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    Numbers Don’t Lie 

    Here are some examples, taken from a popular adult industry forum, of camgirl earnings. Some of these are quite shocking. Remember, our earnings have been steadily declining over the years. My opinion of the industry and the scams within will never change, despite how much sneakier and scummier those controlling it have become. The only question remaining is: how much lower can they go?


    just over $30 in 3 hours on SM.. traffic has been great yesterday and today but it’s just guys popping in and out all night, sometimes saying “Hi” and leaving a second later. I think it’s the site, I haven’t had nights this bad in weeks.

     The few guys that DO talk have all been “show me a lil something then pvt, ok bb??” “love your tits, can I see them?” I usually don’t get too many of those but this past week there’s been an explosion of douchebags on SM.



    Well I am just doing way better than yesterday.. ROFLMAO!… I have made $20 bucks and I am not even done with my 5 hours yet.. woot woot!


    Oh darl,  I feel you.  Made shitty 8 bucks on 2 hours on sm today.  And sm always send me pvt sound even if there is no pvt.  Thanks Sm for making me frustrated!!


    $6? What in the HELL? it’s been almost 3 hours now.. uggh



    Oh, for the love of God…it says that today I was logged into ImLive for 9 hours and only made $5.38. And it says that yesterday I was logged on for 7 hours and made $1.64. This is absolute insanity. Well, uh…some good news…I finally accumulated enough points on Opinion Outpost (one of those paid survey sites) to cash out via PayPal. YAY ME! :P I had 110 points, which equates to $11 via PayPal. And the payout happened INSTANTLY. I’ve got my PayPal debit card, and I’m about to buy some food. You’d be amazed how I can stretch $11.


    Ugh, 2 hours on SM last night and $30. I wanted to stay on longer but the last hour I couldn’t make anything so I logged off. I haven’t even been able to sell a Skype show in days. A week ago I was getting pretty consistant shows and now it’s nothing. I’ve had a few guys contact me but they have been freeloaders or they just disappear after I tell them to give me 5-10 minutes before I can do the show.


    Worst week EVA so far.. ugh I only have less than 3 days left.. I am clocking 12 bucks a fucking hour on average all week!.. I suck!… or they suck.. someone fucking sucks


    happy i was on period last week and didnt work. but yeah. :(( today in 5 hours made 110. yesterday made in 6 hours 120. thats deff not me. i am simple, without make up, only sitting not to teasy :) but i always show my eyes and i always smile, always polite. but past few weeks… woooow. never had anything like that in my two years career. people come and leave. its sooo great i have some regulars that actually come and help since they know why i do this job. it diesnt matter they tip only 5 per day, but still. btw, i tried everything past few weeks- i was doing 1 gold shows( i usually do 5 for 7 mins, not always works for me gold shows, but i dont like them anywayz)- noone joined, or like two three guys join, then dailies come and tip until goal is reached. i dont even talk about privates. its like +10000 warm outside and i need sit ahead computer because in 3 days i didnt manage to make 500 bucks which is not me, when i work 5 hours i always make 150. but now…. i dunno. !
    it was like slow when football championship was, but deff not like that. thanks god for my dailies with 3s and 4s next to their names. :)) and yes, natural girls attract guys there :) since i never ever put any make up or do my hair. i dont care anymore. in my whole life i got only few bad comments about me – bad teeth( but yeah, they are bad! i would need around 10000 bucks to fix them), that i am a moody cow and malipulator and liar( but the guy appoligised me after i explained purpose of topic and he also tipped me later). good luck girls! i really hope things will get better on SM and they will fix the damn page


    I’m on my way to the store for a gluten free burrito, big bag of peanut butter m&ms and lord knows what else. Pretty frustrating – $25 in 4 hours. Can’t even start about all the sorry ass trolls & low iq nimrods I’ve seen since Thursday.


    Woohoo!!.. 28 bucks in 3 hours .. YAY ME!.. and I actually had a decent day yesterday.. over my mid range goal…  Low goal is $100, Mid goal is $200, High Goal is $300+ for me.


    Arghhhhh camming SUCKS it could not suck anymore than it sucks right now.
    5 hours camming…£18 earnt.

     I thought being the last day of the month people got paid today?


    Wow! 15$ in 3 hours. At this rate, I’ll be able to retire in….oh, let’s see…ummmm…I’m 40 now and if I live to be 90….I can retire in 50 years?

