up to them to trick paying customers into thinking a performer is right there communicating with them, responding to their requests, interacting, when in fact, they’re not. In their video, this company ever so slightly touches on the fact that audio can also be offered, as well. How it’s done must be a big secret because it’s hardly even mentioned.

    Why Use Cam Decoy?

    Why pay us performers for live content when you can pass replays off as live and not have to pay us anything at all? Fool the members. Fool the girls. Fool everyone! What a wonderful way to make money. As far as the content; these sites by now have enough of it that they can easily buy, sell or trade it and never have to pay another camgirl again. There is more than enough content to keep them going strong for the rest of their scumbag lives.

    Is it surprising, my fellow camgirls, that our revenues and traffic are seeing declines like never before?

    Can You Be Fooled?

    Members of these sites – could you have fallen victim to a cam decoy while thinking you were getting off to a real live camgirl, doing exactly what you were asking her to do? Have you ever asked her to wave to you and then believed she was real just because you saw her do it? These buggers are getting sophisticated. They have even incorporated voice into the whole scheme, to further trick you into thinking the performers are live. In reality, they are as live as … Elvis is, in Las Vegas!

    How To Spot A Cam Decoy Session

    When a potential customer enters a performer’s room and wants to know if she is live or not, he will typically ask her to wave or give him the finger, thinking if she doesn’t do it, she’s a fake. Don’t be so easily fooled. These cats are sly and their programs catch every movement possible, to ensure it all looks legit and interactive in the final edit.

    One way to know for sure is to ask her to call your name. Watch her lips and she speaks it, or ask her to look into the cam and call out a name that starts with the letter “L”, like Larry and see if her tongue touches the top of her mouth when she starts to say it. A name beginning with the letter “S”, like Steve,  is great, too, and look for her lips stretch to slightly horizontally when she begins to say it.  If she doesn’t offer audio, (and there really is no excuse for a camgirl not to offer audio in an industry as competitive as ours), try to think of something super creative to get her to do besides waving or giving the finger. Think ‘charades’ and let your imagination run wild!

    Would They Really Do This?

    This program was created in 2010, discussed in 2011 and for the most part, shrugged off, just like every other underhanded trick these sites use to sell our content and not have to pay us. Yet another way to maximize profits. Just business. Right? What surprises me the most in reading those discussions by industry girls, is that the point of this is completely missed. The girls are discussing whether or not it is a smart idea, rather than looking at it from a business perspective and seeing why the sites themselves would be doing this and how this affects us in the form of the live video model being replaced by replay videos of us, which we are not paid for. Why the sites would do this is obvious. Would they really do this though? We’re talking about sites that introduce studios and recruiters in their efforts to drive our commission down. We’re talking about sites that buy, sell and trade our content, collectively to other sites,  each other. Anyone thinking this industry is above board and straight with us, would never lie, cheat or steal, really has a lot to learn. Our contracts speak volumes to this. For fun and kicks, have your lawyer translate what the contract does for the performer, in comparison to what it does for the site. His advice would be “don’t sign it”.  Would the sites really do this? Anyone that even has to ask that question, seriously needs their head examined.

    Here’s the Cam Decoy ad

    • Tucker 12:50 am on January 30, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Don’t think Ihave run into this But it does make a person think about it

      • amanda36c 2:11 pm on February 7, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        It sure does. A great conversation piece and little more, since people couldn’t care less about what goes on in our corrupt industry.

    • NA 1:25 am on February 1, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      I understand that sites may sell content and not pay the models they steal it from; however, for the sake of this post, you’re making it seem like the company, CamDecoy, is doing it.

      The model in the video is Tessa Taylor, a porn actress, who was paid directly to perform all the content for that product. In fact, I remember recognizing her on Streamate under the name MadisonQT. I knew it was Tessa Taylor (and a recording) right away.

      When you find a recording of an actual cam girl being passed off as a live stream on a site somewhere, post about that. Now THAT would be something people would start talking about.

      • amanda36c 1:01 pm on February 7, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        Dearest N/A,

        As expected, someone anonymous comes crawling out of the woodwork to defend this.