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    How Not To Proposition A Camgirl 

    Here is just one shining example of how the fine folks in my industry proposition us so that they can steal our Skype show content (to record and later sell/trade with other sites). This works especially well  in conjunction with a ploy to get us into Skype trouble by having us perform nude shows with no prior proof of age from the ‘customer’. Keep in mind that websites in the industry have been seeing major declines in traffic as the result of girls having their own websites and offering Skype shows to their customers.


    Heads up, camgirls. These guys are not as innocent as they appear, nor are their motives. Remember the guys back in school that would say anything just to get some action? These are the same guys. They will say anything to get you to give them your content. With promises of traffic and promotion, “you will be making bank in no time, girls”! Heard that one before? Only to find out they were yanking your chain and all they wanted was your content. Content is King. Don’t give it to them. Do your own thing. Do Skype shows on your own. You don’t need them. Believe me. I spent the last 17 years building what I thought was my business on these sites and in the end, started to investigate what I should have years earlier, only to find I had been stolen from the entire time, lied to, harassed, impersonated, my customers taken from my rooms, off my e-mail lists, never to receive my live notices again, etc. Unbelievable … but true.

    Anyway, this guy seemed nice, at first. He sent me a few tweets and then decided to dm me, and here’s what ensued …


    Image1 Image2 Image3 Image4 Image6 Image7 Image5 Image8 Image9 Image10 Image11 Image12


    Does this sound like someone with a genuine interest in promoting or just another game player? I can’t rule out that he could also just be some regular Joe out there seeking a way to obtain free Skype shows from girls but after putting my investigative skills to the test, I’m quite convinced he is in the industry.

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    A Short Skype Gripe 

    Who has the kind of time on their hands to create several Skype accounts only to be a pain in someone’s ass? I have blocked over 100 accounts on Skype over the years, who all have the same exact mentality, comments, grammar, spelling mistakes, jabs and general attitude. All of which are present in the conversation screenshots below. There are certain ‘tells’ that give away exactly who this person is. I prefer to keep those tidbits of information to myself. Much the same way a poker player would of his opponent when he notices theirs. So anyone thinking of posting a comment to this article, asking for proof, don’t waste your time. After what I have had to endure from this industry, I have no need to defend myself to anyone. Some read my blog,  yet continuously pester me about proof. If your interest in knowing how I know it is the same person doing this, runs that deep, then you will take the time to read my entire blog and see for yourself. The answer is there. All consistent. No lies. In fact, I back up my claims with proof (screenshots, embeds, URLs, etc.) when I can, except when it comes to their tells and pertinent information. Perhaps in the same way the FBI would ask witnesses to keep quiet about details of a case that they are working on. It just doesn’t make sense to leak what you know about your harasser to what could be them or worse – in a public blog for everyone to see, if they happen to be reading it (which, guaranteed, 100%, they are!).

    Anyway, here are the screenshots of today’s conversation on Skype. Nothing quite like blocking someone’s ass to kick-start a Monday morning!






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    Time Management; A Random Thought 

    I’m often invited to play Facebook games and decline because I find them to be a waste of  time. I think we waste enough time in our lives just dealing with idiots. The way I look at it now; it is senseless to play games that don’t, in any justifiable way, improve my life. I would much rather spend that time outside with my dog throwing the ball around or having sex with my boyfriend or watching a movie with him or hopping into my in-line skates and getting some really good exercise. No one knows how much time we all have on this earth before it decides to destroy us all. We’ve destroyed it, after all. Do enough people care? Hell no. So, here we are. I think we need to make the most of life. In a few questionably ‘sane’ moments, I tried to imagine myself in 40 years. Whatever hell we’ve made for ourselves by then; hopefully memory loss will kick in strong by then. When I look back at my life, I can onyl hope to answer “so, let’s see, what have I spend my time doing?” with “I spent my time productively and surrounded by loved ones”, When I see people so connected to their devices that they can’t look up, can’t get any work done, can’t even cross a street without looking away, can’t eat or sleep uninterrupted by that device, I’m saddened to think of how these ‘addicts’ will look back on their lives. Will they end up with regrets, having spent too much time ‘connected’ rather than with their kids/pets/loved ones/friends or furthering their education, soul searching, living, loving, using their brains? What are they missing? EVERYTHING.

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    Camming Then & Now 

    Camming Then:

    Members and guests actually used the chat.

    Camming Now:

    Members and guests rarely use the chat.

     Camming Then:

    The sites had paying traffic.

    Camming Now:

    The sites have so little paying traffic, it’s amazing they are still in


    Camming Then:

    Weekends and holidays were awesome.

    Camming Now:

    Weekends and holidays bring less traffic than ever before in history.

    Camming Then:

    Paydays (Thursday and Friday, typically) were great days for us.

    Camming Now:

    Thursdays and Fridays are slow as heck.

    Camming Then:

    The so-called ‘glitches’ got fixed.

    Camming Now:

    Despite numerous reports, the so-called ‘glitches’ remain consistent, losing us business.

    Camming Then:

    Performers signed up directly to the sites, earning anywhere from 35 to 60 percent commission.

    Camming Now:

    Performers now sign up through ‘recruiters’, who, under directions from the site owners, work to lower the camgirls’ commissions overall. I’ve heard that some girls earn as little as 12% with an  average at about 25%.


    I cringe when I read posts from (self-proclaimed) “camgirls” making excuses for declines in revenue and traffic. Having witnessed this behavior for years, I know that the real camgirls just up and leave. They don’t stick around to constantly try and convince the others of why it is so slow or cling to that little itsy bitsy glimmer of hope that at any time, a good member will come along with one show and make their entire week. The same group of so-called ‘camgirls’ go to great lengths to convince you they are legitimate camgirls. They have to. If you thought, for one second that one of those girls was actually a site owner or manager, in there posing as a camgirl to brainwash the others, all the real camgirls would feel deceived, pissed and never return there, or to the sites that are doing it. What a low down scummy thing to do. What do they have to gain? Why go through all the trouble? Makes no sense, right? No, actually, it makes perfect sense. Brainwashing all the camgirls who read those forums (most of which never reply because they are suspicious that the sites are in there anyway but can’t prove it) serves the sites in a way that they could do only if you were an employee, so rather than risk the legal repercussions from acting as an employer when they have no right to, they find other ways to get the girls to do what they need them to do, all to feed their big fat bottom lines. They can screw with you so badly and thanks to the lawless industry that is called “porn”, the sky is the limit. Who will stop them? Who has ever taken them to task and had pockets deep enough to win? . Imagine if the cat did actually get out of the bag and they got caught posing as camgirls, impersonating camgirls? Something inside me just wants to blurt out to any potential real camgirl that might just happen to come across any thread or post making excuses on behalf of the sites,”it’s the damn sites doing it. Get a f***ing clue, girls! Don’t be so naive and trusting!”.

    Just look closely at what camming used to be and how it has changed. It hasn’t evolved, like a normal company would. It has changed, much like the economy of a country whose empire is crumbling. Desperation is setting in. Those changes point to an industry that is being destroyed by the very bodies governing it, with all of its people in a state of compliance because they, too, are desperate. The difference is … some of us are still working hard to earn an honest living while others are stealing from everyone whose information they can obtain; girls, members, affiliates.


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    Skype Vs Cam Sites 

    A few light notes to consider on the topic of Skype Versus Cam Sites:


    Skype doesn’t have glitches that never get fixed.

    Members on Skype don’t have connection issues nearly as much as on the sites.

    People can’t scroll your Skype chat.

    Your Skype chat room can’t be flooded with hundreds of fake guests.

    Skype has a block feature that works.

    Skype doesn’t offer a voyeur view that you don’t get paid for.

    You can set your Skype status to online and people will find you.

    Skype doesn’t steal your video feed from private sessions to sell on other sites behind your back.


    Rather than lose us and all the content that has made them rich, select cam site owners decided to lay low and quietly create Skype show platforms, complete with a conveniently integrated system which handles the billing of customers and payments to you  packaged perfectly to include chargebacks and refunds, for your benefit, of course. They are quick to answer questions about it with absolute professionalism but then fail to deliver what they tried to sell everyone on in their initial launch plan and the only thing the average camgirl cares about; paying traffic.

    In this industry, there is a saying: Content is King. It is blatantly obvious that this has become the standard  Their method for obtaining this content as cheaply as possible can be accomplished by creating little dinky sites, a basic copy and paste job with slight modifications to the design/interface, hoping to lure girls in under promises of ridiculously high commissions (of the traffic you drive to yourself, they fail to mention). Kinda makes that high commission irrelevant. 70% of nothing is still nothing. It isn’t hard for a web designer to make those changes nor is it hard for a webmaster to buy a domain and hosting service. That’s pocket change in the form of operating costs, necessary in order to maintain fresh content for their buyers/traders.