        One look at the video tells me this program was created with the purpose of fooling and defrauding people. Its entire premise is based on trickery. The customer, paying a per minute rate, thinks he is interacting with a live camgirl, when in fact, it is nothing more than a program created with snippets from a real girl’s online performance from a prior date.. There are substantial differences between live cam rates and those of replay (or non-live) sessions. That said, how is this not deceiving? How is this not a fraud?

        I fail to see what the porn star they used even has to do with this, but in your own defense, you do seem to know quite a bit about her and her dealings with this company for some reason. How would you know she was paid directly for that? Very convenient for you to just happen to know this for a fact.

        I just love your last comment: “When you find a recording of an actual cam girl being passed off as a live stream on a site somewhere, post about that. Now THAT would be something people would start talking about.”

        You mean that would be something of interest to you because you need people like me to show you what, in all your arrogance and stupidity, you forgot to cover up or hide? I’d rather just keep that for my own personal records. I know who I’m dealing with, so thanks for your generous advice and for taking the time out of your busy day (I’m sure) to post to my little blog here. Much appreciated.

        • Hanna 6:22 pm on March 17, 2014 Permalink

          In response to N/A’s comment “When you find a recording of an actual cam girl being passed off as a live stream on a site somewhere, post about that. Now THAT would be something people would start talking about.”
          What about the pop-up’s when you visit a site such as if you click categories a pop-up comes up on the bottom with SM models performing shows totally naked with the option to click to that model. Its flashing its LIVE!!! It’s actually a loop video or several loop videos used. One of the models is a friend of mine she had no idea they were using her in these advertisements…I took a video of it to show her. When I went to her profile she has not been online in months. So THERE is something to talk about!!!
          I cannot believe they are using Christy Mack as a cam decoy model…even my mom knows who Christy Mack is..

    • ElliotNess29 2:00 am on February 19, 2014 Permalink | Reply


      You are more right than you think! These recorded “live” shows being passed off as real camgirls on adult webcam sites are popping up all over the place. I am also sure that the webcam websites are earning 100% profit on them. Great for the real camgirls struggling to see any paying traffic to their chatrooms and traffic in general falling on almost all adult camming websites. The games that these scumbags will play with the talent is never ending. It’s all about greed and their wallets getting fatter while the performers struggle to make ends meet.

      Your fellow performers might want get their heads out of the sand! Ask themselves these simple questions: If the traffic is falling and the performers aren’t making much money and the big webcam sites are also really losing money too, then how come they don’t purchase more traffic or do more promotional campaigns to entice the customers to spend? Is it because they really aren’t losing money? If not, where exactly are they making their money from? It makes no sense when you see all these new webcam websites under hidden ownerships. How come so many guests and nontalking customers in your chatrooms? What happened to all the talkative members that used to frequent all the webcam websites? You yourself Amanda, used to complain about how members chatted and now they don’t. Is it possible the real customers have figured out the games, scams and BS played by the adult webcam industry to take their hard earned monies?

      @NA Maybe Amanda should just start posting the names of the actual real performers instead of the fake recordings. Opposite to what you said. Now that would be a great story! You seemed to know a lot about the websites stealing the performers’ content. Who are you spin doctoring this for then? You just have to love the old shell game of hide the fraud from the talent. Oops, they weren’t supposed to catch on. Oh well, I guess you can just harass them offline or cut their traffic to shut them up. It worked real well for the Nazis, didn’t it?

      We have a couple of saying in Italy: “Chi ruba poco, ruba assai” means if you will steal an egg, you will steal an ox.

      And: “Chi affoga s’attaccherrebbe alle funi del cielo” means a drowning man will pluck at a straw.

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    Tags: Moneytree steals pay, Mtree doesn't pay out last pay, streamate doesn't pay, streamate last pay not given, streamate steals pay   

    Streamate steals last pay 

    Streamate did not pay me for my last week worked on their platform. In their own words, as per their e-mail: “All unpaid earnings WILL be paid out on the normal payment schedule.” I was paid last week, from the previous week’s work but I was not paid for last week’s work this week. Nor was I paid from Mtree, which is also owned by FCI Inc. (or is it now ICF Technology, after the lawsuit filed against them? It’s pretty confusing).