    The sites can’t deliver any sort of decent traffic anymore. We all see the decline. Anyone with the slightest business sense or logic would ask why the payout is so high. What’s the catch? There is no such thing as a gift horse in this industry, only scammers, liars and cheats. Let’s face it. Look at where all the sites are located, where their servers are, where their contracts are out of. A quick glance at that will tell you the IRS isn’t getting their share. You think they’re not stealing from you, too? Reality check, please.

    So camgirls, if you’re looking to go truly independent and offer Skype shows, be wise and don’t sign up with any site or recruiter (they use them to herd up the masses) if they gain access to your  video stream in any way. A sure sign of that is if the Skype program is embedded on their site and it isn’t you signing in directly to Skype. Generally, You may think you’re independent but if you’re not signed into Skype, you’re not doing Skype shows. Period. You can rest assured, there is a pimp in the shadows stealing from you, once again. It’s what they do best. Don’t be fooled!

    Be independent. What you need to do is this:

    Hire someone to create a website for you (or if you’re knowledgeable, do it yourself) with a Home page, Join page, Contact page, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Copyright Policy, Refund Policy.

    Register a company, to legitimately accept payments from customers with a good payment processor which age verifies them (an absolute must).

    Trademark your name. There are people in this industry slimy enough to try and take everything you have built over the years and with that trademark, they can. First usage is deemed common-law trademark, however, you would be forced to oppose, and this will cost you upwards of a few hundred dollars.


    Camgirls interested in being independent and willing to work at it, I will show you what it takes. Perform a search for me on Skype if you’re serious. We will talk there. For those that want someone to do all the work for them, you are enabling the webpimps to thrive. Laziness is costing us all – big time. I wish girls would realize that it takes hard work to be independent. It is no walk in the park. If you are not willing to put in the time and effort, then go back to the pimps and get ripped off. We, the camgirls produce the content that make the webpimps rich. So, what do the pimps do and why are they the ones making the lion’s share of the money in this industry? I’m ashamed to admit, on behalf of all women in this industry, we have not evolved whatsoever, from the dinosaur days of the oldest profession in the world. We are still under pimp rule. If the roles were reversed and there was as much of a demand for camguys, would this bring out women pimps, taking that lion’s share of the money earned? I can’t even begin to imagine that scenario. Gender still dictates who controls the money in an industry built around women, by women. What is wrong with us? This is our industry. Is it not? Or is it laziness that prevents us from thriving? When you renounce control over what is rightfully yours, there is always someone willing to put in the work and snag the profits, as well. This seems to be the case. If you are lazy, you are prey. It’s as simple as that. It isn’t the industry that needs to change; it is our mindset about it.


    I am working on a tutorial which explains the necessary steps to becoming truly independent, in full detail. I will promote it when completed. In the meantime, start on the three things mentioned above in blue.




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    General Skype Can’t Get It Right 

    Once upon a time, there was a “General” who friended me on Skype …



    I recognized his profile picture because that same one was attached to a

    few another accounts that followed me, under different names. I

    confronted him about this, and he called me a “bitch”.






    He immediately removed his picture and blocked me. I guess my response

    wasn’t to his liking.


    I am a scam magnet. If the law ever decided they wanted to actually fight crime and find scams, all they’d need to do is follow me around.

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    Webpower Inc (iFriends) Renews Until 2023 

    In April 1999, I signed up to work on iFriends as an independent subcontractor. I created the name “amanda36c”.

    Four years later, in 2003, I purchased IFriends had no problem with that then.

    In 2008, iFriends purchased and every year afterward, renewed it for one year.

    I left iFriends over a revenue dispute in late 2009. They should have stopped renewing then or paid me what is owed from the monies they collected from my ‘fan club’ and content they were obviously still selling. They never paid me after that point and in February 2014, as usual, renewed again. Good until 2015.

    On May 19 2014, however, they made a change and decided to renew it until 2023 instead.


    The screenshot below was taken from this page on June 4, 2014.


    Their own site, is only renewed until 2017.

    Under their own contract, I was to be paid 50% for my ‘services’ and the sale of my content on their platform. Is it not obvious that my content is still being sold? No company would renew the dot net of a name for so long unless there is business being done under that dot net. If there is business being done, there is money being made. It isn’t exactly rocket science. So, where’s my 50% from all the sales of my content, iFriends?

    Shall we call it ‘coincidence’ that this recent renewal change comes just 6 days after the opposition to the trademark (amanda36c) was made public? After someone tried to acquire my trademark using the name Catherine St Louis, which is really Catherine Tayler, who later changed the name over to her ex’s, Clint Bialkoski. I am not under the belief that there are different people attacking me for my trademark and dot net, all at the same time. The timing and sabotage is all coming from one place.