    I pointed out some facts about their marketing director and his recruiter wife harassing me and days later, this is how I get treated. Money taken from me. That is fucking arrogant and to take someone’s last paycheck from them, after claiming that you would pay them on time, takes scum to a whole new level.

    Great job, Streamate. So whose pocket is my money in?

    Update: Streamate has made the payment, after this blog, e-mail and tweets to them. It was an honest mistake I’m sure. They had forgotten to cut the pay because it had not yet reached the hundred dollar mark needed to pay out. Nevertheness, my account was taken down by them after I caught and accused their marketing director (Christophe Peyras) and his wife, the recruiter (Catherine Tayler) of being the ones behind my harassment the entire time. I proved it to them. They are behind it, 100%.

    The site themselves harassed me and then kicked me off the platform when I spoke out about it. Mtree,(MoneyTree) however, still has not paid me. I will update this blog when/if they do.

    Update:Moneytree payment finally arrived on the 21st.

    • ElliotNess29 12:27 pm on January 23, 2014 Permalink | Reply


      I for one am glad you are finally off Streamate. Any company that would harass its performers or allow them to be harassed is dirty enough to pursue other nefarious deeds. On November 30th, 2012 Plenty Of Fish Media Inc.. sued FCI Inc.., Seattle WA (POF Media Inc.. VS FCI Inc. et Al) for computer fraud as well as other statutory actions. Here’s the link to the lawsuit filed:

      This is why Moneytree (Streamate’s affiliate and revshare company) along with all the White Label websites in December 2012 changed from FCI Inc. to ICF Technology Inc. on the Whois records. The lawsuit states that they were caught using POF Inc.’s dating website to direct traffic and customers to their Webcam websites as well as contacting POF Inc’s clients by instant messaging and impersonating performers. Do you ever remember in your Streamate chatroom being asked to meet in person or told that the member had just spoken to you on Yahoo Messaenger or MSN under another name telling them to use the link provided to come see you?

      ICF Technology Inc lost their motion for a Temporary Restraining Order against Google Inc. on December 20th 2013 in their lawsuit due to the lack of evidence or proof. Here’s the link to the denial of the TRO motion:

      Google stated in their motion for dismissal on November 15th, 2013 that ICF Technology informed them that the company would go out of business if Google Inc.’s blocking action was not removed or stopped immediately. It looks like Streamate and ICF Technology Inc. are bleeding traffic and losing their white label clients since the blocking action was put in place. How soon will they close the company? Will they pay the, performers, affiliates and whitelabel owners or just declare bankruptcy? It does not look very good for ICF Technology Inc. if they can’t use be seen properly in the Google Chrome or Android search engines but what goes around, comes around.

      My hatred for Webpower Inc/Ifriends after being scammed by them years ago, has me seeing a lot of scary similarities between Streamate and Ifriends in their actions, disceptions, arrogance, games and the many names of their companies. You have definitely had far more experience and time dealing with both of them than most people so what do you see about the two companies?

      Hopefully the other performers are seeng the light and wake up to the garbage being done against them by the big websites and others before it is too late. As a group the performers are more powerful than trying to act alone but doing nothing about their treatment by the Webcam websites is foolhardy and a grave mistake. It will only get worse when the performers give the Webcam websites an inch they take a mile for sure without think twice or even looking back.

      Good luck in your new venture and keep speaking out!


      • amanda36c 3:25 pm on January 23, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        Hello Mr Ness,

        Yes, I’m aware of the lawsuits by and against FCI, ICF and whatever other variations of that name they happen to go by in their attempts to cover their asses from heat brought on by people, like myself, fed up with their bullshit, except with the money to bring on litigation.

        The whitelabels (not owned by the site, of course) appear to be diminishing. There are complaints galore in the Stripperweb forums about not only how slow the traffic is but how they absolutely refuse to address any reports of glitches or God forbid; fix them. I’ve seen this before, all through 2006 – 2009 on iFriends. Very similar behavior between Streamate and iFriends. In fact, so similar that when you catch them at something, their response is to cover it up, make it look like it never existed. Same thing I’ve caught iFriends doing (proved it several times in previous blog posts).

        I’m not going to deny I’d love to see Streamate go out of business. After 3 years of almost daily harassment, several times reported to the owner himself, Shawn Boday’s reply to me was “it’s a fetish”, knowing damn well it was his own marketing director, Christophe Peyras along with his wife, Catherine Peyras, a studio/recruiter on Streamate, doing the harassing, as well as threatening me, stalking me, using his power of position to monitor and control the access gateway to my room and where I appear (page 3) <- he even created a Twitter account and called it @StreamatePage3 dedicated to his obsession, me. He has since changed that Twitter name to @bigfloppydnkeyD and, as per orders from his boss, Shawn Boday, after my report to him on the StreamatePage3 account, had him remove the account. Again, familiar behavior, same as iFriends. I report it, they remove it. Repeat process as necessary.

        I'm not the only one those two have harassed but I am the one they are paid to ensure is harassed right the hell offline. Most girls who are harassed are too afraid to speak out but that doesn't mean it's not happening. The level of urgency to harass me offline has been turned up several notches in the last few months, since I've been calling these 2 out. I have no intention of stopping, by the way. You reap what you sow in this life. I've done some unquestionable damage to someone with my blog posts over the years. I've also paid the price for speaking out. Why harass me offline? Why go to so much trouble? Who stands to lose by me speaking out so much against the bullshit in this industry? Well, if you've read my entire blog (it's several pages long, indeed), the answer lies within. It really isn't too hard to figure out who is behind these actions.

        To answer your question about members seeming to have come from a dating site … yes. Over the last 3 years or so, I've had several members in premium videochat, acting like we've had some kind of interaction before. Some asked if I would meet them, others would address me by names other than Amanda, in my chatroom, which I found rather odd, until I asked them about it. Some have told me they found me on a dating site but didn't get into details. I shrugged it off because I knew this was a tactic that the industry uses to drive traffic into their sex sites from borderline mainstream avenues. I just assumed it was sites like Friendfinder, AdultFriendFinder that they used. I could take a peek into my chat logs (I archived them all at the end of each shift and saved to notepad). Perhaps I do have some examples in there.

        I can't say with any certainty that ICF Technology would declare bankruptcy if Google didn't stop this action against them but if Google's claims are valid, then I guess bankruptcy would be the only option, especially if they do so heavily rely on that search engine and dating sites' (alleged, as the case is still ongoing") "stolen" traffic.

        Unfortunately, people simply do not take the time to investigate, like you, JB and myself have. Maybe ignorance really is bliss. People are starting to see the light, in the Stripperweb forums. It's funny how awakened you become to a situation that finally hits home. You start to see things from a whole new perspective; your own. I can only hope that they see what's going on. I can tell you my blog has a lot of followers and I do get several private messages on Twitter and by e-mail from girls quietly supportive of what I'm doing and saying in here. I respect their decision to remain anonymous. No one wants a target on their back.

        Thanks so much for your support. I will keep speaking out. I always have and always will. They scare girls into submission/silence and the more girls are accepting of this, the less control we will ever have over our own industry, and income. One day, they will realize this.

  • amanda36c 2:33 pm on January 16, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Us Versus Your Wife/Girlfriend – A Camgirl’s Top 10 List

    10) You can’t get it up? That’s OK. Keep trying.

    9) No commitment.

    8) We don’t wait for your call.

    7) We won’t trick you into getting us pregnant.

    6) We will always laugh at your jokes, in private sessions.

    5) We don’t care if you leave the toilet seat up.

    4) When we’re PMSsing, you can go see other girls.

    3) We don’t get mad when you forget the day we first met.

    2) We genuinely like you.

    and the number one reason we’re better than your wife or girlfriend …

    1) Every time we see you, we want sex!

    This Top 10 list has been brought to you by Join today and support an independent camgirl.