    I have been doing business under the name Amanda36c for 17 years in total and now, iFriends wants to steal everything I have ever done with it and everything I have ever done business with under with that name.

    I know you read my blog (quite frequently, I might add, iFriends, Webpower Inc., WP Associates, WPI or whoever you call yourselves today). Your deep pockets have allowed you to get away with this for many years, kept all the litigators at bay and silenced many girls, but I am not them and I will fight you with everything I’ve got. Bank on it.

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    A Camgirl’s Trademark 

    Camgirls/performers, don’t let what happened to me, happen to you.


    To see if a trademarked has been filed on your name, go here

    In the box beside “search term”, enter the name you wish to check for a

    trademark filing on.


    Click the Submit Query button.


    From the results, fnd the Serial Number and copy it.


    Enter that serial number into the box on this page

    and click “Status”.


    Below the trademarked name is a button “Expand All”.  Click that for all

    information on your trademark.  Trademark owner or person filing for the

    trademark, attorney, etc.


    To oppose a trademark, especially if you have been doing business under that name for a long time, you will need to contact a trademark lawyer.  You can get a free consultation or at least an evaluation of approximately what it will cost you to oppose it and possibly obtain that trademark yourself.

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    Camming Sucks: Snippets 

    I took snippets from a popular adult industry forum to help demonstrate the general consensus amongst camgirls where changes in members’ overall behavior are concerned.  In what industry, what world, does human behavior change, to the point where customers who used to chat before, no longer do? They ask ‘what’s going on?” but no one dares entertain the probability or likelihood of these members being fake. They used to chat and now they don’t. Now you see it, now you don’t. Doesn’t make you wonder, at all?

    The only real changes I have seen in this industry are related to the sites finding creative new ways to drive our commissions down, grab our content and force us out when our content no longer ‘banks’ for them. Is it a stretch to think they would impersonate one of us to brainwash the others? Highly un-provable with the playground that we call the ‘internet’ and all of its tools but not impossible and definitely not without major benefits. With all the complaints about how bad business is, by camgirls themselves, ask yourself this; how are any of these sites able to remain afloat? Furthermore, new sites popping up every day, ‘helping’ camgirls to earn more money. Recruiters with the same promises. What do they deliver? Nothing. It’s all about the camgirls’ content.

    Below are some quotes, from the Stripperweb forum, of what camgirls are saying in the Camming Sucks thread. My comments are below, in red.


    “I see nothing improved over the weekend…. since I’ve been in free chat on SM for 45 mins with no private shows….. LOL”

    - What is so funny about that?

    “People are out partying and drinking for Cinco De Mayo.
    I am getting scared, it’s sad when I’m doing much better on cams than SM. I worked 3 1/2 hours on SM today and made $10.60. WTF! I hope it gets better soon. In the process of signing up to split with imlive as well now.”

    - We have been “hoping it gets better” since 2002. It doesn’t. It only gets worse. Go independent. Truly independent. Trust NO ONE.

    “3 hours on SM = 25$. Camming officially blows right now.”

    -  I know how this feels. I knew it wouldn’t get better (it never does) and I am glad I moved on.  There are plenty of jobs that pay better than $8.33/hour. *Editor’s note

    “Camming seriously sucked tonight. I didn’t make jack. I forgot it was Cinco de Mayo though. Praying that traffic picks up…cause I’m new and it’s not a good sign to be frustrated so early on in my camming career. I also need a new webcam, which I should be able to buy soon when I request my first payment from Cam4. Plus, I don’t own a vibrator. (I know, I’m a freak.) but I ordered 2 & they should be here next week. Hoping all the pieces fall into place soon & I can start making more money and more consistently! :)”

    - Funny, holidays used to bring customers. I keep forgetting how things have ‘evolved’ in our industry. Right. Now, holidays bring zero traffic. Silly me. Yes, go get that new webcam (you and all other newbie gals) and don’t forget to use toys. They sell videos. Great for the fake live shows you will unknowingly be featured in soon, too.

    “the 5th May was a bank holiday in the UK and its always a shit night for me, i made 20 pence lol 20 fucking pence! on adultwork and a grand total of 22.87 on streamate, what a fucking joke! There needs to be less holidays, school holidays are a killer to the potential of a cam girls earnings!”