    Warning: Viewer Erection Is Advised

  • amanda36c 7:07 pm on January 11, 2014 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , camgirl stereotype,   

    Don’t Judge Us 

    The internet performer strips and performs sexual acts in front of the camera, from the comfort and safety of  her own home. Men flock to her, looking for a release.  It is not up to the performer to judge his morality, criticize his decisions or turn him down. We are all responsible for our own actions. So why are we, the performers, labeled the bad guys? There would be no supply if a demand for us did not exist. Is anyone right to judge us? Wouldn’t we then, be within our rights to judge them, as well?

    The performer has a job to do, like every other Joe Shmo in the world. If we are to be judged, then so should everyone who has ever given in to the urge to visit a sex site, paid for sex at any time in their lives or masturbated to a Playboy, Hustler, Swank or Spank magazine.  If we are to be judged, then so is every website owner, promoter, marketing director, accountant, lawyer , anyone affiliated, associated, partnered with, behind the scenes, or just plain profiting from the adult industry in any capacity.

    As performers, our job is about assessing what the customer wants, (even when they’re unsure themselves), creating that fantasy and satisfying the customer through visual stimulation in a relative manner. It isn’t always just about sex either. Sometimes, they’re just looking for the company of someone entirely neutral in their lives who won’t judge them or belittle them, criticize their decisions. We are someone they can come to with an open dialog to discuss anything they wish to, no restrictions, no guilt, no awkwardness. Suffice to say, we even  sometimes play therapist. We’re not that bad, are we?

    Camgirls that are able to connect with their customers reward themselves with the ability to explore sociological depths beyond what most workplaces ever see. Being that person on the other end of the line, we provide our customers an escape from their otherwise ‘normal’ lives. Listening to someone else’s problems, offering advice, or just enjoying each other’s company is a great way to establish a connection that even their closest family members or friends don’t have with them. Therapeutic, indeed. Put the gavel away.

    No one ever takes this into consideration when they’re sitting in the judge’s chair. Perhaps they should.

  • amanda36c 1:58 pm on January 2, 2014 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , streamate employee harassing camgirl, , streamate marketing director harasses amanda36c   

    An Inside Job 

    A few nights ago, my shift started off with a member giving Gold and then another went exclusive for approximately 5 minutes. There were only myself and the member in this exclusive session. Click the images to open them in a new window at full size.


    Pay close attention to the timeline and events.

    The stats report for that session shows he left at 1:19 (my time). There were no member reports after this, until 2:20 my time (or 7:20 GMT).


    Minutes later, at 1:37, some rude, harassing tweets were made. As one can tell by the name of the account, it was created for the sole purpose of harassing me. The only tweets are to me and the account’s name, @StreamatePage3 is a mockery of where my placement on Streamate has been changed; from page 1 to page 3.

    In one of their tweets, they wrote “two fisting it? im sure that loose cunt can take at least 3″. Obviously meant to say “fingers”, not “fist”, as no one has three fists. Never mind that though. The fact that this person knew exactly what I was doing in that session (which was slightly out of the ordinary, something I don’t often do), tells me they were the ‘invisible’ person in my room at that time, that the only way they could have seen that was if they were watching my show using an admin account or special voyeur window that only an admin could access. The person behind the Twitter account, @StreamatePage3 is someone who has access to my room, even when I am in an exclusive session with a member. No, it was not the member himself. It’s someone inside of Streamate doing this.

    I e-mailed Liz, to verify this wasn’t just some member viewing me from a voyeur window and she confirmed it couldn’t have been. Leaves only what I have been saying all along. I know exactly who has been (and continues to be) harassing me and they are indeed directly employed by Streamate Ltd. or FCI, Inc. or Flying Croc Inc. or ICF Technology, Inc. or … Accretive Technologies Group Inc., or .. whatever else they own.



    This is absolute proof.

    • JB 1:50 am on February 15, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you sooo much!!!! please e-mail me so we can fix this *Advertisement/e-mail removed*

      • amanda36c 12:59 pm on February 15, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        Fix what?

        • JB 1:35 pm on February 15, 2014 Permalink

          I am a studio owner with streamate… I have signed up over 3000 models and they have stolen most of them and hacked out my entire life…..

        • amanda36c 1:51 pm on February 15, 2014 Permalink

          Stating “I am” implies you still are. Is that the case, or did you leave? Still haven’t answered how you plan to “fix this” for me.

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