    - Holidays used to be great. Again, what’s changed with society? We’ve done nothing but become less sociable overall with the introduction of gadgets, computers, laptops, ipads, etc. You see people; they can’t get off their gadgets. So again, where are all these members? It’s funny, the studios and recruiters never complain (except the occasional ‘throw in a complaint to keep up appearances so that it doesn’t look like we get the lion’s share of the traffic although we do’). I heard recently that a girl earns 12% on SM. It’s scary to think how soon that number will become the norm.

    “Thank you for articulately writing what’s on my mind.  No one wants to be in the ‘camming sucks’ thread but you have to acknowledge when things are slow.  It would be delusional to say camming rocks when you’re making $10 in five hours, $2 in three hours, etc.
    I have faith that it will pick up.  IT HAS TO!”

    - Hate to be the bearer of bad news but this has been happening for years. It doesn’t “have to” pick up and it won’t. As long as everyone sits on hope rather than action, the sites will never change and those ‘glitches’ will never get fixed. I have the feeling (a pretty good one, too) that they have far bigger things to worry about than fixing glitches right now, or even making sure that the girls make them money.

    “The problem for me on SM is that I’m getting quite a bit of traffic, but not very many spenders. It’s weird. Totally not like the site to be like this. Normally if I have 10+ in my room I know I’m going to be somewhat busy. I’m getting up to 20+ in my room and still just sitting there…. no shows…. teasing, talking, being friendly, nothing. Along with that, I just start talking to myself because I have a decent amount in my room yet hardly ANYONE is talking to me. I start to wonder if anyone can even see or hear me, I ask and a few say yes they can see/hear and that’s it. No conversation past that.”

    - What good is traffic with no spenders? Frustrating. Nothing more.

    “Definitely VERY strange on there the last couple weeks. :(“

    - I’m not surprised in the least. Look who’s running things; the recruiters. The big boss is too busy with his Vube site (careful, they are becoming known for their malware).

    “When I start to see a lot of traffic but not much of it being paying traffic, I start to worry. We all know other sites (such as LJ) have TONS of traffic…. but the paying traffic is what matters. It seems like they might be doing some advertising that’s not paying off for us. It’s making it look like there’s a lot of traffic but just….. no spenders. :(“

    - But do they chat? Can we confirm they are at least real and can carry on a conversation beyond the initial possibly programmed “hello. hru?”?

    “And I’m always in the top 3 rows, top 4 rows if lots of other popular models are on. So it’s not a matter of placement – don’t think if you’re high up that’s where the money is. Seems like even THAT doesn’t matter anymore.
    I agree how lately there will be a decent amount of people in my room but nobody talks.  I end up talking to myself, dancing around a bit just to stay positive and energetic.  It wears me out though after a certain point so I’ve cut back on doing that.”

    - The industry created this so do you really think they are above creating fake traffic? C’mon now.

    “$1.75 in an hour and a half on SM. I just can’t take it anymore. Where did all the traffic go? I can’t even get to $30 for a GS. This sucks.
    I’ve worked on streamate for 6 yrs with a break of 7 months on MFC……I’ve never seen it so slow, no traffic and just looking @ the girls struggling makes me SAD!!!! Holiday is going to be a killer!!! :-(
    Camming sucks because I’ve had 6 e-mails this week from regs that are telling me that they are closing out their  membership (On SM)! I have never had e-mails like this …EVER!
    They don’t say where they are going to be spending their money, (or even if they will), but I’m now getting concerned that maybe there is something not right over at SM.
    A few of them have left their private e-mails to keep in touch, but I tell them it is not allowed to have contact outside of the site.
    WTF is going on over there?”

    - Great question. WTF is going on?


    *Editor’s note: I changed my response, as the actual poster of the comment in question, in a more recent reply on that forum, felt my response was slighting them. My apologies. That was not my intention.


    Update: 29 May, 2014 

    After posting the snippets above, I was attacked in the Stripperweb forum  by individuals whose posts I never even quoted. I never posted their handles, names or anything that can even be remotely construed as ‘personal information’, yet was attacked visciously with what looks like a business motive to drive people to not associating with me or my website. Here is how I was attacked and my boyfriend decided, this time, he would be the one to reply to them. I agreed and am adding this to my previous blog article, to show what is really going on.


    Here is JB’s response to each attack, quotes included:

    I am JB, Amanda’s husband. Since I am not in the adult or camming industry and no one can CUT my traffic or harass me nightly online for speaking my mind in public, I will address a couple of remarks made by certain “girls” in the Stripperweb forum “Camming sucks” thread. They are a public forum website so your statements are public. If you can’t stand behind what you say then shut the fuck up! If you think for one minute that the big box camming websites aren’t in these forums reading and responding using alts, to your threads and statements made against them then you are a complete and utter idiot!

    I will address the following quotes:


    “CAMMIG SUCKS WHEN A MEMBER OF THIS FORUM TAKES YOUR POST, removes names but places everything on her blog.


    Nice business ethics, eh?”

    “she still needs to be called out on her bs :) Fucker is a member of this forum, she wants to recruit models to her platform. She is a member that trolls this forum. Models beware of what is posted. I just wanted to point out her ethics and how info is not safe with her o__0

    (haha in your face by fucking yourself, ripping shit from a forum and posting on a blog, idiot, AMANDA)”

    “New models need to beware she is not safe, she comes off nice and sweet as southern tea. Fucking devil has been shot off ifriends and sm…. yeah, work her platform, there’s a reason for everything.

    she will refer to me as SM pimp, glad she can get some shit right, add camwhore to it and she gets a A+++++++”

    “HENCE A FIGHT THAT STARTED BC SOMEONE USED YOUR OVERUSED “Viewer erection advised” and you didn’t give them “permission” and you lost it, completely lost it. (

    MY DEAR SWEET AMANDA, YOU SEEM VERY PISSED SOMEONE TOOK YOUR WORDS without your permission….AND BLOGGED THEM (in case you didn’t know, twitter is a mini blog)

    There is difference between slander and a bitch rolling out the facts backed up by links.”



    “Business Ethics”? You don’t have any what so ever and should just shut the hell up, right “fucker”? You must think every camgirl reading your comments are idiots not to know who you are. You really took it so personally that Streamate was the most mentioned on Amanda’s blog and what’s with all the anger and hatred? You rushed into Stripperweb forums, after reading her blog which you visit very often, to start the attacks on her with what ever venom you could spit out. So Amanda’s blog has more traffic than the Stripperweb forums has coming to it, that it was so important for you to try to spin the facts of her blog to suit your agenda with the other girls. You weren’t quoted but that didn’t matter, it was your chance to try and slander Amanda more. You claimed the last time, how Streamate should have close her account earlier as it was too late, the damage was already done. Really, to who you or Streamate? So Amanda has so much power that she can get Google Inc. to block ICF Technology Inc’s whitelabels in their search engines, get Plenty of Fish to sue FCI Inc. et Al for computer fraud and singlehandedly make their traffic drop-off by 60% then another 50% after she is gone from their sites. No, Streamate got caught and shown for who they are just like you.

      I see you have just as much respect for the camgirls by referring to them as “whores” as you do with calling customers “morons” and “pervs”. Right Catherine Tayler, Peyras (wow, that’s hard to figure out) or St.Louis like the Amanda36c trademark has you listed as. Careful, you keep showing your true colours and no tattoo can cover that!


    “That’s not the point and you know it. You took the quotes to back up your issues you have with Streamate. If you had posted it because you actually cared about other performers that would be a different story. You are also the last person that should be talking about harassment and slander. You do a fair share of that yourself, grow up and move on already. You have always had a lack of respect for fellow cam performers and that’s why when you post on here you get the responses you get.”



    Look up the definition of slander and harassment before accusing Amanda of doing it. You’re making absolute false statements that she does this to other camgirls on Twitter.  You are a liar. Check her Twitter timeline. Go as far back as you can. You will find no such thing. Then you claim she has a man doing it on Twitter as well. You had better not be speaking about me because I never harassed a camgirl. I went after the scumbags that attacked her on twitter as well as Streamate and of course, their cowardly marketing director, Christophe Peyras.

    If someone attacks Amanda, she has the right to stand up to them and defend herself. The facts and truth were presented by Amanda for all to read and decide for themselves what really happened in that argument with Catherine Tayler. For the last three years, I have witnessed first hand the nightly harassment that Amanda has had to endure on Streamate but also all the other platforms she works on. She reported it to Streamate but nothing happened and Boday denies it and has Peyras delete the tweets and change the account @StreamatePage3. Then to find out it was actually Streamate themselves involved. “Grow up and move on” is what you say to her. So she should let them get away with it while they continue to do it to other camgirls. I think it is you that doesn’t give a shit or respect other camgirls, not Amanda.

    She does care about other performers, that’s why she set up and gets less then 5% off the girls Skype shows after all processing fees are taken by Zombaio. Also she speaks out about the games and bullshit that both Ifriends and Streamate are playing with your traffic and earnings along with the theft. She caught them both at it and made it public. WOW! How dare she tell camgirls to beware of them while risking financial losses to her own business. If you actually took your head out of your ass for a minute and informed yourself by reading what she wrote and the proof attached you would shut your mouth. Just try for once walking a simple block in her shoes! You would have cried and ran off long ago.


    “Yes, she publicly revealed the legal names of at least two people in the industry (for anyone new to the forum or missed previous threads), so your safety is at risk with this person as the ladies mentioned above. I could stop there. I probably should. Yes….I will. :)”


    @ Via Flaminia

    You are right. You should have stopped before you even started. You might want to read who actually put out the information which happened to already be out in the public for all to see. ElliotNess was just pointing out who was attacking Amanda for all to see the conflict of interest by Streamate towards all of your businesses. The Peyrases have zero scruples are the ones not to go into business with. They own recruitement agencies that cut cam girl commissions on Streamate and make claims of helping girls to get more traffic. Why shouldn’t all the Streamate performers know what is really going on and that Catherine Tayler is married to an insider of the company? The performers are not employees but actual independent subcontractors and are owed that information prior to signing a contract with Streamate. They could then choose to work elsewhere or stay but it is their choice. Like Amanda said, “trust no one” in business.



    “yeah, I agree. amanda, you will either choose to respect the members of this community or not, no one in this thread is attempting to force you to respect our space. I don’t think most of us wish our community to be drawn into your (very public) fights so as far as I’m concerned this sidetrack here is ending here. you’ve caused enough disruption already, it’s ending now.”


    @loveshooks (Stripperweb forum ‘moderator’)

    You are the moderator and should never allow insults in a public forum. This is never tolerated in any other forums so why in Stripperweb’s forums? Posters may argue points but never personally attack, insult or verbally belittle each other. You also can be held liable for your non-actions concerning attacks and insults if proven to be libelous or defamatory in nature. These false statements made by posters could cause legal issues for Stripperweb forums as well as the attackers and yourself . You have failed to act properly before concerning insults and lies made against Amanda in the past in these forums, so I am not surprised with your actions this time. You also tried to tell Amanda to respect the members of your forum but you allow others to disrespect her. Then you blame her for causing the disruption when it was Temptingmodel who started the whole affair. Remember, no one has even come forward to ask Amanda to remove their quote from her blog. Your agenda is pretty clear to me and who really controls your forums. Govern yourself appropriately!

    The rest of you camgirls can read for yourselves and make up your own minds! I am sure you are smart enough to see there is an agenda behind all the hateful posts.



    • ElliotNess29 2:23 pm on June 1, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Amanda and JB,

      It looks like ICF Technology Inc, Flying Croc et al are getting sued again. this time for patent infringement along with others; Imlive, AEBN, CCBill, Chaturbate, Livejasmin and MFC.

      Here’s the link: Scroll down to litigation campaign, click the tab 28 defendants and then view all at the bottom to see all the lawsuits filed to date by WAG Acquistions LLC.

      This could cause more problems for your industry as these patents allow for past infringement and extra damages for not ceasing use when informed of the infringement. It is all on if WAG Acquistions LLC wins their case or a settlement is reached. Should be interesting to watch what happens! Could this cause more problems with the webcam industry.

      It looks to me like some people don’t want you speaking out or pointing out what other performers are saying about a certain webcam website. I saw the same spin doctoring attacks by unknown people recently for ICM Registry against me when I pointed out their connections with Webpower/Ifriends and the shady practices of ICM Registry on yours and other blogs. I also saw these kind of attacks eight years back from hidden people when I spoke out against the games Webpower Inc/Ifriends was playing with affiliates, customers and performers. It is also why I chose to use an ALT myself to expose them and show proof when I spoke out. They will focus on little things that are not important and avoid the real truth. Just picking at wording to try and make others believe you are wrong. They love to throw out crazy, paranoid and conspiracy and always seems to be talking as if they speak of everyone. They always have multiple people agreeing with them immediately but fail to show proof to back what they are saying or play with words that are actually contradictory (almost exactly, close to the same) or give partial proof that is not the whole story. It is what they don’t attack which is the most important because it is the truth that they actually don’t want people to see thus trying to put the focus on the other non-important statements. They are like the illusionist, cause a splashy, loud distraction over here so you don’t look over and see the real trick.


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